Woman with social work degree burns handicapped daughter

Mom accused of repeatedly burning daughter with hot iron:

Fayetteville mother charged with burning her daughter:

33-year-old Nia Michelle Brooks of Fayetteville, NC (or as it’s referred to Fayette Nam) is accused of burning her partially blind and mildly retarded 11-year-old daughter with an iron. Police allege that Brooks burnt the girl with a hot iron on her arms and legs. Police say the girl was burnt because she didn’t iron her Easter dress correctly. Brooks said the iron fell on the girl. Yeah right, four times maybe.

To try and hide her crime Brooks allegedly sent the girl to school in coats, long sleeve shirts and long pants. If you’ve ever experienced a Carolina summer you know that’s pretty much abuse in itself.

And oh yeah, as mentioned in the title Brooks has a bachelor’s degree in social work. Whatever college she got it from should demand it back. And again no matter how smart you think you are hospitals, police and sometimes schools know more than you do. You can’t hid abuse from them.

Thanks to Luci and Angela for the tips.