Father and son craigslist pimps

Father, son charged with prostituting teens:

38-year-old Todd “Tutt” Carter and 19-year-old Nicholas Harrison of Milwaukee, Wisconsin are a pair of craigslist pimps. Not only that but they’re also father and son.

Carter may be the Cal Ripken of pimping with a 2 decade long streak of pimping behind him. I’m not exactly sure what the pimping iron man record is but I’m sure that’s up there.

Anyway the pair of pimps have been charged with not only traveling across state lines for the purpose of prostitution but also for pimping out underage girls.

For those of you who still insist that prostitution is a victimless crime check out the recruitment and control techniques used by the pair.

Several of the teenage prostitutes were first girlfriends of Harrison before becoming prostitutes, according to the complaint.

Carter required the teens to have sex with him first as “training,” and then he would arrange for them to engage in prostitution, often advertising on Craigslist, according to records.

Carter tried to control the prostitutes by limiting the number of condoms he handed out and requiring them to live with him, the complaint indicates.

Carter and Harrison hit the prostitutes and threatened them if they wanted to stop engaging in the crimes, the complaint says.

So for those of you who say that acts between two consenting adults is victimless just remember one of those adults may not be consenting nor an adult.