Fechteler denied parole

Former Newington Student Denied Parole In Attack Plot:

Back in June Frank Fechteler was sentenced to three years plus time served for plotting an attack against Newington High School in Connecticut. Now that he’s served half of his sentence he is eligible for parole.

That request was denied by the parole board because of the seriousness of his crime.

Fechteler was one of these YouTube mutants that posted videos of himself firing guns and setting off homemade explosives. He was 16 at the time of his arrest.

When his house was searched the typical mutant items were found such as a hit list and photos of the cowardly scumbags Harris and Klebold.

Fechteler gave this heart-felt plea…

“I just want to be the most positive person I can be. I can’t; I don’t know what people are thinking. They could always be scared of me, but if you could hear me right now, you have absolutely nothing to fear about me. I’m a changed person now.”

40 members of the community disagreed when they sent letters to the court requesting that Fechteler not be released early.

Fechteler will be up for parole again in April, 2009.

Newington suspect sentenced

Columbine-Style Attack Plotter Sent To Prison:

The suspect in the plot to attack Newington High School in Connecticut was sentenced yesterday. Frank Fechteler was given a sentence of 12 years behind bars that will be suspended after 3 and 5 years probation.

The article goes into detail about how Fechteler and his attorney talk about how it was “the old Frank” that was capable of crimes like this but “the new Frank” is much different. On the stand Fechteler even said he’ll never commit another crime again.

That kind of reminds me about the movie Strangeland when Dee Snider’s character claims that he’s been rehabilitated only to kill again.

New Frank and old Frank are the same Frank in my opinion.

Newington plotter pleads

Student Accepts Plea Deal In School Violence Plot Case:

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything on the plot to attack Newington High School. The suspect in the plot, 17-year-old Frank Fechteler, pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree threatening and two felony counts of manufacturing bombs. The plea avoids a life sentence for Fechteler. He’s now looking at a max of 12-years. The suggested sentence seems a little confusing to me.

In agreeing to plead guilty to first-degree threatening and two felony counts of manufacturing bombs, 17-year-old Frank Fechteler now faces a maximum 12-year prison sentence that will be suspended after four years, followed by five years of probation.

So really is he looking at 4-years behind bars and 5 years probation? I’m a little rusty on court math.

No cameras during Fechteler trial

Judge rejects cameras for school violence case:

The Associate Press and other media outlets had made requests to the court to allow cameras into the proceedings for Frank Fechteler. Fechteler is accused of being in possession of bombs and plotting a school shooting at Newington High School in Connecticut. For once a judge has some sense because he denied the media’s request.

Judge Patrick J. Clifford denied the motion Wednesday, stating that although the court is open to the public, he did not feel the cameras should be present.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate,” he said.

I don’t know why the media is so excited about this case. They usually reserve this kind of enthusiasm for celebrities or guys who kill their wives.

Frank Fechteler's YouTube videos

Thanks to reader Clay here is Frank Fectheler’s YouTube videos.

I wonder if there were other videos that have been removed because I found these to be fairly innocuous. These videos aren’t even close to the Columbine Rampart Range tapes. These videos just show Fechteler firing some guns at a gun range and two showing setting off some bombs in the woods.

But I guess in a small town this would be enough to warrant a search of the house.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the plot was uncovered I just don’t think these videos are all that.

More information on the Newington plot

Affidavit details NHS attack plot:

More information has been released about the plot to attack Newington High School in Connecticut and the suspect Frank Fechteler.

First let’s discuss his arsenal.

Police reports state three of the five videos displayed a male later identified as Fechteler firing long guns at a range. The videos are labeled Mosin Nagant, Mossberg 500 rapid fire and Saiga .223.

During the interview, he admitted to the plot in writing and also told the school resource officer he had “made more than 40 pipe bombs including CO2 bombs, copper pipe bombs, small pipe bombs with end caps, dry ice bombs and cherry bombs.” He told the officer they were made in his basement using gun powder from ammunition and materials such as copper, which were obtained while digging through local dumpsters.

The affidavit said Fechteler’s parents, William and Soon Doek Fechteler, met with the principal and school resource officer and agreed to let the Newington Police Department search and seize any firearms at their Stoddard Avenue residence.
During the investigation, detectives uncovered three long guns which included a Mossberg 500 12 gauge pump shotgun, a Moisin Nagant 7.62 mm bolt action rifle and a Russian American Armory Company Saiga semi-auto .223 caliber rifle, all which were registered to his father William Fechteler.

Police reports submitted in the affidavit stated the search also revealed Fechteler to be in possession of numerous empty shell casings, loose bullet heads and primers, bird shot, pieces of gray, used duct tape similar to that recovered from the blast site and materials to make a “drano bomb.”

His room also held hand-written instructions on how to create the “drano bomb,” as well as a variety of computer printouts with directions for the construction of a generic bomb, mailbox bomb, Soliodox bomb and unstable explosives. The printouts also contained an ingredient list for 19 different types of dynamite and chemical equivalency list.

Dumbass is lucky he didn’t blow himself up. And I wonder if dear old Dad knew that Junior was taking his guns out to the woods with his dumbass teenage buddies.

Let’s not forget motive. I previously stated that the plot might have been racially motivated because he wrote each proposed victim’s race next to their name on his hit list. It seems that Fechteler is just another clone.

In a written statement to school resources officers, Fechteler admitted that he had made a plan to shoot and kill certain people at Newington High School. He said he wasn’t going to kill strangers, but only those who had been picking on him for a long time.

The affidavit also said Fechteler told officers in the written statement he would end the April 10th plot “the only way a person could end it, by shooting myself in the head.”

So he planned on taking the coward’s way out it looks like. Since he was planning his attack in April I believe he is just another clone who bought into the myth that the Columbine shooters were bullied. It must really suck to build your whole life around a lie. I also wonder what happened first, the pyromania or the “bullying”.

More on the Newington High Plot

Arrest made in school shooting, explosives plot:

We have a slew of new details in the alleged plot to bomb Newington High School in Connecticut. The suspect is one 16-year-old Frank Fechteler of Newington. People who know him describe him as quiet and reserved but scatterbrained. He is being charged with two counts of manufacturing bombs and being held on $500K bond. He’s looking at 40 years behind bars. He is also believed to be the only participant in the alleged plot. Students who appeared in the YouTube video were interviewed by police and stated that Fechteler carried around a hit list of 30 names with the races of his targets next to their names. So this may have been a racially motivated plot. Some students said he planned to carry out his plot on, you guessed it, April 20th. I don’t know how reliable that information is just yet.

Plot against Newington High thwarted

Police: School Attack Foiled:

Police have thwarted a plot to attack Newington High School in Connecticut after parents tipped off police about a video on YouTube that showed several students shooting firearms and setting off explosives. Police interviewed the teens in the video and they said that one of them was plotting an attack against the school. When police searched the 16-year-old’s house they found bombs, rifles, documents that indicated an attack against the school, and a hit list of 20 names. At the time of the article the suspect was being held for psychiatric evaluation.