L.I. mutant blows his hand off


L.I. Teen Fascinated With Columbine Is Hurt Making Bomb:

High school student who idolizes Columbine killers injures his hand building a bomb at home:

Cops: Teen Who Injured Hand Was Intrigued With Columbine:

Every time some mutant kid is caught making homemade bombs in some convoluted plot to attack his school someone always asks how do these kids not blow themselves up. Now you don’t have to ask that question anymore.

17-year-old Vincent Pizzonia of North Babylon, New York on Long Island blew his hand apart while allegedly making homemade bombs in the basement of his family’s house.

Pizzonia is believed to have made the bombs of rocket model engines and gunpowder taken from bullets. He supposedly had access to the bullets because his dad is former NYPD. More on that in a little bit.

After searching the home police found that Pizzonia is in fact a mutant as he had pictures on the back of his bedroom door that was sort of an homage to the cowardly scumbags of Columbine, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Police believe he may have been plotting an attack on North Babylon High School.

Whenever guns and ammo start disappearing in these situations I always wonder are the parents really that clueless or are they being allowed to take these items? Not to mention that bombs were being made right under the parents’ noses. You would think that a former NYPD cop would know better.