Marriage counselor craigslist creeper loved all the big taboos

Marriage counselor craigslist creeper loved all the big taboos

Ian Alexander Pincombe

49-year-old Ian Alexander Pincombe of Las Vegas, Nevada, was recently convicted on child porn and child solicitation charges stemming from his 2014 arrest. None of the articles I found elaborated on the child porn charges, so I’m just going to focus on the child solicitation charges, and boy is there a story to those.

Pincombe was a marriage counselor who posted an ad on craigslist’s casual encounters section that said the following…

“Hi ladies. Are you up for meeting for a fun time? 420 Nudism kinky times, no limits and NO Taboos”

Police in nearby Henderson responded to the ad posing as a 13-year-old girl who apparently did not dissuade Pincombe in the slightest. Pincombe told the ‘girl’ he had been with a 14-year-old girl who he justified by saying 14 was the age of consent in Canada. Canada’s age of consent used to be 14, but it was raised to 16 in 2008. Anyway, Pincombe was not shy about what he wanted from the ‘girl’…

Pincombe inquired about what the officer thought about “taboo desires,” incest, child love and animals. “OK. Well those are all the big taboos left in society… Lol, I love them all,” he wrote.

At one point, Pincombe said that although the girl was 13, he would had liked for her to act like a 5, 7 or 8 year-old, according to the complaint.

Yep, I’m pretty sure we all need showers now. For those of you who may not be in the know, the term ‘child love’ is used by pedophiles to try to make their tendency to rape children seem more palatable.

Pincombe’s sentencing is scheduled for March and he is looking at a potential term of life behind bars.

The casual encounters section of craigslist needs to be eliminated. All it is anymore is the place where sexual predators look for potential victims. Yet craigslist allows it to flourish and fester so they can get more traffic driven to their site, and more traffic means more money for them.

Las Vegas Sun
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NV father kills son, possibly for being gay

NV father kills son, possibly for being gay

Wendell Melton

In Henderson, Nevada, 53-year-old Wendell Melton is accused of allegedly shooting and killing his 14-year-old son, Giovanni Melton. Giovanni was openly gay, and by most accounts was well-liked by his friends and classmate. Many of the headlines on this story are saying that Wendell Melton killed Giovanni because he was gay, however, it’s not that clear just yet. That’s not to say that Wendell Melton isn’t a Grade-A monster.

The reason Giovanni’s sexual orientation has been making headlines is because Giovanni’s foster mother said Wendell Melton hated his son for being gay. According to the foster mother, Wendell Melton once pulled a gun on his son after finding Giovanni with his boyfriend. The foster mother believes that Wendell Melton “would rather have a dead son than a gay son.” Wendell Melton claims he shot his son in self-defense, however, police have said Wendell Melton changed his story several times. Police also think Wendell Melton drew his weapon before he was in any alleged danger.

So as of right now, the motive in the shooting is not 100% conclusive, but for the sake of argument let’s say Giovanni was shot by his father for being gay. I am close in age to Wendell Melton. There was a time when I was much younger when I was a legitimate homophobe. As I gained more experience in the world and experienced different cultures and lifestyles I realized something. How does someone being gay affect you? It doesn’t, unless you’re a close-minded bigot. To all the men who feel the need to put up some kind of super macho persona, having a gay son doesn’t make you any less of a man. As a matter of fact, if you have gay children and accept them, that makes you more of a man and more of a father.

If you’re so inclined, there is a GoFundMe to help Giovanni’s brother who Giovanni took care of.

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Las Vegas man accused of raping woman from craigslist after posing as cop

Las Vegas man accused of raping woman from craigslist after posing as cop

Bobby Joseph Brown

(Story broke 5/2/2017)

41-year-old Bobby Joseph Brown, of Las Vegas, Nevada, is accused of allegedly raping a woman he met through craigslist. In early April, Brown is said to have met with a woman from craigslist for a ‘sexual encounter’. The woman reportedly changed her mind which caused Brown to produce a gun and say that he was a cop. He then raped the woman multiple times in his apartment.

In late April, Brown is said to have met with another woman through craigslist’s casual encounters section and tried the same trick, but this time his victim escaped. While I can’t say this with 100% certainty, considering Brown claimed to be a cop, it leads me to believe these women may have been prostitutes. However, that doesn’t matter when it comes to a crime like rape. No woman ever deserves that nightmare. Rightfully, Brown is currently being held without bail.

This story does show one thing though, prostitution is still alive and well on craigslist, except now it’s in the casual encounters section. Much like the prostitution on Backpage has moved to the personals section. It also shows predators and rapists are still using craigslist as their own personal victim menu. Yet craigslist continues to spend zero dollars on moderating illegal content on their site which could prevent any number of these crimes.

Las Vegas school bus driver accused of Snapchat sex with student

Las Vegas school bus driver accused of Snapchat sex with student

Dominique Joiner

(Story broke 6/7/2017)

24-year-old Dominique Joiner was a substitute school bus driver for a magnet school in Las Vegas. He’s been arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student. Joiner reportedly thought it was ok for him to have sex with the student since she was over Nevada’s age of consent which is 16. However, Nevada law also states it is illegal for school employees to have sexual relationships with their students. It’s also been said Joiner used Snapchat, of course, and Facebook Messenger to solicit explicit photos from the girl.

According to the article I linked to from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Joiner is the 13th school district employee to be arrested for sexual misconduct since last July. This raises the question, have school employees always been this pervy, or do we just hear about it more often since we now live in an age of almost instant information from all over the world?

Las Vegas teacher tells student on Snapchat he wants to ‘turn her out’

Las Vegas teacher tells student on Snapchat he wants to 'turn her out'

Garic Wharton II

(Story broke 6/2/2017)

25-year-old Garic Wharton II was a substitute teacher at a Las Vegas school. He’s accused of allegedly sending inappropriate messages to a 16-year-old female student on Snapchat. Some of the messages reportedly said…

Wharton tells the girl he wants to “turn her out” and that he wishes he could “teach” her, according to the arrest report.

“So we can have our thing on the low? How can I trust you tho (sic)?” the messages read. “If we hookup, I can get in trouble, Do you want that?”

Another message to the student reads, “I wanna dive in and make you scream.”


How can we expect our kids to act appropriately on social media when too many teachers obviously don’t know how?

Las Vegas man accused of being craigslist and Kik kreeper

Las Vegas man accused of being craigslist and Kik kreeper

Mario Alston

38-year-old Mario Alston, of Las Vegas, is accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl from nearby Henderson, Nevada. Alston allegedly placed an ad on craigslist that the victim is said to have responded to. The contents of the ad are as of yet unknown, however, the conversation soon moved to the mobile messaging app Kik, where the victim is said to have given Alston her address. When the girl’s parents weren’t home Alston reportedly went to the home and sexually assaulted the girl.

I know this sounds like just another Kik kreeper, because the app is rampant with sex offenders and pedophiles, but there is something I wanted to address from the article I linked to.

Detectives say Alston and the 13-year-old started communicating non-stop on the “Kik” app. It’s an app where messages can be hidden from parents.

Emphasis mine.

While Kik is a preferred tool of predators, the messages are only hidden from parents if parents choose not to check their kids’ phones. Despite all of its faults it’s not an app designed to be hidden from parents, you just have to now what to look for. I’ve even included a picture of what the app icon looks like at right. Both Android phones and iPhones have a button that list all the apps that are on the phone. Don’t just rely on the apps that are on the phone’s main screen. Again, you may trust your child, but do you trust the strangers they may be talking to?

Craigslist creeper assaults woman in her home

Juan de Jesus Reyes-Palomino

Juan de Jesus Reyes-Palomino

Juan de Jesus Reyes-Palomino was arrested in Sparks, Nevada, for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in her own home. Reyes-Palomino allegedly responded to a woman’s ad who was selling children’s clothes on craigslist. Once he got in the woman’s home he allegedly began to ask the woman personal questions before touching her inappropriately. Police believe he may have more victims…

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sparks Police detectives 775-353-2225 or Secret Witness 775-322-4900.

This story goes to show two things. One, craigslist is polluted with guys like these with their activity in just about every section and two, you should never have anyone from craigslist ever come to your home.

The Las Vegas shooters were conspiracy nuts


Shooters identified in slaying of Metro Police officers, bystander:

Much like the Isla Vista shootings I hadn’t planned on blogging about the recent shootings in Las Vegas that claimed the lives of police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, and innocent bystander Joseph Robert Wilcox. I figured that better bloggers than me would do a better job.

Then I got the Las Vegas Sun article that I’ve linked to above in my inbox. It said that the shooters had planned on doing the next Columbine. That sort of puts it in my wheelhouse but only peripherally. Then I got a Twitter message from former crime blogger Steve Huff. One of his Twitter followers had sent him the link to the Facebook of Jerad Miller, one of the gunman in the attack. His wife, Amanda Miller, was the other. If you’re expecting me to post a link to his Facebook I don’t do that anymore. I don’t want any of his Facebook friends who probably had nothing to do with their horrible crimes harassed.

Anyway, most of his public Facebook posts were about guns and the legalization of weed which pretty much puts him in the Libertarian camp but I don’t think his politics are what caused him and his wife to shout “This is a revolution” and “We are freedom fighters” before killing three in cold blood. Jerad Miller, and by association probably his wife, was a conspiracy nut. Here are some highlights from his Facebook.


He believed in chemtrails.

He believed in chemtrails.

And the New World Order.

And the New World Order.

He was a truther.

He was a truther.

And a birther.

And a birther.

In my opinion anyone who believes in these outlandish conspiracy theories are ignorant delusional paranoids who feel the need to blame some imaginary bogeyman for the failures in their own lives. By most accounts it seems that the Millers had plenty in theirs.

The Millers are not heroes or revolutionaries. They are what all murderers are, cowards. They cowardly shot and killed two police officers who were just eating their lunch then shot and killed a man who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time before the pair cowardly took their own lives before they could be captured. I’m sure the conspiracy nuts will hail them as martyrs but they’re not. Just cowards.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families of the victims.

Nevada man charged with 2009 MySpace rape

Reno man arrested on suspicion of sexual assault charge via online dating service:

Daniel Harvey Riggs

Daniel Harvey Riggs

26-year-old Daniel Harvey Riggs was a suspect in a 2009 MySpace rape of a woman at a Reno, Nevada casino. He was not charged due to lack of evidence. However Riggs was arrested back on March 21st for the alleged rape of a woman from Sparks. Nevada after meeting her on an online dating site. After that arrest police began looking again at the 2009 rape.

Police believe Riggs may have even more victims…

Lopez declined to give specifics, but said police have evidence to believe more victims are involved and asked anyone with information to call Reno police at 775-334-2115.

I guess no one knows the recidivism rate of non-convicted sex offenders huh?

UPDATE 12/9/2013: Riggs was convicted and sentenced to 40 years. He must serve 16 before he is eligible for parole.

Thanks to catwoman for the tip.

Reno craigslist pimp bragged of turning woman into prostitute

Robert Pariset-Bailey

Busted For Prostitution Post On Craigslist:

Citizen tips lead to arrest of alleged Reno pimp, help get alleged teen prostitute off the street:

White Reggae Man over there is 27-year-old Robert Pariset-Bailey. He was recently arrested in Reno, Nevada for allegedly prostituting a woman in exchange for drugs.

Police in Reno received a citizen’s tip about the craigslist ad allegedly posted by Pariset-Bailey that offered a woman in exchange for drugs. Police set up a meeting with Pariset-Bailey and gave him cash and fake meth. He allegedly bragged about turning the 20-year-old woman into a prostitute and said that he had other women as well.

The woman was arrested as well however she was referred to resources to help her get out of the business.

But Trench, isn’t prostitution legal in Nevada? Yes, but not in Reno or Las Vegas. This goes to prove my point that legalizing prostitution does not make the dark side of it go away. You can go to all the other counties in Nevada you want yet prostitution is still prolific in the two casino towns.

By the way craigslist, this is real community policing. Not your bullcrap way of letting the criminals on your website decide which ads should be flagged. Maybe you should look into real community policing.