Rashondra Walters likes to party

rashondrawaltersAs mom goes partying, home alone son calls 911:

Woman arrested after child calls 911:

Bradenton boy left home alone calls 911:

25-year-old Rashondra Waiters…wait…that’s a woman? Ok, I’ll take your word for it.

Anyway, 25-year-old Rashondra Waiters of Bradenton, Florida was arrested for leaving her 7, 4 and 1-year-old kids home alone while she was allegedly out at a night club. Police say that oxycontin and knives were in the reach of the children. The 7-year-old called 911. Smart kid.

Walters’ defense? She is believed to have said that she is a single mother and confused.

Confused is calling one of your kids by your other kid’s name. It is not leaving your kids at home while you get your party on.

Single moms, I’m sure you have a word or two for Ms. Walters. Let’s hear it.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.