5 charged in Tenn. backpage prostitution ring


5 face sex trafficking charges in prostitution ring based in Columbia:

5 men have been charged with running a prostitution ring in Columbia, Tennessee off of the Vilage Voice owned backpage.com. The women were allegedly forced to prostitute themselves through violence.

The alleged leader of the ring is Nathaniel Roberts aka “Nay Nay” or “Nay Nizzle”. That sounds like something that you would call your grandmother but I digress.

Roberts is accused of physically abusing the women and keeping all of their money. This is what your encouraging when you use the services of a prostitute.

One of those women is quoted in an affidavit as saying that she collected about $900 a week for the past three years and was not allowed to keep any of it.

“He abuses just about daily, physically or mentally, and says most of the time it’s because of my mouth. All the money I’ve made in prostitution for the last three years has been given to (him), every time,” she said.

If you think getting a blowjob is more important than the freedom of a woman like this then there’s a special place in hell for you.

The other members of the “Wolf Pack” that have been charged are Tavoris Roberts, Patrick Bullock, Shermain Aiden and Johnny Turrentine.

They’re all looking at possible life sentences in federal prison on human trafficking charges.

Again, it seems like backpage isn’t doing the great job they say they are to stop human trafficking.