Rescued from Ethiopia only to die

Hana Williams

Hana Williams

Skagit County couple charged with death of adopted child:

When someone adopts a child they are rescuing that child. Whether it be from an abusive situation or a future without parents or anything in between adoptive parents are rescuing that child, in most cases. In the case of Hana Williams she was rescued from one hell only to die in another.

13-year-old Hana was adopted by Larry and Carri Williams of Mt. Vernon, Washington. She was adopted back in 2008 from Ethiopia. In case you’ve been living under the proverbial rock for the past 30 years it’s no picnic in Ethiopia. Between poverty, drought, famine and disease Ethiopia is a child’s living nightmare. When she first stepped on to American soil she must have felt like the most blessed person on Earth. That was until she actually started living with the Williamses.

Hana was allegedly beaten with a plastic stick, had food withheld from her, forced to take cold showers, made to sleep outside and couldn’t use the indoor bathroom among other ‘punishments’. The Williamses gave the usual excuses of that Hana was ‘rebellious’ and ‘stole food’. Whatever excuses they gave couldn’t stop them for being arrested last week after Hana was found dead in their backyard back in May. That’s not even scratching the surface with this story. There was so much abuse that this would be the longest post in history of this website. I urge you to read the entire arrest warrant (PDF file) if you can stomach it. I read the whole thing.

More than one witness said that Carri Williams was disappointed that Hana was so ‘old’ when she arrived and that she thought she was getting a baby or a much younger child.

This is even worse than the people who adopt or foster just for the money. To allow a child to die, a child who should have thrived in this country, to be treated worse than probably she would have been treated in her own country is unforgivable.

‘They’ should take Larry and Carri Williams and dump them in a prison of whatever 3rd world shithole is the worst country in the world and see how well they’d be treated by the locals.

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Aziya was murdered by trained killers

Couple Arrested on Suspicion of Child Abuse 

Parents Arested for Infant Daugter’s Death

Ya know I’ve heard people say “our soldiers are trained to be killers”; I just didn’t know that included children, especially their own.  These stories never cease to amaze me!  This baby girl, Aziya, was only here a very short time, 3 months.  She died October 13th 2009 of staph and bone infections as well as multiple rib factures.  Unfortunately her birth vessel, Sara Davinger, and the sperm donor, Steven Davinger, were only arrested for the heinous crime yesterday, 18 months later, and have only been charged with Felony Child Abuse. 

At the time of Aziya’s death in 2009 her US Navy enlisted parents were living in a San Diego apartment with another couple and another adult male roommate.  The adult male roommate, who was also Aziya’s daytime babysitter, called 911 to report that the baby was unresponsive and possibly deceased.  The details being released by authorities are sketchy at best and do not speculate why the parents are only being charged with Felony Child Abuse and not with Felony Murder.  Did they abuse their sweet little baby girl?  Did they allow this male roommate/babysitter or some else to abuse Aziya?  The investigators and DA will not comment on the charges of the parents nor if there are charges pending against any of the roommates. 

Sorry I don’t have more details to report; as more information becomes available I will update you.  In the mean time say a prayer for this lost little angel.  May you rest in peace Aziya you are loved by us, if by no one else.      

***Thanks go to Jackie for the excellent write up.

UK Breeder let kids and pets starve while she played game

Mother Obsessed with Computer Game Neglects Kids, Starves Dogs:

An unnamed UK birth organism was given a suspended of six months after neglecting her kids and starving her pets while she became obsessed with a computer game allegedly called Small Worlds.

The woman became so obsessed with the online game that she made her kids eat only food that didn’t have to be cooked to be prepared even making them eat cold baked beans straight from the can. Not only that but she let her German Shepherd and Lurcher starve to death and supposedly left their bodies where they died for at least two months.

Her defense attorney argued that she was devastated over her husband’s sudden death. Her kids, ages 9, 10, and 13, and are in custody of social services.

Can you imagine what kind of health hazard that put her children in with having the rotting corpses of two dogs just laying around the house? This woman’s problems go well beyond a simple game.

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7 hours at a bar = one dead child

Cops: Jeffco baby died after dad left, went to bar:

23-year-old Joseph Trujillo of Jefferson County, Colorado allegedly went and drank at a bar for 7 hours. That’s a monumental amount of drinking. The problem was he was supposed to be watching his girlfriend’s five month old baby at home. So to put two and two together the baby was at home alone while Trujillo was getting his drink on.

Unfortunately the baby died. The details of the baby’s death have been sealed.

Trujillo is not the baby’s father.

Now I know you’re thinking where was the mother. She’s got a legitimate reason for not being there as she is serving our country in the military overseas.

Can you imagine being thousands of miles from home in a war zone finding out that your child has died due to the neglect of your boyfriend who thought 7 hours at a bar while your infant was home alone.

It’s unfathomable.

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You can’t deny who you fall in love with

gablopezGirl, 15, Says Mom Knew She Dated Coach, 40:

Police arrest mother of girl, 15, in relationship with soccer coach:

This story is so Springerific.

Anyway, that guy is 40-year-old Gabriel G. Lopez of Las Vegas. He was arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old girl. He got busted when police found him with the girl in a pick up truck (classy) after the two had gone to see the movie “The Stepfather.” Isn’t that movie like 20 years old?

However he’s not even the focus of this story. That would be the girl’s unnamed mother who not only approved of the relationship but encouraged it.

According to the girl she allegedly said things like “you can’t deny who you fall in love with” and “You can’t deny love. You never know who it will be.” Ick.

Not only that but the mother allegedly told Lopez to get the girl a secondary cell phone so the girl’s father wouldn’t find out.

Luckily she’s been arrested and charged with neglect.

There’s nothing like a mother who encourages statutory rape is there?

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3 Breeders, 2 filthy homes, 7 children removed, all in Indianapolis

Mothers Arrested After Children Found In Filthy Home:

In our first story 25-year-old Tiffney Johnson and 28-year-old Jamie Presley (not the one from My Name Is Earl) were arrested on charges of felony neglect.

Police were investigating an extension cord that ran from a neighbor’s garage to their house. When police disconnected the cord no one came to the door because neither birth organism was home at the time. However four children were, ages 14, 7, 5 and 7 months.

The kids had lice in their hair, roaches were everywhere, dog feces were on the floor, maggots were found, there was little food and of course there was no electricity. The pair were out for 5 hours having a ‘girl’s night out’.

The kids were removed and placed with child welfare.

3 Children Removed From Filthy Home:

In our second story 45-year-old…hold on…(looks at mugshot) 45? Really? I hope I don;t look that crappy in 5 years. Then again I gave up meth for Lent.

Anyway, 45-year-old Susan Hensley was arrested on neglect charges for having two of her own kids and another kid who was visiting in a home infested with rats and roaches.

Hensley’s kids were 15 and 6 with an 11-year-old friend spending the night. That kid is going to have rat nightmares considering police said they saw a foot long rat in the residence while they were investigating.

The basement was said to have had six inches of sewage. And the house of course had the pre-required animal feces.

Is there some kind of filthy home handbook that these people subscribe too?

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Mom who let ants bite kids arrested

Children bitten by ants, mother arrested:

Port St. Lucie mom’s 3 kids taken after possible signs of neglect found:

I’m behind again so I’m going to bang this one out. That’s 34-year-old Theresa Platt of Port St. Lucie, Florida. She was homeless with 3-year-old twins and a 6-year-old. She would go house to house to sleep. One of those houses had an ant infested bed which she made the kids sleep in. Witnesses say she routinely beat the kids and would not feed them for days. She claims she couldn’t feed them because their father was in jail. However reports say she was receiving food stamps but she allegedly routinely sold them. I couldn’t find an article that that said what she sold them for but I can only imagine.

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On the run mom arrested. No, not that one. The one with the 555 lb. son

Mom, 555-Pound Son Found In Baltimore:

Authorities arrest mom for medical neglect of 555-pound teen:

Jerri Althea Gray of Greenville, South Carolina was supposed to have appeared in court this past Tuesday because the state had filed papers to take custody of her 14-year-old son who weighs 555 lbs. No my fingers did not get stuck on the 5 key. That’s five-hundred fifty-five pounds.

But in what seems to be a trend lately she fled the state. At least she didn’t try claiming religious beliefs.

Anyway they caught up with her and her son in Maryland. She’s been charged with neglect so I’m guessing she allowed or maybe even encouraged her son to get that large.

Adoptive Breeder charged in death of quadriplegic daughter

Mother charged in death of quadriplegic girl:

Adoptive mom charged with murder of quadriplegic Flint girl, 9:

40-year-old Lorrie Thomas of Flint, Michigan was the aunt and adoptive mother of 9-year-old Shylea Myza Thomas.

Shylea was quadriplegic due to a suffocation issue that happened when she was only 3-weeks-old. Her biological mother abandoned her early on and no one is sure what happened to her.

Lorrie Thomas was arrested last week accused of abusing and murdering Shylea. An anonymous relative called DHS concerned about Shylea. Investigators eventually found her emaciated body in a storage unit inside a trash bag filled with moth balls. Her body was said to have untreated bed sores and bones sticking through the skin and she only weighed 33 pounds at the time of her death. It’s believed that Thomas would deny Shylea food as well.

Lorrie Thomas lived in a filthy residence with her penis and 7 kids. She’s also been charged with evidence tampering and welfare fraud in this case so I’m guessing she kept cashing the checks after Shylea was dead.

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5 taken from deplorable home

5 Children Taken From ‘Deplorable’ Home:

Alleged parents Alicia Drury and Vince Davis of Tigard, Oregon have been arrested for having their kids live in deplorable conditions. Five children were removed for health concerns. Their apartment was said to have had mold, dirt, and rotting food among other conditions.

Is it really that hard to keep a home clean enough so the state doesn’t take away your kids?