Couple leave infant in flaming car

johnsonscottPolice: Couple left infant in burning car:

Two saved from car fire arrested:

23-year-old Donna Johnson and her boyfriend, 34-year-old Cleveland Scott, were both pulled from a flaming car on I-95 in Newport, Delaware. When asked by the good Samaritans that pulled them out if there was anyone else in the car they allegedly said that there wasn’t.

Except when the Samaritans looked in the car they saw the couple’s 6-month-old baby. Luckily they were able to pull the baby out of the car unharmed.

Along with child neglect charges Johnson was also charged with driving under the influence. That may have been a no-brainer considering Johnson allegedly pulled over then went back on the interstate with the car still on fire.

Scott was also arrested on child endangerment charges.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but I think that if most parents were pulled from a flaming car they would be going nuts trying to get their baby from the car.

I can only imagine what idiotic reason they may have had for leaving their baby in a flaming car.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.