Michigan Bomb Plot Follow Up

Domestic terrorists still live among us:

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s news about the Michigan school bombing plot. The article really doesn’t say anything new except that we still have domestic terrorists to deal with along with foreign terrorists which is in fact very true. However, it does include one tidbit of information the Fox News article left out. The main suspect, Andrew Osantowski, used the screen name “nazi_bot_sadistic”. Now I’m 100% convinced that he had something to do with the Geocities site that I had blacklisted. I found a mirror site using the screen name “nazi_bot_brutality” that I never got around to reporting to the host for violating TOS. The screen names are too similar not to be connected. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on any further steps I’ve taken.

Anyway the article makes a very valid point…

The best defense against domestic terror are the friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances of those who are planning violence. They’re the ones most likely to notice strange behavior, violent utterances, fascination with weapons and other warning signs that indicate a person may be moving past thinking about slaughtering people to actually planning to carry it out.

That’s the best way to improve our domestic security.


I couldn’t agree more. So when someone says that a school or parent is overreacting when it comes to these types of threats you just remind them of this story.