Sean Brown denied parole

Sean Huston Brown

Sean Huston Brown

Teen Denied Parole In Classmate’s Death:

This is the news we’ve been waiting for people. Sean Huston Brown has been denied parole for his role in the murder of Ashton Glover.

If you’ll recall 16-year-old Ashton was shot and killed by Matt McCombs out of morbid curiosity. Brown was present at the time of the murder and helped McCombs dispose of Ashton’s body. Brown was sentenced to 10 years for evidence tampering. He was eligible for parole so quickly because his crime was not deemed violent.

Anyway the good news, if any good news can be taken from this, is that Brown’s parole was denied. No word yet in what swayed the parole board. Hopefully it was just pure common sense.

Facebook group to keep Ashton Glover’s killers in jail

Online Networking Group Created to Prevent Prisoner from Parole:

Katie Ellis of Sugar Land, Texas didn’t know Ashton Glover but she knows enough to want to keep her killers behind bars.

As I’ve mentioned before Sean Brown was sentenced to 10 years to help Matt McCombs try to dispose of Ashton’s body. But Brown could be eligible for parole as soon as January.

So Ms. Ellis has started a Facebook group called “Keep Ashton Glover’s Killers in Jail!”.

It has all the information you may need to let the Texas Board of Parole know that in no way, shape or form should Brown be paroled in January.

More on Sean Brown’s parole

Those who want to fax their letters to the Texas Parole Board to keep Sean Huston Brown in jail can fax them at…

Attention: Susan
Re: Sean Brown TDCJ# 1491487

Don’t forget the case number as that is critical.

You can also e-mail the Parole Board at

Remember to keep it professional. It won’t help anybody to have a lot of ranting and raving and cursing.

For those of you who just joined us Sean Brown was an accomplice in the murder of Ashton Glover. Matt McCombs shot her in the head out of ‘morbid curiosity’. Brown helped McCombs dispose of Ashton’s body and trying to cover up the crime. Both of them tried to flee the country.

If Sean Brown is granted parole he could be out in January which isn’t nearly enough. Brown was sentenced to 10 years last year but if her were to get out in January that would be less than one year in prison for Ashton’s death.

Thanks to Chon for the information.

Sean Brown eligible for parole

Sentenced In March, Murder Victim’s Classmate Soon Will Be Eligible For Parole:

For those of you who have been reading this site for a while now may remember the murder of Ashton Glover. She was the 16-year-old girl from Texas who was shot in the head by her ‘friend’ Matt McCombs. McCombs shot her out of what he called ‘morbid curiosity’. Also in the truck at that time was Sean Brown.

McCombs was sentenced to 50 years for Ashton’s murder. Brown was sentenced to 10 for helping McCombs try to hide Ashton’s body. But as we all know 10 years doesn’t always add up to 10 years.

In January of 2009 Brown will be eligible for parole. If paroled that would be less than a year Brown spent in prison on a 10 year sentence.

Ashton Glover’s mother, Carolyn Sue Smith, is outraged over this and is requesting everyone in her community to write the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Board to try to keep Brown in prison. But why just stick to the community when you can get the whole internet involved.

Thanks to reader Letha I have all the information you need to send the Texas Parole Board a letter of protest.

His file has ALREADY been sent to the Huntsville Parole Board Office and they have to respond to him by January 24, 2009. I would write letters and send to both the Austin address and to the Huntsville address or fax to Huntsville.

Huntsville Parole Board
P.O. Box 599
Huntsville, TX 77342
936/291-2161 Phone
936/291-8367 Fax

Texas Board of Pardons & Paroles
Correspondence Department
P. O. Box 13401
Capital Station
Austin, Texas 78711

SID # 07789006
TDCJ # 01491487

You will need to put the offender’s name and TDCJ number under the address and each page of the letter.

And please people if you are going to write a letter or fax please be professional about it. Please do not use profanity or any kind of threatening mannerisms in your letter.

More on Sean Brown's guilty plea

Suspect pleads guilty in slaying of Fort Bend teen:

Yesterday I posted about Sean Brown’s guilty plea for the charges of helping to dispose of Ashton Glover’s body. I wondered what became of the murder charge against him. The article I linked to clears it all up…

Felcman said investigators did not have enough evidence to proceed with the murder charge. Brown, along with triggerman Matt McCombs, were indicted on charges of murder in the death of Glover, 16, who was shot the night of July 6, 2006 in a muddy field near Missouri City.

It also says that the Glovers agreed with the plea.

Brown will be eligible for parole in 5 years.

Sean Brown pleads guilty

Suspect pleads guilty to tampering with corpse in murder of Sugar Land teen:

One of the suspects in the murder of 16-year-old Ashton Glover has pleaded guilty.

Sean Brown pleaded guilty to charges of tampering with a corpse for helping Matt McCombs dispose of Ashton’s body. Brown was sentenced to 10 years.

If you remember Matt McCombs shot Ashton in the head out of ‘morbid curiosity’. McCombs pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 50 years with possibility of parole in 25.

I don’t know if prosecutors have dropped the murder charge against Brown.

Trial rescheduled for Sean Brown

Trial of Suspect in Sugar Land Teen Murder Rescheduled:

The trial for the other suspect in the murder of 16-year-old Ashton Glover from Sugar Land, Texas has been rescheduled as additional charges have been added. Sean Brown was not the trigger man in Ashton’s death but helped dispose of her body. Matthew McCombs was the actual killer who killed Ashton out of ‘morbid curiosity’. McCombs had previously copped to a plea of 50 years with the possibility of parole in 25. He also said that Brown had nothing to with the murder.

Apparently the prosecution disagrees as they’ve filed an additional charge of obstruction of evidence since Brown was complicit in helping McCombs dispose of Ashton’s body. The pair tried to flee to Canada after the murder but were caught at the border.

Due to the additional charge the trial for Brown has been rescheduled until March. The trial was supposed to have started today.

McCombs says Brown not part of murder

Fort Bend girl’s killer tells court he acted alone:

The convicted killer of 16-year-old Ashton Glover testified in court that his cohort had nothing to do with her murder. You should remember Matt McCombs. He’s the teen that confessed to shooting Ashton in the head because of ‘morbid curiosity.Now he’s saying that his partner, Sean Huston Brown, had no part in the actual murder.

He testified that codefendant Sean Brown had no idea he was going to kill anyone.

Prosecutor Sherry Robinson asked McCombs if he and Brown had ever talked about killing anyone.

McCombs, 19, answered,”No, ma’am.” This was the first time he had publicly commented about the night he fatally shot Glover, a classmate at Clements High School.

“(Brown) was about 150 to 200 feet in front of me. I pulled the pistol from my waistband and fired at Ashton Glover, who was about 25 feet from me,” McCombs said.

“It had nothing to do with Ashton. In fact, Ashton has always been nice to me and I do not have anything against her. It just happened to be her that was there when I decided to see what it would be like to kill someone,” McCombs said in his statement.

That still doesn’t change the fact that Brown allegedly helped McCombs hide her body after McCombs and Brown went out to eat after McCombs killed Ashton. It also doesn’t change the fact that he fled from police trying to escape to Canada along with McCombs.

He may not have had a hand in her murder but it sounds like Brown is guilty of being an accessory after the fact. At anytime he could have gone to police to turn McCombs in. Instead he acted like a coward and helped try to cover up his friend’s act of murder.

Ashton Glover’s parents confront her killer

Parents of murdered Sugar Land teen face killer in court:

The parents of Ashton Glover got to address their daughter’s killer in court. The quotes themselves are more powerful than anything I could write.

“Your curiosity has cost me a big part of my life,” said Terry Glover, the father of Ashton Glover, 16, who was killed more than a year ago.

“You have brought more pain to my life and my family than anything in the world,” Glover told Matthew R. McCombs, 19.

Glover and Ashton’s mother, Sue Smith, made statements from the witness stand Tuesday as their daughter’s killer sat motionless before them.

“After you were caught and I heard your reasoning for doing this to Ashton, I felt like I had been shot,” Smith said. “I can’t even say the words you used because they cut me to the bottom of my soul and will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Terry Glover read his statement first as he stood just a few feet from McCombs, accompanied by his lawyers, Ira Chenkin and Ralph Gonzales.

“I will not get to see my daughter graduate from high school or college, I will not get to walk her down the aisle at her wedding,” Glover said. “Or be able to see her bring a child of her own into this world.”

Glover also said to McCombs: “Try to think how you would feel if you were in my shoes. Enjoy your new life and just remember this, there is no one to blame but yourself. May God have mercy on you.”

Then Ashton’s mother stepped to the witness box and gave McCombs a steady stare as she sat down.

Smith talked about singing a song, You Are My Sunshine, to Ashton and her older sister, Terica, when they were little girls.

“You, Matt McCombs, took my sunshine away,” she said.

Smith recalled the days after her daughter went missing when hundreds of people helped with the search effort. Smith said that 15 months after her daughter’s death people are still leaving messages on MySpace saying how much they miss the teen, who was also a student at Clements.

“Ashton was loved by so many, I lose sleep at night wondering how someone could do such a horrible thing to her. Why her? Why my baby?” Smith said.

She then concluded her remarks.

“I want you to know that as long as there is a breath in my body I will fight every appeal to make sure that you stay behind bars where you belong.”

From another article

Mother Sue Smith demanded that McCombs look her in the eye.

“I never knew I could hate someone so much,” she said. “I lose sleep at night wondering how someone could do such a horrible thing. Why my baby?”

The worst part is my gut tells me it had no effect on the little bastard what so ever.

Ashton Glover’s killer pleads guilty

Sugar Land teen pleads guilty in classmate’s killing:

Matt McCombs, the sick S.O.B. who shot Ashton Glover in the head over morbid curiosity, has pleaded guilty to the crime.

Under the plea he was sentenced to 50 years in prison but he will be eligible for parole in 25 years.

Ashton’s parents, Terry Glover and Sue Smith, were consulted by prosecutors about the plea arrangement before it was finalized and agreed to the terms. Both, along with other family and friends, were in court today.

Since it seems like Ashton’s parents agreed to the plea I’m not going to complain.

The article states that no court date has been set for McComb’s partner Sean Brown but as I’ve posted before an Oct. 2 court date was originally set.