Cops Catch Conn. College Creeper

CCSU student held in MySpace case :

Is Conn. like the MySpace predator breeding ground?

A Central Connecticut State University student was arrested Tuesday morning after police said they discovered he had made contact with a 12-year-old Newington girl on MySpace and used the connection to set up a sexual encounter with the girl and a 12-year-old friend. David Leonard of New Britain, was arrested by the Newington detectives at his home on charges of third-degree sexual assault and resisting arrest.

Lt. Stephen Clark of the Newington Police Department said detectives first began investigating the incident after they received information from a Department of Children and Families worker about the victim’s encounter with Leonard.

Police said the relationship first began in summer 2005 when one of the victims used her sister’s screen name and began corresponding with Leonard using the popular Internet profile and chat program, The relationship eventually led to phone conversations via cell phone and eventually he established a meeting time with the two girls, police said.

According to the incident reports, Leonard proceeded to meet the girls at a local school and the three went into a wooded area together. Once they were in the area, Leonard proceeded to kiss and fondle both victims.

Assistant State’s Attorney Louis Luba Jr. said that during investigations, Leonard indicated to police that he had believed the girls were actually 14 years old, stating that he was unaware of their actual age.

This is the second time Leonard has been in trouble for possible involvement with a minor. He was scheduled to face charges of second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor for what is believed to be a similar case in Tolland Superior Court today, but the case was continued until April 19 because of Tuesday’s arrest.

Several facts stated in Leonard’s MySpace profile indicate that he has had several other established Internet relationships with females under the age of 18 as well. His site, which was last accessed by the user on Monday, contains a list of 17 friends, of which nearly a dozen are females registered as under the age of 18.

In his profile, Leonard admits to being a CCSU student from New Britain, but claims to be only 18 years old himself. His actual age is 22.

So telling the cops you thought they were 14 makes it right? For someone so dumb how did you get into college?

And Mr. A brings us Davey’s MySpace profile. Noting is funnier than reading the comments of a MySpace pedophile when his friends find out that he’s been busted.

Alleged Florida rape arranged through MySpace

Man Accused Of Using MySpace To Meet, Rape Teen:

SATELLITE BEACH, Fla. — A Brevard County man is accused of using the popular website, MySpace, to meet a 13-year-old girl and then allegedly rape her.

Christopher Dowgialo, 20, was arrested Monday. Investigators say Dowgialo met the 13-year-old girl last year on and began talking with her in an unregulated chat room. When they realized they both lived in Satellite Beach, they decided to meet.

The girl told police Dowgialo brought her to an alcohol and marijuana filled party at The Brittany apartment complex in June 2005. After the party, the two went for a walk on the beach.

“She said, ‘I just want to talk with you’ and obviously he had other intentions,” said Satellite Beach Police Commander Jeff Pearsons.

The victim told police this January that Dowgialo raped her. Dowgialo doesn’t deny bringing the 13-year-old girl to the beach. However, he denies raping her.

Dowgialo could face life in prison for the alleged rape.

Granted this allegedly happened almost a year ago but it should serve as a warning to parents to monitor who their children are talking with online.

I have been unable to find Dowgialo’s MySpace at this time. Since the crime allegedly happened a year ago it may have been since deleted.

UPDATE: Mr. A comes through again. Here is Dowgialo’s MySpace.

Victims of The Duck

Earlier today I told you about John Krieser the 39-year-old Wisconsin man who traveled to Texas to have sex with a 15-year-old girl. And at that time I promised you more MySpace profile goodness. Well, I lied. Oh, I have the MySpace profiles I’m going to talk about, provided to me as usual by Mr. A, but I’m not going to post the links because I only post the links of criminals not of victims. And even though most of the people I’m going to talk about made bad choices they are all victims of Krieser one way or another.

The first profile provided to me by Mr. A was the one that we both believe is the victim involved in Krieser’s arrest. This is what her “About Me” had to say…

i have been through soo much in my life and now is not a time to back down the ones i love are always the farthest from me so i willl sit here aqnd wait for the day when i can be free.

Did she ever check Krieser’s friends list? If she did she would find the profile of a 19-year-old from Wisconsin who had this to say about Krieser…

My names is Tiffany and there isnt much that I want to say except that John thanks for everything you have done for me in my life. You keep me smiling everytime I think of you! I think of you and then when I see you I want you even more ! Im here for you anytime you need me John for anything and I mean anything !!

Her profile also contains some risque pictures that were taken by the rubber duck man himself.

Then there’s the profile of a 19-year-old girl from North Carolina where Duckman left the comment “kisses all over your body”.

And the most disturbing thing is that Johnny has a 14-year-old girl from Arkansas on his friends list. Unless that’s his niece or something why would any 39-year-old man have a 14-year-old girl on his friends list? For that matter why would a 39-year-old man have a MySpace?

Well, now HisSpace is a concrete cell.

Tuxedo Mask

Not too long ago Mr. A sent me a pretty good list of predators who got snagged by Perverted Justice and their MySpaces.

Say hello to 23-year-old Johnny from Phoenix, Arizona also known as tuxedo_mask12001. He tried soliciting a 13-year-old girl who was actually one of P-J’s own. Johnny asks some pretty personal questions to an alleged 13-year-old girl. But what do you expect from a 23-year-old that uses Sailor Moon references? Anyway here is Johnny’s MySpace profile.

Welcome to the Rogues Gallery Johnny.

Mr. A Reports


Mr. A comes through again and in a huge way as he has brought us a plethora of information.

First, he brings is the story of 13 men who were arrested in a sting operation conducted by the Orange County California D.A.’s office back in February…

NEWPORT BEACH Thirteen men, ages ranging from 19 to 51, were charged after an internet sexual predator operation was conducted in cooperation with the Laguna Beach Police Department, Orange County Probation and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. A citizen group called helped gather the internet chats from the accused sexual predators. All of these men were charged with attempted lewd acts upon a child under the age of fourteen. In addition, one was charged with possession of methamphetamine and a pipe. Another was charged with sending an explicit image over the internet. The child molestation charge carries a maximum penalty of four years in state prison.

The facts on each of these cases are similar in nature. All of them engaged in internet chats with fictitious 12 or 13-year-old girls. Some of these chats stretched for hours and hours and multiple days. The chats detailed explicit, graphic sex talks including oral sex, masturbation, and intercourse. One man sent pornographic pictures. Others exchanged regular photographs. One brought a pornographic DVD. Many of them worried about being detected by law enforcement and parents. Many of them brought sexual paraphernalia, cameras, food, flower, and alcohol. One of the men left his own 13-year-old daughter to have sex with a fictitious 13-year-old girl. These men came from all over Southern California and held many jobs, including a law enforcement officer.

And of course, Mr. A brings us the MySpace profiles of some of those arrested. Like Jimmy Miguel Varela. How prophetic that the song playing on his MySpace is “American Idiot”. Then there’s Robert Carlos Alarcia. And lastly Deep Arora.

Welcome to the Rogues Gallery boys.


Then Mr. A brings us the Google cache of the deleted MySpace profile of one “dragon7025”. Here’s what he had to say on his profile…

i am mainly attracted to boys ages 12 and under-yes i do have a small sexual attraction towards them, but i am against sex in an actual relationship with a boy-boys just need true love from the heart and thats what im here to give them-pure love like almost all parents should give their children

It is unknown if he deleted the profile himself or if it was deleted by MySpace. Either way, he is just one of many pedophiles that inhabit MySpace.


Mr. A is almost 100% positive that these are the internet habits of Bruce Chute who I told you about here.


This next gem from Mr. A would almost be funny if it wasn’t for the crimes the suspect is being accused of. His name is Keith and here is his profile. And below that is a comment from his ex-fiance…

hi some of you might know me as Keith’s fiance well that is no longer the case he has been convicted of crimes that have to do with ellicting sex from a minor. Currently we are trying to find if Keith has bothered anyone else online in similar cases in order to press charges. Currently he is serving time in the navy’s jail. Anything you say to me will not be seen directly by him so if you have any information please send me a message.

I feel really bad for Patti honestly. Imagine finding out that your fiance or spouse is a pedophile.

Again we salute you Mr. A for all your hard work.