Stephanie Rochester smothered her baby over Autism concerns


Stephanie Rochester

Police: Stephanie Rochester feared son had autism, admitted she put blankets, plastic bag over baby’s head:

Police: Autism was motive in Colo. child’s killing:

Police: Autism was motive in Colo. child’s killing:

34-year-old Stephanie Rochester of Boulder, Colorado has been charged in the smothering murder of her 6-month-old son Rylan. She allegedly killed her own son over fears that he may have Autism. I think I speak not only for parents of children with Autism but also for most parents when I say so fucking what if he did have Autism. Not to mention the fact that Autism can’t be diagnosed at 6-months.

I guess she thought she had a better way of recognizing Autism in children than most medical professionals. She says that she worked as a counselor for children with Autism for 2 years and could recognize the symptoms. I worked as a medical biller for a gastroenterologist practice for five years. That doesn’t mean I can diagnose someone with Crohn’s disease.

It seems that Rochester had this Autism obsession since she was pregnant and kept trying to force the idea on her doctors.

The night before Rylan was killed, Rochester and her husband took him to an urgent care because Rylan didn’t want to eat and was being fussy. I think that’s called being a baby but then again I’m not a doctor.

While at the urgent care center Rylan’s father is believed to have said something to the effect of he didn’t realize that it would be this hard being a parent. Every single parent has said that to themselves at one point or another, however, I don’t think he meant as a reason for Rochester to kill their child.

The murder itself was said to have been long and agonizing and I am not going to reprint the details here.

However, I think this comes down to either pure selfishness or Munchhausen By Proxy or both.

Rochester was allegedly worried about being financially ruined by raising a child with Autism and was allegedly more concerned about her own way of life. I think MBP might also be involved because she was allegedly going to kill herself after killing the baby but didn’t have a way of doing that. If she killed her self then who would pay attention to her which is what MBP is all about.

She could be potentially facing the death penalty. She’s also been placed on suicide watch and is being segregated from the rest of the inmates. Why bother. She’s not going to kill herself and the other inmates may save the taxpayers some money.

And you better believe that postpartum depression has already been trotted out as a possible defense.

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Woman puts feces in special needs child’s feeding tube

Mom Taints Child’s Feeding Tube with Feces: Police:

Austin police: Woman put feces in child’s IV feeding tube:

Mother charged with feeding 3-year-old feces:

Say hello to the new face of Münchhausen by Proxy Syndrome. I mean that’s the only way i can explain why this happened.

Anyway that’s 23-year-old Emily McDonald of Austin, Texas. She was arrested for placing feces in the IV feeding tube of her 3-year-old daughter was in the hospital being treated for infections. Oddly enough doctors determined that those infections had been caused by the child being fed fecal matter.

When doctors figured out what was causing the infections they had a camera placed in the girl’s room. That’s when they allegedly caught McDonald putting fecal matter from the girl’s diaper into the IV tube. When arrested McDonald said she knew that the fecal matter would make the girl sick and knew that it could potentially kill her.

So what leads me to my totally unqualified diagnosis of MBP. Well it seems she constantly blogged about her kids medical conditions and frequented various parenting forums. While that’s not entirely indicative of MBP when you put the two together it kind of does. I’m not going to post links to the blog or the forums to protect the girl’s identity.

Also in my 9 years of blogging I’ve done some other posts about women who poisoned their kids who were believed to have had MBP that all used the same thing to poison their kids, human feces.

So Breeder Readers, I pose yet another question to you. Is Münchhausen by Proxy Syndrome a legitimate psychological disorder or are these birth organisms just being attention whores?

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Not gulity plea in child’s poisoning

VISTA: New charges filed against mother in toddler poisoning:

22-year-old Christina Noel Howell has pleaded not guilty to charges of poisoning her own 22-month-old son. It’s alleged that she mixed cleaning fluids with her son’s apple juice on several different occasions. The child’s injuries are so bad that he risks choking to death anytime he drinks and has a thousand times greater chance of developing cancer.

Now most people would think that this could be a case of Munchausen by proxy where a parent intentionally injures their child for attention. However prosecutors say she did this to her own son to get the attention of a man in this case the baby daddy.

Again why do some women feel the need to inujure or neglect their own children just to keep a penis in their life.

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