Seattle Juggalo pleads guilty to beating mentally ill man to death

Steven Bauder

Steven Bauder

Two transients plead guilty in fatal beating of mentally ill man:

I originally posted about Juggalo Steven Bauder and his non-juggalo friend Marcus Dennis here. They were both in trial for the hours long beating death of 25-year-old Noel Lopez.

Dennis believed that Lopez raped a 15-year-old female friend of his. Police say that Lopez liked the girl but the two never had any kind of sexual relationship. Bauder, considering himself a ‘street enforcer’ assisted Dennis with beating Lopez to death.

Two weeks after the trial started the pair have pleaded guilty to Noel Lopez’s death. In the terms of the plea they are facing a max of 26 years. If they would have been convicted of first degree murder they were looking at life sentences. The pair will be sentenced in early 2012.

Bauder also considered himself part of a group called Downtown Juggalos. Again, if you don’t want police to consider you a gang don’t all dress alike and have the same haircuts and commit murder. That’s what gangs do.