RSO charged with craigslist abduction again after victim bites back

Nathaniel Lamb

Tub of Goo over there is 30-year-old Nathaniel Lamb of Charlottesville, Virginia. I’ve posted about him once before about a year ago here. Back in 2013 he was charged with allegedly raping a prostitute he had met through craigslist. He was on the sex offender registry for a 2004 conviction of using a computer to solicit a minor. You would think that with a track record like that he wouldn’t be roaming free. In reality, not so much.

On 9/5 Lamb was arrested once again for allegedly abducting a woman he had met through craigslist

However when she was handcuffed, Lamb began touching her sexually, then forcing her to perform oral sex. That’s when, according to her statement to police, she bit down while doing the act.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the part where she bit down on his junk. Not only good for her but it allowed police to arrest him at the hospital while he was being treated for junk bites.

Unfortunately he was out on bond after a witness to his previous crime failed to attend his bond hearing. At that point the prosecution could either only drop the charges or let him out on bond. That’s a loophole that needs to be closed. For all we know there could be victims that have yet to come forward that he accosted between now and then.

I hope he needed stitches, without anesthetic.

UPDATE 5/6/2015: Lamb entered into an Alford plea which spared one of the victims from having to testify. He was sentenced to 60 years with 40 suspended so he will be spending 20 years behind bars. At least that’s a rapist off the streets for 20 years.

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Nathaniel Lamb

Chaz Bono’s ugly stepsister over there is 29-year-old Nathaniel Lamb of Charlottesville, Virginia. He was recently arrested for the alleged multiple rapes of a woman he met through craigslist. The woman had advertised her services on craigslist as a maid, masseuse and erotic dancer. While she may be a pro that’s still no reason for anyone to be raped especially considering what this assclown is accused of doing to her.

Reports say that Lamb met her in public then abducted her, tied her up, took her to a second location then raped her. Then he took her to a gas station where he made her buy him cigarettes and threatened to kill her if she said anything. After that he took back to the location where he raped her and raped her again. Eventually, he dropped her off at a supermarket where she collapsed and store workers called police. Police say they found some of her belongings along with duct tape and zip ties at Lamb’s house.

And guess what kids? It turns out that the waste of dump is a registered sex offender. It seems he got into a little trouble back in 2004 after pleading guilty to using a computer to solicit a minor. He got a five-year suspended sentence for that. Good job to the judge that handed down that sentence. Luckily for now it seems the courts have had a change of heart and have denied him bond even though his grandmother said that she would put up her house to get him out of jail. Like I’ve said before sometimes blood is stupider than water.

Anyway, this jackhole is just another example of the kind of cretin that exists on craigslist. Yet craigslist still refuses to moderate their own site. They don’t even entertain the idea. They just keep acting like they have no responsibility at all in these crimes.