Man kills couple after they unfriended his daughter on Facebook

Marvin Potter Jr.

Marvin Potter Jr.

Facebook spat led to 2 shooting deaths, sheriff says:

I’m sure you’ve all seen this story by now but it still needs to be commeneted on.

60-year-old Marvin Potter Jr. of Mountain City, Tennessee has been charged in the shooting deaths of Billy Payne Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth. Police say the shootings occurred because Payne and Hayworth had unfriended Potter’s 30-year-old daughter on Facebook.

To make matters even worse Payne and Hayworth had an 8-month-old baby who was found in Ms. Hayworth’s arms after the murders. Luckily, if you can use that word in this story, the baby was physically unharmed.

Also charged in the murders is 38-year-old Jamie Curd who has a thing for Potter’s daughter.

Is this what we’ve come to as a society? Committing double homicide because someone doesn’t want to deal with your bullshit on Facebook. Hell, if I killed everyone who unfreinded me on Facebook I’d be a damn serial killer.

It’s Facebook people, it’s not real life, and it’s definitely not worth committing murder over and leaving an infant parentless.

With any luck Potter and Curd will get a lot of ‘friend requests’ and ‘pokes’ in prison.