Why do we absolve Backpage?


Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times is one of the few journalists in America who has been trying to raise awareness about the children who are continuously prostituted on Backpage. In his latest column entitled ‘Every Parent’s Nightmare’ he tells a horrific story about a woman from Seattle who dropped her 15-year-old daughter off at school one day then didn’t see her for over 100 days because her daughter has been recruited by a pimp and had been repeatedly advertised on Backpage.

What I really want to draw attention to though is the first two sentences of Mr’ Kristof’s column…

We as a society derided the Roman Catholic Church as an accessory to child sexual abuse, and we lambasted Penn State for similar offenses.

Yet we as a society are complicit or passive in a similar way, by allowing a popular website called Backpage.com to be used to arrange child rape.

Personally I think it’s because while Backpage is a multi-million dollar business it still flies under the media radar and the average person isn’t really aware that Backpage even exists. I’m afraid it will have to take some truly horrendous crime to happen to a child that’s been turned out on Backpage before most people become aware of its existence and the problem within.

Goldman Sachs to unload stake in Village Voice


Goldman fund to exit company owning sex traffic site:

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times has been writing some columns lately critical of Village Voice Media’s and Backpage’s connection to sex trafficking. Recently he discovered that Goldman Sachs has been part owner of The Village Voice since 2000. With that revelation Goldman Sachs has stated they will be dumping their stake in The Village Voice at a substantial loss.

In case you’re wondering it is that Goldman Sachs we’re talking about. One of the most evil financial institutions ever created.

When Goldman Sachs takes the moral high ground not only is it a cold day in hell but it should show Village Voice Media and Backpage just how wrong they are in continuing in the business of selling women and children into sexual slavery.