Metal Molester barred from the stage

Judge in Sex Case Bans Rocker From Stage:

One of the more heated discussions that has been ongoing on this site is that of one Randall Shesto II. He’s the 21-year-old lead singer of the metal ‘band’ Nailwounds. He was caught not once but twice with underage girls earning him the nickname on this site of The Metal Molester.

Well it seems that the Molester is Metal no more as a judge has barred him from appearing on stage for 5 years.

“You love your music,” the judge told the defendant. “Your music has been the tool by which you have ingratiated your way into the lives of these girls. You may not play in a band in any public appearances during the term of your probationary period. I’m taking away from you the tools by which you worked your misdeeds, sir.”

I can just see the judge saying to him “Now I bid you good day sir.” before slamming down his gavel.

Shesto was also sentenced to a month behind bars, 11 months of work release, and 5 years probation. He also can’t use the internet or a cell phone without permission from his probation officer.

Rock on justice system. m/

The Metal Molester strikes again


Randall S. Shesto II

Wisconsin Heavy Metal Singer Charged With Having Sex With Underage Girl:

Well, well, well. A few months ago I posted about Randall S. Shesto II. He is the 20-year-old lead singer of the Wisconsin based “metal” band Nailwounds. Previously he was caught with an underage girl and I dubbed him The Metal Molester. All sorts of people came to his defense stating things like that the girl was lying about her age. To that I say…


It turns out that RJ Shesto’s first arrest was not his first dalliance into jailbait.

Randall S. Shesto II (photo) — a.k.a. RJ Nailwounds, lead singer of NAILWOUNDS (MySpace page) — was charged in a criminal complaint with having sex with a 15-year-old Town of Mukwonago girl three weeks before his encounter with a Sheboygan County girl that led to his conviction there.

Like the earlier case, Shesto is charged in a complaint that says he met the 15-year-old through, had ensuing meetings with her and the two eventually agreed to have sex. The girl was not legally old enough to make that decision, however, and the complaint indicates that she did have some qualms about her decision after making it.

From another article

The Town of Mukwonago girl’s sexual encounter with him in her home occurred on Dec. 22, and for a time remained a secret. The girl’s father had met Shesto during a visit he made to her home, and the father was led to believe that Shesto was 18 and attended Mukwonago High School.

After the father learned of Shesto’s arrest on sex charges in Sheboygan County, he became suspicious and decided to look into his daughter’s account. After seeing indications there that the two had sexual contact, the father brought her in to speak with Mukwonago police.

The girl detailed her relationship with Shesto to police and explained that he knew she was 15, and she knew he was 20. She also explained how the two had sex in her home on Dec. 22.

I might be able to buy the “she said she was 18” defense once. But what are the odds of lightning striking twice here? Slim to none and Slim just left.

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