‘Nice guy’ who wanted a craigslist friend accused of running sexual house of horrors

‘Nice guy’ who wanted a craigslist friend accused of running sexual house of horrors

Gary Owens

55-year-old Gary Owens of Omaha, Nebraska, reportedly took out an ad on craigslist that said he was a nice guy and just looking for a friend. A homeless woman responded to his ad looking for a place to stay. Instead she found herself in a makeshift prison. Once she was in the house Owens allegedly told her “You know we’re going to have sex right?” before preventing her from leaving the bedroom. After she rebuffed his advances, Owens allegedly restrained her with rope and choked her into unconsciousness before raping her. When she needed to use the bathroom Owens would lock her in there as well. The victim says she was eventually able to trick Owens into letting her use a phone and was able to call a women’s shelter who helped her escape. Owens is said to have a long and violent criminal history.

I can understand someone being desperate enough to seek shelter anywhere if they’re without a home, however, craigslist is not that place to look. Unfortunately, it is overflowing with violent predators like this. If they’re allowing you to stay in their home out of ‘the goodness of their hearts’ it’s more than likely that they want something unsavory in return.

Isaac Kemp may be the ultimate Kik kreeper

Isaac Kemp may be the ultimate Kik kreeper

I really wanted to find a mugshot of this creep, but I couldn’t find one with 100% certainty that it was him, but I digress.

44-year-old Isaac Kemp of Draper, Utah, has been charged with 65 felonies in the state of Utah concerning the solicitation of two underage girls from Nebraska and North Carolina, but that description barely scratches the surface.

Kemp is also accused of allegedly raping an underage girl from Nebraska after posing as a 16-year-old boy on Kik. After collecting several explicit pictures and videos of the girl he then reportedly told her that his ‘uncle’ would be coming to visit her and that she would have to have sex with him in order to get her ‘experienced’. Police say that he raped the girl in a Nebraska hotel room and gave her morning after pills. Kemp was originally charged with $1 million bail in Nebraska, but it was lowered and he was then able to post bail.

In the North Carolina case, Kemp was allegedly exchanging explicit pictures with a 12-year-old girl on Kik. So far no charges have been filed in North Carolina.


Kemp was said to have been very particular with his electronics when it came to other members of his family…

“In an interview with Kemp’s wife, she said she suspected that something was going on with Kemp, as far back as several years. She said Kemp disappears frequently to the bathroom while at home for long periods of time, and he takes his phone with him,” the charges state. “Kemp’s wife said that Kemp is very private with his cellphone and that no one is allowed to look at it and no one other than Kemp knows the pass code.”

This reminds me of a time where a former co-worker came to me and asked me advice about their friend’s peculiar behavior about their computer. This was in a day before smart phones were the norm. She said that her friend would never let his wife or kids use the computer, and it was always password protected. I said he’s either having an affair or he’s into child porn. Sadly, it was the latter, and the guy ended up going away for a long time leaving his wife and kids to fend for themselves.

As you should know by now, Kik is teeming with sex offenders and pedophiles, and as shown here they will go to preposterous extremes in order to violate your children. They will traverse great distances, spend extravagant amounts of money, and make up the most cockamamie stories just to get what they want from children. If you’re not watching your kids’ online habits, they are.

UPDATE 2/9/2017: Thanks to reader Kate who was able to find a mughost of Kemp.

Isaac Kemp

UPDATE 12/30/2017: Kemp has pleaded guilty to production of child pornography and travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct. He could be looking at 30-60 years behind bars depending on if the sentences are concurrent or consecutive. Sentencing is set for April 2018.

Breeder hides in trailer to avoid sentencing in baby sitter’s death

Ashley Jackson

Woman Who Skipped Sentencing For Child Abuse Arrested:

Woman who missed sentencing in overdose death found in trailer:

24-year-old Ashley Jackson was supposed to be sentenced in the death of 12-year-old Serena Garrett. Jackson brought the girl to her home in Lincoln, Nebraska to baby sit her twin infants. Sounds like the responsible thing to do right? Well, Jackson brought Serena to her home sop Jackson could smoke meth with her friends. She also supplied Serena and her other guests with booze and painkillers. Apparently Jackson really didn’t grasp the concept of a baby sitter. Serena was not only sexually assaulted by a 20-year-old party goer but she died of an overdose of painkillers.

In December Jackson pleaded no contest to Serena’s death but when it came time to be sentenced Jackson allegedly no showed the hearing. Police found her last night hiding in a trailer (go figure) that was parked on the property of a construction equipment company.

Unfortunately Jackson is only looking at five years for Serena’s death. Back in the 1950s you could be eligible for the death penalty if you were a drug dealer and someone died from your drugs. We should never have stopped that practice.

Bad tweaker boyfriend didn’t Tickle this baby

Tickle and Schlund

Baby allegedly shaken: Pair faces charges:

22-year-old Trey Tickle of Kearney, Nebraska has been charged with felony child abuse for allegedly injuring his girlfriend’s infant daughter. After being airlifted to Omaha it was determined by doctors that the baby had head injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome. Tickle’s story? The baby fell. Shocker right? Tickle allegedly claimed that the baby fell from her swing while he was vacuuming. Again another moron that thinks he knows more than doctors and professorial investigators. But wait there’s more.

The baby also tested positive not for just being in the presence of meth but also had previously ingested meth. The girl’s older brother (1 1/2 years) also tested positive for meth and weed.

In a shocking turn of events, shocking for this site anyway, the Breeder has actually been charged too. 21-year-old egg-donor Brittany Schlund has been charged with two counts of felony child abuse for putting her kids in a dangerous situation. Very rarely do we hear of the Breeder being charged as well so kudos to the prosecutors on this one.

Both kids have been placed in the custody of DHS. No word on how the injuries will affect the girl later in life. Hopefully she’ll live a fuller life than either of these two.

Thanks to Carlotta for the tip.

15 will get you 20: MyYearbook edition


20-year-old arrested in sex assault of teen:

Not a lot of details on this one but what we do know is that 20-year-old Kevin Karl Dickerson of Bellevue, Nebraska has been arrested for allegedly having sex (child rape) with a 15-year-old girl he met on MyYearbook. Wait a minute, let me check something. Well what do you know. Not Pennsylvania.

Dickerson is using the not so tried and true defense that he thought she was 17. The article states that he didn’t ask her age. That’s what’s known as plausible deniability. If he doesn’t know her age he can’t get arrested for molesting her right? Dumbass.

Drunk Breeder kills 4-year-old son in wreck


Accused Mom Turns Herself In:

A lot of times when I write a DUI story we all have a laugh at the idiot who got behind the wheel drunk with their kids in the car but in those cases the child wasn’t hurt. In this story there will be no joking around.

In the middle of January 24-year-old Megan Douglas was driving along Highway 77 near Lyons, Nebraska when she crossed over the line and struck another car head on. Police say that she was driving in excess of 80 miles per hour when she struck the other car. Miraculously no one in the other vehicle was seriously hurt. Unfortunately Douglas’ 4-year-old son Zachery was ejected from the car and died on the scene.

Neither Douglas nor Zachary were wearing any kind of restraints. Police say that Douglas had a BAC of .216. That’s almost 3 times the legal limit which means she was pretty well shitfaced while driving with her son unrestrained in the car.

I hope those cans of Natty Ice or whatever it was you got hammered on were worth it since they cost you the life of your son.

She’s looking at 20 to life but what I think ‘they’ should do with her and all murderous drunk drivers is sell them to the car companies to be used as real crash test dummies. I’m sure they can get more realistic results that way.

Thanks to Erica for the tip.

Craigslist: request a mover, get a rapist


Woman’s Dogs Save Her From Craigslist Mauler:

Attempted Rapist Masquerades As Mover On Craigslist:

Metro Woman Says Sexually Assaulted by Online Predator:

A 51-year-old woman from Omaha, Nebraska recently advertised on craigslist for a mover. Personally if I was going to request anything on craigslist one of the last things I would ask for is a mover since they would have to come to your house, but I digress.

Anyway instead of a mover what she got was man who tried to rape her…

“He said he was going to help me alright,” said Sue. “But he said, ‘I’m going to do whatever I want to you.’ And all I could think of was dying.”

Instead of assistance in moving large appliances, Sue tells us the middle-aged man who came to help her intended to rape her.

“I knew what he was going to do to me,” she said. “He was going to bend me over the coffee table and do whatever he wanted to me.”

Luckily, if you can even say luckily in this situation, her dogs barking and growling caused the suspect to lave but not before threatening the woman again…

He left with one last message for the victim, however. “Now that I know where you live, I can come back any time.”

As a man I can not possibly imagine the horror that this woman went through and is still going through since the suspect has not yet been apprehended as far as I can tell. However this goes further to show what kind of scum are trolling craigslist for any instance to violate their victims.

Adam Johnson threatened underage GF with sex tape

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Police: Man Taped Sex With Teen:

Fight With Ex Leads to Child Porn Charges for Lincoln Man:

Something I haven’t done in a very long time is posted a link to someone’s MySpace account. I stopped doing that a while ago after I realized that not only do these criminals have friends who sometimes had no idea what was going on but also their victim could be one of the friends still on the account.

However that doesn’t mean that I want you to stop sending them to me because they can have some useful information on them.

For example take 29-year-old Adam Johnson of Lincoln, Nebraska. He allegedly threatened his 17-year-old girlfriend by saying he would circulate their sex tape if she didn’t give him money.

The age of consent in Nebraska is 17. While the sex may have been legal the act of recording it was not. After he threatened her she went to police who arrested Johnson on child porn charges. But the story doesn’t end there.

When I received this tip I also received a link to Johnson’s MySpace. I had no plans of posting the link but I did find that Johnson, or someone in his place, posted in his status that he’s in jail because the victim ‘snitched on him’ and posted the victim’s name.

Here’s a screen grab with the victim’s name MSPainted out.


Classy guy all around huh?

I reported the site to MySpace. They’re usually pretty quick in removing the MySpaces of child porn suspects. I also told the tipster to report it to police as that could be construed as witness intimidation.

And while the sex may be legal it’s still creepier than hell for a 29-year-old to be having sex with a 17-year-old.

And is it me or does he look like he’s been crying in his mugshot?

Thanks to J. for the tip.

Watch your damn kids

A Mother’s Warning:

A mother from Omaha, Neb. was shocked and horrified that an 18-year-old would send such sexual messages to her 11-year-old daughter over MyYearbook.

She shouldn’t be though…

Diving into her computer’s history, she discovers a conversation between her 11-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old man on the social networking website myyearbook.com. When her daughter pretends to be a 15 year old, she says the man makes suggestive requests for a rendezvous.

I wonder where the 11-year-old’s computer is located in the house. And it wasn’t until text messages were discovered that mom even had a clue.

You need to be more vigilant than this. I can’t say it enough times. Kids’ computers need to be kept in common areas and not in their bedrooms. No web cams for kids. And for the love of God please check their online activity on a regular basis.

A predator only needs one instant to start grooming your kids.

Neb. Breeder accused of incest

Woman accused of having sex with young son:

Dad of Neb. teen thought to be incest victim of mother says stepmom was 1st to suspect assault:

An unidentified 41-year-old woman from Fort Calhoun, Nebraska has been charged with having sex with her now 15-year-old son while he was in 7th and 8th grade.

The victim told police that his mother was addicted to prescription drugs when the abuse took place.

Last year the woman pleaded no contest to trying to illegally fill 468 different prescriptions of Ambien. I knew that shit made you do funky things but I didn’t know people became addicted to it. I bet that will be the defense they try to use to.

The boy is now living with his father and seems to be doing better however one of the articles states that his half brother, the woman’s other son, is trying to get him to change his story.

I wonder if he doth protest too much.