Unsupervised kids, dog feces and lice. Oh my.

vallevegaMom, Dad Arrested After Girls Left Alone:

Police in Winton, California arrested Ambrosia Valle, 29, and Nepamuseno Vega, 36. (That’ll get you some points on a Scrabble board.)

The pair were arrested after neighbors called police saying that their 4, 6 and 8-year-old daughters were left home alone. The girls said that they hadn’t seen Valle since the day before and Vega since much earlier that day.

The apartment was pretty much what you’d expect in these case. The floor was covered in clothes and dog feces and the dogs had lice and open sores.

When Valle returned home she claimed that Vega was supposed to be watching the girls. Vega was allegedly in his sister’s apartment in the same complex and says that he didn’t realize the girls returned to Valle’s apartment. Well, where the hell did he think they were?

Both have been charged with child neglect and animal cruelty.

This was the 6th time police have been to their residence on child related calls. That must be the 6th strike rule in California.

The kids were placed with CPS and the dogs with animal control.

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.