Maryland Backpage pimp says there are no victims

Nahshon Kornegay

Nahshon Kornegay sentenced to 10 years for pimping in Rockville:

Nahshon Kornegay of District Heights, Maryland was recently sentenced to 10 1/2 years for prostituting two women in Rockville, Maryland. He had advertised them on Backpage of course.

Kornegay was convicted back in January and argued that the women chose to work for him and that there are no victims even though Kornegay used threats of violence to keep the women working for him. Thankfully the judge and jury disagreed. As a matter of fact the prosecution stated that Kornegay continued to prostitute women even from behind bars including the mother of his child. Stay classy.

Which just goes to show you that these pimps and traffickers obviously only care about making the money under any means necessary. Much like Backpage itself for allowing these ads for sexual slavery to continue.