Mountain View High stabber charged in adult court, is identified

Mountain View High stabber charged in adult court, is identified

As was mentioned in my previous post, the knife-wielding suspect from the stabbings at Mountain View High School in Utah has been officially charged as an adult and is expected to plead guilty to the fifth and final charge of attempted murder. Since the suspect will now be processed in adult court the 16-year-old has been identified as Luke Dollahite. With the adult charge, he could be sentenced to 10 to life.

For those of you who may think that a life sentence for attempted murder is too much for a 16-year-old, not only did Dollahite show no remorse in his attack, but he was noticeably disappointed that he hadn’t succeeded in killing anyone. One of his victims also received such nerve damage in his arm that it is permanently paralyzed.

You want to cause all this mayhem and violence to other people because you can’t handle your own life? Then you have to pay the price.
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Mountain View High School stabber enters into plea, could still face adult time

Mountain View High School stabber enters into plea, could still face adult time

The last time I posted about the stabbing attack at Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah, I mentioned that the 16-year-old suspect was being offered a plea that would keep the suspect in the juvenile system. At the time I lamented that because the suspect was charged with five counts of attempted murder, he should be processed by the adult system.

Earlier today, the suspect pleaded guilty to four charges of attempted murder in the juvenile court. He was sentenced to an indeterminate amount of time in the juvenile system which could see him be held up until his 21st birthday. However, there is the matter of the fifth attempted murder charge.

For the fifth charge, he’s expected to plead guilty to an adult charge of attempted murder. That means once his juvenile sentence is complete he will be transferred to an adult facility. He’s looking at a six to 15 year adult sentence. So far I have not heard why the fifth charge was worth being charged in adult court while the other four were not other than that charge was first-degree felony of attempted aggravated murder with substantial bodily injury.

So potentially, this suspect is looking at 20 years total in detention for the attempted murders of four people just because the suspect wanted to cause as much violence as possible. While it seems like a long time, I’m not sure 20 years is enough time due to the brutality and blatant disregard for life in this violent crime. What do you think?

Additional details released in Mountain View High School stabbings

Additional details released in Mountain View High School stabbings

According to charges filed in juvenile court, the unnamed suspect in the Mountain View High School stabbings brought not only a knife with him to the school but a bo staff as well. It would seem that the 16-year-old must have thought that he was a Ninja Turtle. He is also said to have allegedly worn a red shirt on the day of the attack since he thought there would be large amounts of blood. I guess he couldn’t decide if he was Raphael or Donatello. The knife he reportedly used was a steak knife so maybe he thought he was Benihana too. Here is an eyewitness account of the attack.

The charges also state that the suspect allegedly targeted his victims at random only to cause as much violence as possible. Once again another entitled loser who thought he’d use violence to make up for his own inadequacies.

The juvenile suspect was ordered to be held in detention until at least this coming Tuesday when he has his next hearing. I hope the Thanksgiving baloney sandwiches were good. Seriously though, the suspect should not only remain in detention until his trial but should be tried as an adult. It’s obvious his intention was to kill, so justice demands that he receives a fitting punishment for his crime and that can only be provided with an adult sentence.

UPDATE 12/3/2016: The suspect has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric competency evaluation, and will be held in juvenile custody until at least his next hearing in February.

UPDATE 12/8/2016: The still unnamed suspect allegedly brought five different knives to school the day of the attack. I have to wonder if it was a set of Ginsu knives.

The suspect was also said to be ‘elated’ during the attack.

UPDATE 2/15/2017: The 16-year-old still unnamed suspect has been ordered to remain in juvenile custody for now. Reports say that he’s been on good behavior since being incarcerated, but is being held due to the severity of the crime. It’s not hard for a sociopath to stay on their best behavior, just sayin’.

UPDATE 3/18/2017: Prosecutors are in the process of negotiating a plea for the suspect, however, if a plea can not be reached the case will be tired in adult court. He’s been charged with five counts of attempted murder. Why is a plea even being offered?

Five injured in Utah school stabbing

Five injured in Utah school stabbing

Five male students were injured after another male student went on a stabbing spree at Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah. The 16-year-old knife wielding student was said to even have stabbed himself in the neck. The suspect was caught after being TASERed by the school resource officer. None of the injuries to the victims appear to be life threatening but some are listed as in critical condition. The suspect has been treated before being released into the custody of police.

So far no motive has been made public. Police say that the suspect was not bullied and the school says that he was a straight A student however, the student is new to the school and had been previously homeschooled.

As usual, I’ll post more details as they become public and as time allows, but is it me or did this story not break into the national news cycle? I only found out about it by accident. I went to some of the major news sites and saw nothing on their front pages about it. Have we become so complacent and numb to school violence that the stabbing of five high school students doesn’t even register with us anymore? For the sake of humanity, I sure as hell hope not.

UPDATE 11/17/2016: The suspect has been charged with five counts of attempted murder and police believe they have discovered the motive. Police are not commenting on that however because “investigators are not medical professionals.” If I were to hazard a guess, I imagine that they think there is some kind of mental illness behind the attack.