Teen stabbed ex 29 times outside of Alaska school

Nicholas Chamberlain

Nicholas Chamberlain

Boy in stabbing case faces attempted murder charge:

Mr. white boy wanna be gangsta over there is 16-year-old Nicholas Chamberlain of Service High School in Anchorage, Alaska. He’s accused of luring his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend, Lory Miebs, out into the woods with a promise of ring before stabbing her 29 times.

Chamberlain allegedly told her to close her eyes so he could do a magic trick but instead Chamberlain plunged a folding knife into her neck. He stabbed her so hard in the skull that the blade bent and then he started using the saw blade from the knife.

Luckily she survived the attack and at last report is now breathing on her own.

Chamberlain has been charged with attempted murder and has been charged as an adult thankfully.

I’m sure in the coming weeks and months we’ll hear how he was bullied or had a rough childhood and how he shouldn’t be tried as an adult. Someone who is ‘just a kid’ doesn’t stab someone 29 times while changing blades in the middle of it.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.

UPDATE 9/9/2012: Chamberlain has pleaded guilty. He’s looking at 99 years.

UPDATE 4/25/2013: Chamberlain was sentenced to 42 years behind bars and according to the article he stabbed her 76 times. Not 29 as I originally posted.