Follow up on #26

Two More Teens Abandoned Under Nebraska’s Safe Haven Law:

This is a repeat actually. It’s a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the two teens that were dumped off at Nebraska safe havens over the weekend.

The one 16-year-old girl who flew in from Arizona with her female Breeder didn’t know she was being dumped off at a safe haven. How crappy is that? She thinks that she’s just going to visit family then mom just leaves her at a safe haven.

Parental chicanery FTL.

Two more dumped off in Nebraska

Teenager Abandoned At Children’s Hospital:

Two more teens were dropped off at Nebraska safe havens over the weekend.

A 16-year-old was dropped off late last night at Children’s Hospital in Omaha.

Earlier on Sunday a ‘mother’ actually flew in from Arizona to drop off her 16-year-old daughter at a hospital in Papillion, Nebraska. The article says that the daughter used to live in Omaha, like that’s supposed to make it better. If she would have driven she would have beaten the mileage record. Do you think she got her plane tickets in advance?

That brings the total up to 26 of those dropped off at Nebraska safe havens and three from out-of-state.

Beat the rush now before Nebraska changes the law in two weeks.

Georgia Breeder wants kid back

Ga. mom negotiating to get son back home:

The Georgia Breeder who dropped her 12-year-old son off in Nebraska may now get him back.

Tysheema Brown, 33, is negotiating a deal with Georgia officials for her son to return to their Smyrna home, said her attorney, John Valente, after a hearing in Cobb County Juvenile Court on Thursday. The hearing was continued until Dec. 4.

Thanks for wasting everybody’s time and resources then.

#23 in Nebraska

Boy is 23rd child abandoned at Neb. hospital:

Speaking of Nebraska, because we do a lot of that these days, the 23rd child has been dropped off under their rather loose safe haven laws. Again, it’s not a newborn.

This time it’s a 17-year-old boy but at least this time it looks like he was from in state.

His female Breeder and male step-Breeder gave the excuses of…

…the boy wouldn’t follow their rules and that they couldn’t afford some programs he needed.

Again, more Breeders relying on the ‘system’ to raise their child.

Nebraska legislature calls emergency session

Neb. sets special session on safe-haven law:

That didn’t take long.

Finally the Nebraska legislature has decided to call an emergency session to do something about their safe haven law. Is it going to be today? No. Monday? No. It’s going to be on November 14th. So irresponsible Breeders still have 2 weeks to dump off their kids. Get in before the rush.

Georgia Breeder tells why she went to Nebraska

Mom Who Abandoned Child Speaks:

The woman from Georgia who dropped off her kid in Nebraska is now giving her excuses…I mean reasons.

Brown is a mother at the end of her rope. Her 12-year-old son Talonn has been in and out of juvenile jail, kicked out of school repeatedly, and sent to relatives’ homes.

“I’m a parent who’s been on top of my child, on top of everything. There is not one thing, not one teacher, not one principal, not one school, not one anything that can say Ms. Brown hasn’t done anything for her child,” said Brown.

Talonn has lied, stolen, and failed classes. Brown says for year, her son continued to get in trouble. Fearing Talonn would end up in juvenile jail for good, Brown loaded up him and her 7-year-old daughter and drove more than 15 hours to a Nebraska hospital last weekend.

“He’s not stressed out, he’s not feeling lonely, not feeling quote unquote abandoned because he knows his mom didn’t abandon him. He knows his mom placed him there to get help,” said Brown.

Brown feels the system in Georgia failed her. She says her decision to drive to Nebraska was carefully thought out and her last resort.

I love how a lot of these Breeders blame ‘the system’ when it’s not the system’s responsibility to raise their kids.

Question time again dear readers. Is she justified or is she just copping out?

Ga. Breeder drops off kid in Nebraska

Georgia boy is 21st child left under safe haven law:

Previously we had the family from Michigan who dropped off their kid in Nebraska to teach him a lesson. Now we have a woman who drove from Atlanta to Lincoln to drop off her 12-year-old son. That’s 1,000 miles by the way which beats the previous record of Detroit to Omaha by 400 miles.

No reason was given why the boy was dropped off. Again I say if these people put more time into parenting then looking into ways of getting rid of their kids we wouldn’t have half the problems we have.

The article also states that no infants have been dropped off under Nebraska’s safe haven law. I just thought I’d point that out.

Still no special session of the Nebraska legislature to amend the law.

Nebraska teen takes self to safe haven

Teen mom claims Safe Haven for herself:

Nebraska has yet another first in its series of firsts with its controversial safe haven laws.

This time a teenage mother has turned her self in to a safe haven stating that her mother kicked her out of the house. Her mom says that it’s just a typical argument between parent and daughter that was blown out of proportion.

I’m not taking a side here but I wouldn’t be surprised if a teen used the safe haven law to get back at a parent. It was only a matter of time.

#19 in Nebraska

19th Child Left Under Safe Haven Law:

The Breeders are getting in on the rush before the law is changed in January. This time a 17-year-old from in state was dropped off at an Omaha safe haven.

As the headline says it brings the total up to 19 kids dropped off at Nebraska safe havens. According to the article most of them have been over 10.

I wonder how more kids will be dropped off before the governor declares an emergency legislative session. One more? Two more? Will he hold out until January? If he does how many more kids do you think will be dropped off?

Nebraska to change safe haven law

Nebraska Lawmakers Agree on Safe-Haven Age Limit:

Nebraska is now going to the other side of the spectrum. They’re going to change their safe haven law to limit drop offs to the age of three days. That’s a big change from up to 17-years-old.

However Gov. Dave Heineman said that he’d prefer not to call a special session of the legislation and would rather correct the law in January.

So the Breeders have a little bit more than two months to drop off their kids in Nebraska.