Review of Captain America: The First Avenger


So far this was the best on-screen adaptation for Captain America. I know that’s not saying much but still. All in all it was ok.

I liked the new take on the Cap/Bucky relationship with Bucky being the mentor instead of Cap.

My main concern with this movie is that just about the entire cast was underutilized and it has a really good cast. I mean it has Hugo Weaving and Tommy Lee Jones but both of their performances were below the caliber of acting we’re used to from them.

I thought the action scenes were lackluster too after what we’ve been treated too in previous Marvel fair.

While it was acceptable I think it was the weakest of the new breed of Marvel movies except for Iron Man 2.

3 fedoras out of 5.

Review of X-Men First Class


When I saw Green Lantern I thought that this was how superhero movies should be made. I now stand corrected. X-Men First Class is the epitome of superhero movies. The funny thing is I’m a Green Lantern fanboy and I was burned out on the X-Men in the early 90s.

Having said that this was what all superhero movies should be. The right amount of action and dialog without being cheesy. Fanboys may pick nits with it not being strictly in sync with comic book canon but it had plenty of nods to the comic book series to make me happy.

The acting was also first-rate especially Kevin Bacon. He looked like had a lot of fun playing the smarmy villain in the movie.

Also without giving away too much the surprise cameo in the movie was awesome.

4 1/2 wheelchairs out of 5.

Review of Priest


First let me say that I didn’t read the comic that Priest was based on so once again I can’t comment on how faithful it was.

Having said that I found it to be formulaic but still entertaining. It’s worth an online Nextflix viewing once they get it.

What I liked about the movie, and this may be a little spoilerish, is that a man was able to keep his faith in spite of the church, like I have. Why yes, I do find deeper meanings in cheesy action flicks.

3 fedoras out of 5.

Review of Green Lantern


Yesterday I caught Green Lantern at the theater and I liked it. Then again I’m biased as GL is one of my favorite superheroes.

I felt like this is the movie that Superman Returns should have been as in an epic battle with a powerful evil foe and not what was basically a chick flick.

I had no problem with Ryan Reynolds (no relation) as Hal Jordan except for when he was wearing the mask. He looked more like Ben Stiller when the mask was on.

Comic purists (i.e., Comic Book Guy) might have some issues with the film since they tweaked some of the characters’ origins.

The viewing I saw was in 3D and I really saw no reason for this. There was no ‘duck your head’ moment for me so I thought the 3D was unnecessary.

All in all, I liked it a lot. 4 power rings out of 5.

Review of Bitch Slap


With the bitter taste of Salt in my mouth, pun intended, I needed to see a movie that didn’t suck so bad. So once again I raided my brother’s Netflix queue and found this tasty morsel called Bitch Slap.

My brother called it a low-budget Kill Bill so I went in with low expectations.

Basically the movie is a spoof/tribute to the exploitation movies of the 70s. Within the first 30 minutes of the movie I was like “What is this crap?” The scenes that were not taking place in the main location were obviously filmed in front of a green screen. I had seen YouTube videos with better production values.

However after the first 30 minutes this turned out to be a really fun cheesy popcorn film with boobs, chicks kissing, guns, and lots of violence. It even had the actors who portrayed the major characters in the Hercules/Xena series of the 90’s including Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, Renee O’Connor and Michael Hurst.

Plus how bad can a movie be when it has such great lines like “Ram this in your clambake bicthcakes.”

3 1/2 fedoras out of 5.

Review of Salt


Since my internet was out last night I raided my brother’s Netflix movies and watched the movie Salt starring Angelina Jolie.

This movie was a poorly written jumbled mess that was not even good enough to be a Jean-Claude VanDamme movie. I can only suspend my belief in reality so much before I feel insulted and this movie was insulting.

I’ll give the movie this much I didn’t see the twist coming but the twist made no sense what so ever.

1 1/2 fedoras out of 5

Review of the original Tron


Believe it or not up until last weekend I had never seen the movie Tron. In the almost 30 years since it has been out I never watched it even once. Being a current geek and former gamer you’d think that I would have seen it by now yet here we are. Now I have finally watched it and here is my 28 years late review.

I liked it. I thought the effects held up well for being made in the very early 80s. Outside of the now archaic concept of video game arcades I think it still stands up pretty well. I thought it was The Matrix of its time.

My only major complaint about the movie is that it was too short. It seems all the plot points and exposition were just mashed in there around the special effects.

I give it a 3 out of 5. Good movie but not a lot of re-watching value in my opinion.

Iran has a problem with ‘The Wrestler’


Iran angered over films ‘The Wrestler’ and ‘300’:

The ever tolerant country of Iran seems to have a problem with the critically acclaimed movie ‘The Wrestler’ starring Mickey Rourke.

Iranians also criticized “The Wrestler” starring Mickey Rourke as a rundown professional wrestler who is preparing for a rematch with his old nemesis, “The Ayatollah.” During a fight scene, “The Ayatollah” tries to choke Rourke with an Iranian flag before Rourke pulls the flagpole away, breaks it and throws it into the cheering crowd.

Hello? Have they never seen the Iron Sheik wrestle? That’s basically every match he had with Sgt. Slaughter.

Home Room

A while back a reader recommended I see the movie Home Room. I just finally got around to watching it. It’s about the aftermath of a fictional school shooting. Without going into too much of the story I thought it was a great movie. On the surface, it looks like a movie made for teens but this is something that parents with school-age kids should definitely watch just for the last 20 minutes of the movie alone. It was a little too Breakfast Club for me overall but it was much better than the borefest that was Elephant.