Teen uses MySpace to rape disadvantaged adults

Northglenn Teen Accused Of Raping At-Risk Adults:

19-year-old Nicholas Meier of Northglenn, Colorado has been arrested for the rapes of two developmentally challenged women.

Meier, allegedly used MySpace and craigslist to meet the two women who have a child’s intellect.

This is almost as bad as child molestation and Meier took action similar to that of a child predator. He reportedly used cell phones and text messaging to groom his victims just like a pedophile would. To make matters worse there may be other victims.

It will be interesting to see how Meier’s defenders spin this one. Were the disabled women asking for it? Did they say they were more intelligent than they really were on MySpace?

There’s a special place in hell for people like this who take advantage of the disadvantaged.

Thanks to Mr. A for the tip.