Actual Breeders busted for filthy home

And by actual I mean unlicensed and amateur but I digress.

Couple Arrested For Child, Animal Neglect:

Newburg couple charged with child neglect; animals removed from home:

Newburg Couple Charged With Child Neglect, Mistreatment of Animals:

34-year-old Carrie L. Rohde-Smith and her 25-year-old husband Jason C. Smith of Newburg, Wisconsin have been arrested on child and animal neglect charges.

Six children lived in the home ages 16, 15, 12, 10, 2 and 1. I’m hoping that some of those are not with her 25-year-old husband. The three youngest were said to be filthy and removed from the home.

The home had dirty clothes in the laundry room piled high to the ceiling with urine and feces covering the kitchen floor. No word on if they were animal or human because they could be both.

The pair also allegedly were breeding dogs though without a license and the dogs were said to be covered in urine. Again not known if the urine was human or animal. No word on the breed of the dogs but they have been removed from the home. Investigators say the dog breeding operation was a puppy mill.

Neighbors, who live in fear of the Smiths, say that both the children and the animals were not treated properly…

“He was a nasty person,” said one neighbor who asked not to be identified of Jason Smith. She maintained that Smith treated both animals and children poorly.

“It was nasty,” she said. “I saw him grab them, throw them in his car. I heard the yelping. I heard the screaming.”

The sad part is that they’ve been only charged with misdemeanors.

You know, from personal experience just about every person I’ve ever met who said that they were going to breed dogs usually bred a certain trashy breed of dog and they usually ended up failing at the business or got in legal trouble. Leave the dog breeding to the trained professionals.

Still no licensing required to breed children.

Thanks to jj for the tip.