The Midland (TX) MyYearbook molester

Jeffrey Allen Cary

Jeffrey Allen Cary

Midland Man Behind Bars for Sexual Assault of a Child:

MPD: Midland man arrested on sexual assault charges:

Before I get to Bat Boy I wanted to make one thing clear. While the articles linked to may call the website MyYearbook it is actually now known as or just MeetMe.

Anyway Bat Boy over there is 21-year-old Jeffrey Allen Cary of Midland, Texas. He was arrested after allegedly picking up two 14-year-old girls who were cutting school, taking them to get synthetic marijuana then having sex twice (multiple child rapes) with one of the girls. Police say that he met the victim on MyYearbook/MeetMe. Police also say that he admitted knowing that the girl was 14.

Personally I’d like to know how the girls were able to skip school without their parents being notified or don’t schools do that anymore?

Parents, please take the time to learn exactly what social sites your kids are using and who they’re friends with online. Make sure they’re using their actual ages and not friending someone inappropriately. As I am fond of saying in these situations you are the only defense between your kids and online predators and I’ll keep saying it until creeps like this are a thing of the past.

PA man arrested for showing his wiener on MyYearbook

I wonder if his wiener has a first name

I wonder if his wiener has a first name

North Whitehall Township man posted nude photos of himself on social website, police say:

Police in North Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania (again with Pennsylvania) arrested 21-year-old Ryan Michael Geiger for allegedly showing his wiener on MyYearbook. His words not mine.

In an Aug. 9 interview, Geiger apologized for “posting pictures of my wiener to minors,” records say.

Geiger is said to have posted the same pic of his junk on MyYearbook on six different occasions. MyYearbook, now known as MeetMe, alerted the NCMEC who in turn contacted police.

Wonder if he’ll get a foot long in lockup.

UPDATE 9/3/2013: Early last month Geiger pleaded guilty to unlawful contact with a minor. HIs sentencing is scheduled for November but he’s currently out on bond.

UPDATE 11/17/2013: Geiger only got three years probation. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up on these pages again.

15 will get you 20: MyYearbook edition


20-year-old arrested in sex assault of teen:

Not a lot of details on this one but what we do know is that 20-year-old Kevin Karl Dickerson of Bellevue, Nebraska has been arrested for allegedly having sex (child rape) with a 15-year-old girl he met on MyYearbook. Wait a minute, let me check something. Well what do you know. Not Pennsylvania.

Dickerson is using the not so tried and true defense that he thought she was 17. The article states that he didn’t ask her age. That’s what’s known as plausible deniability. If he doesn’t know her age he can’t get arrested for molesting her right? Dumbass.

Who watches the watchmen?: MyYearbook edition

David Lowe

David Lowe

Gwinnett Police Officer Arrested:

Like I said recently about our nation’s military I have the utmost respect for the men and women in law enforcement in our country. They really do have a thankless task. However I will post about a dirty cop when the occasion sadly arises. Now one doesn’t have to be ‘on the take’ to be dirty, one can be a sexual predator as well.

For example take 26-year-old Gwinnett, Georgia rookie cop David Lowe. He was recently arrested by his own department for allegedly sharing sexually explicit videos with minors on MyYearbook. The impression that I got from the articles on Lowe he allegedly created a MyYearbook profile posing as a teen. Supposedly MyYearbook limits what age group you can communicate with. If you were to list your age on your profile as 26 then you wouldn’t be able to chat with minors through the site. However as I’ve documented many times in the past that doesn’t mean that predators can’t lie about their age in their profiles.

Surprisingly Lowe is set to be terminated by the Gwinnett Police Department if he hasn’t been already. That’s refreshing since I’ve posted too many stories of bad cops who get suspended with pay.

UPDATE 5/29/2012: Lowe is out on bail.

Pa. produces yet another MyYearbook predator

Joshua Patterson

Joshua Patterson

Seriously Pennsylvania, what the hell? This is the fourth MyYearbook predator from your commonwealth that I’ve posted about in a row. If you keep this up I may have to start calling you Pedosylvania, which loosely translated means pedophiles’ woods. Creepy.

Braddock man, 34, admits to meeting several minors through social media site:

Braddock Man Arrested for Attempting Teenage Sexual Assault:

34-year-old Joshua Patterson of Braddock, Pennsylvania was arrested recently for allegedly assaulting a teenage girl that he met through MyYearbook. Patterson is accused of meeting a pair of girls from Boggs Township by posing as 19-year-old Joshua Phillips. Way to think up that alias Dillinger.

Anyway he met the two 14-year-old girls and at the meeting he began to rub one of the girl’s neck. Her friend tried pulling her away and Patterson allegedly tried holding on to her. He eventually escaped with the girl’s hoody. I wonder how many times he smelled it on the drive home.

Police were able to track Patterson down and he supposedly admitted to meeting other minors from the site as well.

Parents, again I say to you monitor what your kids are doing online. Make sure your friends with them on all their social sites. You are their parent first. Don’t worry about being the uncool parent. Worry more about your kids’ safety.

Another PA MyYearbook predator caught

Jason Stoy

Jason Stoy

Lancaster City Man Charged with Sexual Assault of Minor:

UPDATE: Man arrested for sexually assault brings up social media predators:

You know, I’m beginning to think that Pennsylvania is to MyYearbook predators what Connecticut was to MySpace predators.

Anyway we go back to the Keystone State once again. This time it’s for 29-year-old Jason Stoy of Lancaster. He was arrested recently for having a sexual relationship, or as normal people call it child rape, with a 14-year-old girl that he met through MyYearbook from nearby Manor Township.

Stoy slowly built a relationship with the young teenager which eventually got him to her house where police say he sexually assaulted her.

That’s what’s called grooming a victim. This wasn’t a relationship, it was out-and-out rape. Anybody who says different is either a predator or an enabler.

PA man caught cranking it to juveniles on MyYearbook

Edward Hockenbury

Edward Hockenbury

Man charge with exposing child to porn:

Police in Pennsylvania arrested 28-year-old Edward Joseph Hockenbury of Warminster after police received a notice from the NCMEC that he was allegedly exposing himself and masturbating on webcam to underage girls that he met on MyYearbook.

Before we go any further he’s 28? He looks like he’s old enough to be starting his mid-life crisis.

After further investigation police discovered that MyYearbook sent more than 200 notices to the NCEMC about the same guy. The IP address were all the same.

Hockenbury would allegedly purposely list his own age as under 18 so he could have contact with the underage girls.

In one of the message sessions, an “ed joseph” was sending sexual messages to a juvenile who responded that she was “15,” according to court records. The male responded, “I know I cant help it your so gorgeous,” according to court records.

I’m amazed how many complaints that MyYearbook and the NCMEC received before sending any along to police. I know the NCEMC does great work but it shouldn’t take the 201st complaint before something is done about a predator.

Pa. MyYearbook predator arrested for 2010 rape

Ryan T. Mock

Ryan T. Mock

Police: Man used social networking site to meet 13-year-old he raped:

Police: Sexting Preceded Rape of Lower Macungie Teen:

Lower Macungie Township teen sexually assaulted by man she met on, police say:

23-year-old Ryan T. Mock of Allentown, Pa. was recently arrested for the 2010 rape of a 13-year-old girl from Lower Macungie Township. Mock is accused of posing as a 16-year-old boy on MyYearbook grooming the girl for sex. In August of 2010 police say that the girl invited Mock to her house under the impression that he was 16.

This wasn’t a statutory rape either. Mock allegedly restrained the girl and raped her while she tried to stop him. After he had left the house he texted his victim to wash the sheets.

The rape recently came to light when it came up during a class discussion at school and her teacher asked her to speak with a guidance counselor.

This isn’t Mock’s first go around either. Back in 2011 Mock was sentenced to 2 years for having sex chats with a 14-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl on MyYearbook.

But wait, there’s more. This past December Mock pleaded guilty to the June 2010 sexual assault of a minor in Lehigh County. It seems that Mock was quite the busy little predator in 2010.

I wonder how many more victims he has out there.

It goes to show that just because someone has been caught for inappropriately chatting with teens online it doesn’t mean they haven’t committed much more heinous crimes.

UPDATE 4/29/2012: Mock was sentenced to 7 to 15 years for the Lehigh County rape.

Facebook predator asked cop for directions


UPDATE: Ashland man facing charges in Internet case:

20-year-old Daniel D. Preston Jr. of Ashland, Kentucky may just be the dumbest sexual predator ever.

Allegedly Preston met a 13-year-old girl from Ironton, Ohio on Facebook and MyYearbook and went to Ironton to meet her for sex (child rape). Apparently Preston while capable of allegedly grooming a teen for sex he has no idea how to use Google Maps or GPS. Unable to find the girl’s address Preston went up to an Ohio State Trooper, who had pulled over another motorist, to ask for directions. The trooper says that Preston said he was there to meet a 17-year-old girl. Due to it being late at night the trooper was suspicions of Preston and took him in for questioning where he allegedly admitted the girl’s true age.

Only through the sheer stupidity of the suspect was this girl spared being molested by him. Your kid may not be so lucky unless you take a more active role in their computer use.

Facebook rapist raped again while out on bail

Mathew Jacobs

Mathew Jacobs

Hollister Facebook Rapist Pleads No Contest:

Recently 21-year-old Mathew Jacobs of Hollister, California pleaded no-contest to various rape charges against him. It seems he was quite the internet predator. Jacobs used both Facebook and MyYearbook to find his victims.

He was arrested in July of last year for rape then while he was out on bail he raped another victim. Both victims were met through social networking sites.

If that’s not outrageous enough for you he’s only looking at 11 years behind bars.

First of all, in my opinion rapists should not be allowed to roam free after being arrested. Rape is probably the worst crime you can commit against a woman. Secondly while I understand of entering into pleas to spare the victims from having to relive their nightmare at trial, 11 years is a joke of a sentence for the rape of two victims. If he has two victims there could be more who were afraid to come forward.

Now when this jackhole is released at the age of 32 do you really think he’ll be rehabilitated? More than likely he’ll be looking for victims as soon as he’s released. And since this is California he probably won’t even serve half of his sentence.

How is this justice for the victims of rape?