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Michael Jacques pleads guilty to the rape and murder of Brooke Bennett

Vt. Man Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping, Killing Niece:

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques

Yesterday registered sex offender Michael Jacques pleaded guilty to the 2008 kidnapping, rape and murder of his then 12-year-old niece Brooke Bennett and the subsequent cover-up. As I posted before this was all done sp Jacques could avoid a federal death sentence. That’s all this story has really been all about ever since Jacques anti-death penalty lawyers got involved. For years they delayed justice for Brooke all to prove a point about the death penalty. While this should feel like a victory it doesn’t. Let’s hear from Jacques’ lawyer…

“We just think this was a fair and enlightened way to resolve this case,” his attorney, David Ruhnke, said afterward.

All this was to him was a challenge to see if he could get one of the most heinous criminals in the country out of a death sentence. In my opinion he didn’t care about Jacques and he sure as hell didn’t care about Brooke. All that Ruhnke cared about was a high-profile deal that made him look good.

He won. Justice didn’t.

Michael Jacques to plead guilty in order to avoid death sentence

Feds call off death penalty in Jacques case:

Friday: Jacques to Plead Guilty in Death of 12-Year-Old Niece:

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques

It’s been five years since the brutal kidnapping, rape and murder of 12=year-old Brooke Bennett by her sex offender uncle Michael Jacques in Vermont. After all the legal wrangling, delays and outright sheer arrogance of Michael Jacques’ anti-death penalty defense team it seems that a conclusion is finally at hand. Not the conclusion I was hoping for but a conclusion nonetheless.

Vermont has no death penalty however prosecutors alleged that since Jacques used MySpace and the internet not only to contrive and try to cover up his crime that this constituted interstate communication making him eligible for the federal death penalty. Now, according to reports, a plea deal is in the works where Jacques will plead guilty and will be sentenced to life without parole and will waive any appeals. It seems that this deal was made after Jacques high-profile anti-death penalty lawyers requested the deal from US Attorney General Eric Holder.

While I’m glad that the end of this ordeal for Brooke’s family is more than likely coming to a close I am disappointed that Jacques is escaping the needle. That’s all his lawyers ever wanted and Eric Holder has given it to them. For them this is a victory.

No date has been set for when Jacques will enter his plea. If history is any indicator in this case nothing is definite.

This doesn’t feel like justice, it feels more like appeasement.

Nevada man charged with 2009 MySpace rape

Reno man arrested on suspicion of sexual assault charge via online dating service:

Daniel Harvey Riggs

Daniel Harvey Riggs

26-year-old Daniel Harvey Riggs was a suspect in a 2009 MySpace rape of a woman at a Reno, Nevada casino. He was not charged due to lack of evidence. However Riggs was arrested back on March 21st for the alleged rape of a woman from Sparks. Nevada after meeting her on an online dating site. After that arrest police began looking again at the 2009 rape.

Police believe Riggs may have even more victims…

Lopez declined to give specifics, but said police have evidence to believe more victims are involved and asked anyone with information to call Reno police at 775-334-2115.

I guess no one knows the recidivism rate of non-convicted sex offenders huh?

UPDATE 12/9/2013: Riggs was convicted and sentenced to 40 years. He must serve 16 before he is eligible for parole.

Thanks to catwoman for the tip.

Man charged with MySpace sex crime in 2013


Man charged with sex abuse of minor after impregnating girl he met on Myspace:

No, the crime didn’t happen recently. Even with its most recent revamp no one is using MySpace these days.

Anyway a 41-year-old man was charged with sexual abuse of a minor for having sex with a 15-year-old girl and impregnating her four years ago in Palermo, Maine. I bet you think you caught me for using the phrase ‘having sex’ instead of statutory rape didn’t you? Well, the suspect in question is using the ‘I thought she was older’ defense and for once I don’t think he’s lying.

The man met the girl on MySpace and she began to help him out with his children and other chores around the house. Apparently sexy time happened and nine months later a MySpace baby was born. The woman, now 19, says that she has DNA testing that shows there is a 99.9% chance of the man being the father. Here’s the kicker. The man isn’t denying paternity and is cooperating with police.

In this one instance from the surface it appears that the man did not really know the girl’s age. Whether it was by deception it’s unknown but let me stress this story is the exception and not the rule.

Woman who posed as boy looking at 30 years for MySpace molestation

Carissa Hads

Carissa Hads

Mass. woman could get 30 years for posing as boy:

Carissa Hads Pleads Guilty in Clarksburg Court:

25-year-old Carissa Hads of Quincy, Massachusetts was arrested back in May of this year for crossing state lines with the intent to have sex (child rape) with a minor. Wait, people are still using MySpace in 2012? Anyway it wasn’t a boy who Hads was travelling to West Virginia for but a 15-year-old girl.

Hads had posted as an 18-year-old boy on MySpace and altered her appearance to complete the ruse. Investigators say that Had traveled to West Virginia multiple times to meet the girl. At one meeting Hads had sexual contact with the girl but obviously did not undress. Hads used a back brace to disguise her chest.

This past week Hads pleaded guilty and is looking at 30 years behind bars.

Sexual predators of any gender will go to great lengths to keep up any ruse as long as it gets them what they want. Your kids will be better off knowing that strangers on the internet no matter how cool or understanding they seem to be are more than capable of spinning elaborate lies to get whatever they want.

Fake MySpace Marine Cherokee sniper to get new sentence


Court nixes sentence in Pa. MySpace sex case:

In 2010 a then 33-year-old Michael E. Begin of Bradford, Pennsylvania was arrested for soliciting sex from a 14-year-old girl online. He posed as a 20-year-old Marine sniper who also happened to be of Cherokee descent. When he was arrested at the meeting place he had condoms, handcuffs and a knife in his possession. Last year he was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

Now the fake sniper but real predator will be receiving a new sentence…

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says a federal judge didn’t consider arguments from Michael Begin’s defense attorney that the sentence might be unduly harsh.

Unduly harsh? You have got to be kidding me. Investigators put a stop to what could have been the brutal rape, torture and murder of a 14-year-old girl and they want to talk about how a 20 year prison sentence is unduly harsh to a scumbag child predator? At the time of his arrest he was already a registered sex offender for charges of corruption of minors, indecent assault and indecent exposure in 2000.This is just one of the many things that is wrong with our justice system.

With any luck he’ll get an even longer sentence but I doubt that will happen.

Serial MySpace rapist re-convicted

Jason Ara Erpinar

Jason Ara Erpinar

O.C. Man Convicted in Myspace Rapes:

The last time I posted about Douchebag Ed Grimley, aka Jason Ara Erpinar of Yorba Linda, California, he pleaded guilty to 3 rapes and received a sentence of 15 years. Erpinar was charged with raping 3 women, two of whom he met on MySpace while the 3rd was a former girlfriend.

Unbeknownst to me after he received that sentence he rejected that plea deal and decided to plead his case before a jury. That turned out to be a bad move on his part because he was convicted anyway. Instead of looking at 15 years he’s now looking at 24. That still only comes out to 8 years for each rape which is still not near enough to the sentence that he deserves but this is California after all.

23-year-old woman charged with being a MySpace rapist

Jessica M. Thompson

Jessica M. Thompson

Woman, 23, arrested after ‘seducing teenager on MySpace and getting pregnant with his baby’:

Richmond woman arrested on sex-crime charge:

So the Daily Mail calls it ‘seducing’ and the local paper calls it a ‘sex-crime’. Again I have to point out that they should call it what it really is, rape. When did the term rape become so politically incorrect to use in a headline and for the Daily Mail no less?

Anyway 23-year-old Jessica M. Thompson of Richmond, Indiana was recently arrested after it was determined that she was allegedly knocked up by a 15-year-old boy that she met through MySpace. The pair met a year ago when Thompson was 22. Even a year ago who the hell was using MySpace? But I digress.

The boy initially told her that he was 18 but eventually Thompson learned the truth but continued to allegedly rape the boy.

The even sadder part is that she’ll probably only get 90 days in county while the boy gets a thumbs up and a pat on the back. If the gender roles were reversed we’d be calling for the suspect’s head on a pike and advising a life time of counselling for the girl.

Michael Jacques trial delayed again until September…of 2013

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques trial delayed until Sept. 2013:

It’s been since Michael Jacques allegedly kidnapped, raped and murdered his niece, 12-year-old Brooke Bennett. Jacques not only used MySpace to groom his niece but also altered Brooke’s MySpace to make it look like she ran away. The trial has been delayed numerous times over the years since it’s a federal death penalty case that’s being tried in Vermont. Now it’s been delayed one more time for another 14 months.

Jacques has a high-profile anti-death penalty defense team and it seems that they have another case to defend that will take up to 6 months. You have got to be kidding me, right?

Brooke Bennett

Brooke Bennett

That’s a picture of Brooke Bennett before she was raped, strangled and killed. If she were alive today she would be getting her driver’s license and thinking about her junior prom in her coming school year. Instead she’s in the ground with her last memory being that of her uncle compressing the life out of her with her bare hands.

Her death cries out for justice not for the placation of a lawyer who has ‘other commitments’.

Return of The Pimpinella: Now charged with child porn

Alex Pimpinella

Alex Pimpinella

Monroeville man facing assault case now charged with child porn:

I’ve posted about the now 24-year-old Alex Pimpinella twice before. Once for being arrested for the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl he met on MySpace and secondly for the alleged rape of a handicapped woman that he met through MySpace.

Now the Monroeville, Pennsylvania man who goes by ‘DJ Krave’ has been charged with possession of child porn. When investigators were going through Pimpinella’s computer for the rape investigation they say they found 200 photos and videos of young girls in explicit positions posing for Pimpinella.

So far Pimpinella has been one lucky son of a bitch. He only got three years probation for the 13-year-old and most of the charges save one were dropped against him for the rape of the handicapped woman. Since child porn usually results in a longer sentence than child molestation here’s hoping that this is the final nail in the luck coffin for this predatory douchebag.