Trinitee was beautiful….


 Toddler beaten by father 

 Look at this beautiful baby girl… her name is Trinitee Carson, 18-months-old. She could definitely be a baby model.

Trinitee Carson


Now look at this man, Yves Mckinnie (29), he is the man lucky enough to have been the father of that beautiful baby girl. He just found out in October 2010 that he was her daddy. How could the idea of that not thrill him to a tee? What could a baby that beautiful ever do to deserve to be harmed in anyway? 

Yves McKinnie


Trinitee’s mother Natisha Carson dropped their daughter off to her father on January 14th, he was to care for her until the 18th, but he wanted to take her to Chicago to try out for a modeling shoot for a Kohl’s Department Store catalog on the 22nd. Unfortunately, the little beauty never got the chance to go to the shoot. 

According to the criminal complaint, Mckinnie told officers that January 20th, after taking a shower, he found the baby unresponsive and wedged between the wall and the bed. Creative, he didn’t blame the stairs or bathtub, this time we have a deadly child beating bed. Anyhow, he said Trinitee was limp and he began to shake her to get a response before calling 911. He told investigators that he shook this baby so hard that her head went back and hit her buttocks. WTF!!! Gawd Damn dude…. frightened or not at the sight of unresponsive child what the shit makes you this that violently shaking her will help? 

Now we all know his story was a total LIE, he finally admitted to police that Trinitee was running around the house and he became upset. He placed her on the bed and told her to stay put…. yeah because 18-month-old babies have the self-control to just sit still, when they are told too, my 15-year-old nephew can’t even do that. He got into the shower and when he got out she was running around again. He said he lifted her up by one arm, struck her on the head with the palm of his hand knocking her to the floor, where she hit her head again and then he tossed her on the bed. He left the room to “cool down” and returned to find her lying on her stomach not breathing properly. He then called 911. 

She was taken to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, where she was found to have swelling and bruising on her head and bruising all over her body. She passed away from her injuries on Tuesday, January 25th. 

McKinnie was originally charged with physical abuse of a child and causing great bodily harm. The charges could be upgraded to homicide. He faces up to 60 years in prison if convicted. 

I have not been able to find any updates since, January 25th. I do not know if the autopsy was completed and if he has been charged with murder or not. If anyone has any updates please send them my way. 

R.I.P. Trinitee… heaven is even more beautiful with you in it. 

*Thanks to abusehater for the update*