Abuse and Torture in New Zealand

 West Aukland girl found in cupboard, severly abused

Here we have a story coming to us from New Zealand and let me forewarn you that it is VERY disturbing.  With that being said let’s get to it.

The West Auckland police, reporting to a domestic dispute in November, found a 9-year-old (we’ll call her Abby for this post) hiding in a wardrobe, almost every part of her body covered in bruises, part of her scalp was torn off as she was dragged down the hallway.  I’m sick now and there is so much more… can we all stomach it?

Abby was taken to the hospital, where she discovered to be suffering from dehydration, starving, anemic from all the internal bleeding, a broken bone in her foot and was covered head to toe in bruises.  Gawd Damn! 

Her parents (both unemployed) have been charged with ongoing abuse and torture.  Wow, not one but both her parents abused her, unbelievable!  Both parents’ names have been suppressed…. please if anyone needs public shaming it is surely these two monsters.

Abby was removed from her parents not long after she was born and was return to them only 2 years ago.  She has been being severely beaten since the beginning of 2009.  This poor girl, it is literally causing me physical pain to think about what she endured at the hands of the people who were supposed to love and protect her.

Her father is charged with assaulting her between January 2009 and November 2010, using a broomstick and vacuum pipes as weapons over an eight-day period in November.  Oh my god, how does one become so sick and twisted they are capable of this type of torture to their own flesh and blood.  If you think what dad did was bad, wait until you hear about what mommy did.

Her mother (30) faces 32 charges including injury with intent, assault with various weapons, willful neglect by failing to seek medical help, withholding food and causing grievous bodily harm.  Shit… I am wondering why these 2 even wanted her back after losing her to begin with; it appears they have been abusing her pretty much since she came home.  Fucking sick-os!  Oh and mommy has been charged with assaulting another child (7 years-old) with a table leg and unknown weapon.  Crazy Bitch! 

Ok so they get her back and start to beat her and this crazy bitch of a mother, really gets into it, like some sort of overzealous bully.  In April, she reportedly, repeatedly punched Abby in the face and hands and NEVER sought medical treatment for the little girl, BUT did take her sorry child-beating ass to the doctor for treatment of the bones she broke in her hands during the beating.  WTF!  I am speechless; this bitch broke her hands hitting her daughter.  In November the beating intensified and dad joined in using the vacuum and broomstick and mommy began to attack her daily. Sick, sick, sick…. I am amazed this little girl survived this and horrified at how she must have felt daily facing down the 2 people who gave her life and seemed to want to end it.  What incredible resilience and strength for a 9-year-old, try as they may they didn’t kill her they may have broke her sprit for a while but she survived and that is what matters.  Now she can face them in court and bask in the joy of knowing that despite their efforts she is here and proved she is stronger than them.  If she can take what these two dished out and survived I am pretty sure she can survive anything.

Just in the month of November Abby endured the following forms of abuse:

–         Nov. 10th – assault with a broomstick, repeated punches to the face and   body, a toenail lifted and bent backwards and hit with hammer.

–         Nov. 11-12th – hit with a broomstick and table leg, repeated punches to the face and body and kicked in the groin with steel-toed boots.

–         Nov. 14th. – Her mother tore off her toenail the poured salt and boiling water on to the bleeding wound.

–         Nov. 15th – abusive comments were written on her body.

–         Throughout November  – her head was held under water in a hot bath, she was starved for food, forced to stand in a corner of long periods of time, sometimes naked & without moving.

Some of the beatings began at 9 am and went on until 2 am the next morning.  Ok, so I am done with this story, I am physically ill, reproducing all these details for you.  If you go on the link you will see where there is more information on the story.  People knew there was abuse and didn’t report it and her grandmother was the one who finally got her the attention she needed.  The domestic dispute the police were responding to the day they discovered Abby, was between grandma and mommy… mommy didn’t want to let grandma see the little girl.

Thanks to KiwiinOz for the tip.