Eric Schorling sentenced for escape attempt

Romeo school stabber’s sentence increased after escape:

Eric Schorling, the 17-year-old who was convicted and sentenced to 10 years for stabbing Nicole Lambert in the middle of Romeo High School in Michigan, was sentenced yesterday for his attempt to escape. He was sentenced for one year for the escape. Unfortunately, he will serve this sentence concurrently with his 10-year sentence for the stabbing.

Eric Schorling sentenced

Judge hands Romeo teen who stabbed ex-girlfriend stiff sentence:

Eric Schorling, the teen who was convicted of stabbing Nicole Lambert in the back at Romeo High in Michigan, was sentenced yesterday to 10-15 years in adult prison…

“In one respect you are fortunate,” Maceroni said. “Either one centimeter up or down or to either side, and Nicole wouldn’t be here today and you, young man, would have spent the rest of your life in the Michigan Department of Corrections. That’s how lucky you are.”

You have to love a judge who tells it like it is.

Of course, we had some humorous shenanigans from the defense attorney during the trial…

During the trial, Garton tried to introduce evidence about the differences between the brains of adolescents and adults. He also sought to include testimony that the bullying Schorling received after he broke up with Lambert helped lead to the attack.

“This didn’t happen in a vacuum,” Garton said of the stabbing. “If they had just separated and gone their own ways, and there wasn’t this name-calling, this never would have happened.”

You know what the name calling was? “Nazi”. Eric Schorling had a swastika tattoo. It’s hard to muster up any sympathy a Nazi psychopath.

At least the prosecuting attorney has some sense…

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith disagreed.

“Sorry if I appear harsh,” Smith said. “But this girl almost died. Kids are teased every day, but they don’t go out and try to kill someone.”

Now, where have I heard that before?

However, the 10-15 years is not the only sentence Schorling will receive…

Schorling still faces an additional charge relating to his escape from Macomb County’s Juvenile Justice Center. Schorling, now 17, had already pleaded guilty and was slated to be sentenced to less than seven years in prison, but that plea was withdrawn after the escape.

You should have taken the plea Einstein but I’m so glad you didn’t.

Pity the Nazi?

Victim called suspect ‘Nazi’:

This is more information on the trial of Eric Schorling who is accused of stabbing Nicole Lambert in the back in the halls of Romeo High School in Michigan.

This seriously can’t be the strategy the defense is using…

A girl who was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend inside Romeo High School had teased him by calling him a “Nazi” due to his swastika tattoo.

“You knew it bothered him, that’s why you called him a name, isn’t it?” said attorney Arthur Garton, who is representing Eric Schorling in his attempted-murder trial, to the victim, Nicole Lambert, on the stand in Macomb Circuit Court.

“Yes,” Lambert, 17, testified.

“(I) just teased him,” she replied to another question. “People knew he had a swastika tattoo.”

So we’re supposed to feel sorry for him because Nicole Lambert called him a Nazi when he has a swastika tattoo. If the jackboot fits.

First off if you do consider yourself a Nazi you’re one of the lowest forms of scum on the face of the planet and you deserve any and all abuse that you get. Secondly, it’s still no reason to plunge a knife into the back of a girl you dated.

Eric Schorling is obviously a dangerous and deranged individual and needs to be put away for the longest time before he hurts somebody else. And here’s why…

A male Romeo High student said he saw Schorling “rapidly” move past him in the hallway and said, “Dude, I just f—— stabbed Nicole. I f—— stabbed Nicole. I stabbed her. I gotta go. I gotta get out of here.”

If this jury doesn’t find Schorling guilty of attempted murder then they’re f—— stupid.

Eric Schorling trial starts

Trial’s focus is teen’s intent in Romeo stabbing:

Eric Schorling’s trial started yesterday. He is accused of stabbing Nicole Lambert in the back at Romeo High School in Michigan. Schorling’s attorney, Arthur Garton, is arguing that Schorling did not intend to kill Nicole…

“He never had intent to kill her,” Schorling’s attorney, Arthur Garton, told the jury. “We’re conceding great bodily harm. He did everything he could to avoid this. (But) he acted impulsively. He thinks like a kid. He acts like a kid. And he reacted like a kid.”

So let me get this straight. By plunging a kitchen knife in almost the dead center of her back meant he wasn’t trying to kill her? In what universe? Is this the best Mr. Garton could come up with? I hope they’re not paying him much. Let’s not forget that he escaped from juvenile detention in order to allegedly finish what he started. But I guess that was just to not kill her some more.

Eric Schorling rejects plea

High school stabbing suspect to fight charge:

In an act of either defiance or stupidity Eric Schorling, against the advice of his attorney, has opted to go to trial instead of pleading guilty to attempted murder in the stabbing of Nicole Lambert. Why is that a big deal? To refresh your memory Eric Schorling bragged to people that he was going to stab his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Lambert. He then stabbed Nicole in the back in the halls of Romeo High School barely missing her heart. He then bragged to people afterward that he stabbed Nicole. He had made a plea to serve six months but then nullified that plea by escaping from Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center and telling people that he was going to finish the job he started.

So instead of serving eight years on a guilty plea, he’s taking it to trial where he could end up serving life in prison. The thing is both families had agreed to the eight-year plea. According to the article assistant prosecutor Steven Kaplan said that he’s going to try to garner sympathy from a jury. What possible sympathy could he get? He said he was going to stab Nicole. Stabbed her in front of at least one witness, bragged about it, then tried to escape detention to finish the job. With any luck, the only sympathy he’ll find is in the dictionary and you know where that is don’t you? Between shit and syphilis.

Eric Schorling Update

Prosecutors doubt they’ll need witness in stabbing trial:

Just some news in the case of Eric Schorling. To refresh your memories, Eric Schorling bragged to people that he was going to stab his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Lambert. He then stabbed Nicole in the back in the halls of Romeo High School barely missing her heart. He then bragged to people afterward that he stabbed Nicole. He had made a plea to serve six months but then nullified that plea by escaping from Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center and telling people that he was going to finish the job he started. So not only is he a psychopath he’s also a dumbass.

Anyway, the article states that they could use fellow escapee Ronnie Lewis Gabrail’s testimony but probably won’t…

“If you’ve got a quarterback that can throw long and connect on the very first play, why would you take 15 plays on handoffs and short runs and risk making mistakes on the field to gain the same yards?” Kaplan explained by way of analogy. “The case was very strong already, without Ronnie Gabrail, and using him might add risk.”

And here’s the testimony he could provide…

Prior to and during the brief escape, Gabrail has said Schorling told him he’d get back to Romeo and “finish off the bitch” or “finish what I started” — a sort of indirect admission that he had stabbed Lambert before. But Kaplan said the evidence value of that statement is minimal for the stabbing trial since Schorling also made incriminating statements to other Romeo High School students.

And some people actually think he needs “help” and not jail. The only help he needs is help getting into the prison van for a long long stay courtesy of the State of Michigan.

Jail for Juveniles

The other day I told you about the case of Eric Schorling. To recap he bragged to people he was going to stab his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Lambert. The day of the attack he showed his knife to a classmate. In the halls of Romeo High School in Romeo, Michigan he plunged the 8-inch blade into her back narrowly missing her heart. Afterward, he bragged to more people that he stabbed her. He reached a plea agreement with prosecutors then breached that plea when he escaped from the detention center.

Well, my main commenter Jim posted a comment that said: “I can’t wait to hear from the trolls who think this guy is nice somehow.” Well, Jim and everyone else wait no longer.

I received a tip that there are communities on the web actually supporting this scumbag. I’m not going to provide any links because these “people” aren’t worth it. They’re mostly groups that believe juveniles shouldn’t be incarcerated and that they need “help”. The basic themes that keep running through these groups are “What about Eric’s mental state? He needs help, not jail.” and “Well Nicole Lambert is no angel either.” Not only do you people have no class you should absolutely be ashamed of yourselves. I don’t care if Nicole Lambert sold heroin to first graders. What could she have possibly done that deserved having an 8-inch knife plunged into her back? Only by the grace of God was she not killed. Yet these people want to give Eric Schorling a hug and some milk and cookies and read him a bedtime story. This punk doesn’t need help. He needs to be put in a 3×5 concrete cell for the rest of his life. He is nothing more than a criminal undeserving of sympathy. He was old enough to realize the repercussion of his actions. Now it’s time for him to face up to his punishment.

Eric Schorling

Refusing deal, teen will stand trial in attack:

This is a very unusual story. I don’t normally deal with this kind of school violence but someone sent it to me and who am I to deny my readers?

Anyway, back in September 17-year-old Eric Schorling was charged with attempted murder after stabbing his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Lambert, in the back with an 8-inch kitchen knife in the halls of Romeo High School. Check out these chilling details…

Authorities said that jealousy motivated Schorling to arrive at the high school that autumn morning with an 8-inch kitchen knife hidden in his right shirtsleeve. The weekend before, Schorling bragged about his plans to friends, Kaplan said.

At school, a female acquaintance asked Schorling what he was doing there. He flashed his knife and stated, “I’m going to stab my old girlfriend.”

As they talked, Nicole Lambert walked to her first-period class and Schorling stabbed her in the back, Kaplan said, missing her heart by one-third of a centimeter.

As Schorling fled the school, another teen questioned his presence there, Kaplan said. “Eric laughed and exclaimed, ‘I just stabbed Nicole in the back,’ ” he said.

Emphasis mine.

Back in the Spring, a plea was agreed to that Schorling would serve at least six years and nine months. But then he escaped from the Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center. Now the deal is off and Schorling wants to take his case to trial. If found guilty he would be looking at a minimum of 10 years. And here’s the best part. Apparently, all the criminal defense attorneys in Macomb County must have attended the same clown college because Schorling’s attorney is just as funny as Andrew Osantowski’s attorney was…

Defense lawyer Arthur Garton said he will present a “solid defense” for his client.

I’m dying to hear this defense. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

As always it was your pleasure.

TOF to James of MWP.