Craigslist gunman who shot a man in the face sentenced


Gunman in Craigslist case to do 14 years:

A year and a half ago I posted about a craigslist robbery in Trotwood, Ohio. In that robbery the victim was literally shot in the face, through his jaw if memory serves me correctly. Thankfully the victim survived.

At that time there wasn’t a lot of details that was until now. Last week the gunman, Keron Simpson, was sentenced to 14 years for the robbery and the shooting. That’s in addition to his 33 to life sentence for another robbery and a fatal shooting.

The victim got the opportunity to address Simpson at the sentencing and took full advantage of it…

That victim, Chris Voudris, was in the Montgomery County Common Pleas courtroom during the sentencing hearing on Wednesday and asked Simpson to “look me in the eye.” He told Simpson that “soon you will be nothing to society but a number” the rest of his life, an allusion to his future as a prison inmate.

In case you needed another reason not to do business on craigslist this should be it.

Man selling motorcycle on craigslist shot and killed

Brandon Kent

Brandon Kent

POLICE: Thursday murder involved botched Craigslist motorcycle sale:

Your latest craigslist killer that isn’t Philip Markoff is allegedly 26-year-old Brandon Kent. He is accused in the shooting death of 26-year-old Thai Lam in Savannah, Georgia.

Lam was selling his motorcycle on craigslist and friends say he was meeting someone to sell it at the time he was shot. Police say that Kent was leaving on Lam’s bike just as they arrived. Police chased him to an apartment complex and spotted him trying to leave in an SUV.

He’s pleaded not guilty and held without bond.

But you won’t see this story either in the mainstream media since it happened in the south. Nope, no craigslist killings from the South or Midwest. Just from Boston and New York.