Robert Thompson sentenced for craigslist child and animal sex ring

 Robert D. Thompson

Robert D. Thompson

Craigslist sex case co-defendant sentenced to 25 years in prison:

One of the worst craigslist sex crimes I’ve posted about was the sex ring out of Newberg, Oregon that not only involved animals but also children as young as 4. Previously the ringleader, Darrin Daily, was sentenced to 40 years which of course doesn’t seem near enough. Now his cohort, Robert Thompson has also been sentenced.

Thompson was not only convicted for his role in the ring but also for trying to arrange a hit on one of their teenage victims. So what did Mr. Dead Behind The Eyes get? Only 25 years.

We’re talking about children being forced to have sex with animals here. Something that depraved should at least get an automatic life sentence without parole. In a perfect world it would result in execution. He could have been sentenced to 40 years but for some reason the judge took leniency on him. Leniency for a guy who gets off on kids and dogs having sex.

Not only does this show what’s still wrong with craigslist but also our justice system in general.

Craigslist child pimp caught trying to have witness killed


Inmate charged in murder-for-hire attempt:

I originally posted about Matthew P. Lallis here. Back in 2010 in Groton, Connecticut Lallis was busted for allegedly pimping out a 15-year-old girl on craigslist. He’s also accused of having sex (child rape) with the girl and making her tell people she was 16 as that’s the age of consent in CT.

As if that wasn’t enough now he’s in even more trouble for allegedly trying to have witness killed so they wouldn’t testify against him. Authorities in Connecticut say that Lallis tried to have the witness killed while he’s in jail awaiting trial on the child prostitution charges. He’s now been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

To me that’s an admission of guilt on the child prostitution charges. Oh well, whatever keeps this scumbag in jail longer.

Child sex ring suspect accused of trying to get hit on victim

 Robert D. Thompson

Robert D. Thompson

Man in Newberg Craigslist sex abuse ring faces murder solicitation charges:

Is it me or does he look like he’s dead behind his eyes.

Anyway, I originally posted about Robert D. Thompson here. He’s accused of being one of the participants in a Newberg, Oregon child sex ring that was organized on craigslist and reportedly involved children as young as 4 being raped and forced to have sex with a dog.

Now Thompson has another charge to worry about as he’s now been charged with allegedly trying to solicit a hit on of the teenage victims of the sex ring. Along with his 11 sex abuse charges he’s had seven murder solicitation charges added. Hopefully that means that he’ll get a real sentence instead of the slaps on the wrists that some of the other suspects in the ring got.

Shawn Skelton pleads not guilty

Kent man pleads not guilty in Craigslist case:

Shawn Skelton of the infamous craigslist ad looking for a murder victim has pleaded bot guilty to the charge of conspiracy to commit second degree murder. If you want to know the whole story of what happened you can go here.

However I find it almost comical that Skelton’s ad said Serious inquiries only.” I guess because people usually prank the guys who place ads looking for murder victims.

Shawn Skelton’s criminal record

Man who advertised to kill charged with conspiracy to murder:

According to police in Washington state Shawn Skelton had a previous offense of exposing himself to a female student of Green River Community College. As I’m sure you know Skelton was arrested recently on conspiracy to commit murder charges for posting an ad on craigslist seeking a female murder victim he could have sex with before killing her. Police state that Skelton’s behavior was progressing in its intensity.

A strange desire – Wash. man arrested for looking for a murder victim on craigslist

Man arrested after posting Craigslist murder ad:
$1 million bail for suspect in Craigslist sex-and-death case:

Once again I’m late to the party. I’m sure most of you have heard by now about the guy from Washington state who posted ad on craigslist looking for a woman he could have sex with then kill her and get paid for it too.

That man allegedly is 24-year-old Shawn T. Skelton of Kent, Washington.

Supposedly a craigslist employee spotted the casual encounters ad entitled “A strange desire” where Skelton allegedly expressed his desire to have sex with a woman he could murder and his fee was $1000.

Seattle police intervened contacted Skelton in an undercover capacity.

Investigators say after communicating with the man about 30 times, during which the man doubled his price to $2,000, detectives set up a sting at the Aero Motel in South Seattle where the man allegedly agreed to meet the would-be murder victim.

But of course the victim was the Seattle PD. Skelton allegedly had a length of chain and a knife on him at the time of his arrest.

Not surprisingly anymore his girlfriend is proclaiming his innocence and that police set him up…

“He didn’t do anything,” the woman said. “If he was doing anything, he was trying to figure out a way to get money. He had no intent to go through with it.”

She said she read some of the e-mails between police and her boyfriend and she said the police “definitely entrapped him.” She said the issue of payment was brought up by officers, not by her boyfriend.

“They offered him money and we’re broke, living at our grandmother’s house,” she said.

“He actually has a lot, lot, lot of mental issues that need to be dealt with … But he’s not really the person they’re making him out to be,” she said. “He’s a good person, an amazing father, and I love him and support him.”

Not only is love blind but it’s retarded.

Skelton allegedly placed the ad so guess what sweetheart, it’s not entrapment.

Skelton is currently being held on $1M bond.

Now this brings up a few points. First Skelton must be the dumbest criminal in America. With all the attention on craigslist now thanks to the so-called craigslist killing out of Boston you would think that he would have picked a different avenue. Or maybe he picked craigslist because of all the attention. Either way he’s an alleged idiot.

Secondly the ad was discovered by a craigslist employee. I thought they didn’t have the manpower to monitor their ads since they only have 28 employees. If you monitor one you have to be able to monitor all.

Lastly where was the so-called community policing that craigslist brags about so much. Why wasn’t this ad flagged by the other craigslist users?

craigslist’s response should be interesting if they deem this incident worthy enough to give one. I bet it will be about how they helped the police.

Thanks to Soobs, SuziQ, Greg and Steve Huff for the tips.