Juggalo accused in the murder of Amanda Taylor


Ronald Weems

Police release more details on Amanda Taylor’s death:

No motive found in murder:

In Muscle Shoals, Alabama investigators recently discovered the remains of 32-year-old Amanda Taylor. The mother of three was strangled and her toes and fingers had been removed. Police have charged a Juggalo with her murder.

Police believe that Ms. Taylor was killed by 33-year-old Ronald Eugene Weems. According to his mother, Weems is a Juggalo. Not only that but he actually lives with his mother. No word on if he occupied the basement of his mother’s house.

Some reports say that Weems killed Taylor for stealing a child support check from his baby-mama, Laurel Ann Pruett. Pruett and Weems have a 4-year-old daughter together who is actually in the custody of Weems mother. Pruett was also arrested for allegedly supplying police with a false alibi for Weems. Also arrested was 21-year-old Matthew Richard Fox for allegedly coming up with the plan to cut off Taylor’s digits to avoid her body being identified.

Of course, the question is going to come up if the ‘music’ of ICP caused Weems to kill. As much as I deride Juggalos the music does not cause anyone to kill. It’s more of a case of people with violent tendencies being drawn to their music.

Some law enforcement agencies classify Juggalos as a gang. To me, that’s a misnomer because a gang signifies some kind of national organization. Most Juggalos don’t have the mental capacity to tie their own shoes let alone organize a gang. There may be pockets of Juggalos who act like a gang but they should not be classified as a gang on the level of something like the Crips. In my opinion, they are more like a trailer trash cult who somewhere along the way forgot the fact that ICP’s violent lyrics are just a gimmick. But back to the matter at hand.

If you’re 33 and you still consider yourself a Juggalo you’ve obviously failed at life.

UPDATE 5/16/2013: Pruett, Fox and a third person, 26-year-old Ashley Greenhill, were all convicted of abuse of a corpse and sentenced to 10 years. Weems was convicted last month and is looking at life.