Your latest craigslist killers are from Missouri

Peyton McAnelly and Avery Cornuelle

Peyton McAnelly and Avery Cornuelle

Man stabbed in attempted robbery in O’Fallon, Mo. dies:

20-year-old Peyton McAnelly and 18-year-old Avery Cornuelle, both of O’Fallon, Missouri, were arrested for allegedly stabbing 54-year-old Joseph Givens in a craigslist robbery attempt. Givens made contact with the pair through a craigslist ad that the article calls seeking an “alternative lifestyles” encounter. I call it that Givens was cruising craigslist.

To go off on a tangent for a minute I’ve posted many times before how dangerous it is for anyone, be it gay or straight, to use craigslist to cruise for one night stands. More times than not it turns out to be a situation like this.

Anyway, McAnelly and Cornuelle were said to have full intentions of robbing Mr. Givens. The pair had planned on taking his wallet and in the process they stabbed Givens in the head, neck and upper torso. That happened on June 8th. On Friday June 15th Mr. Givens died from his injuries.

Again since I’ve already touched on the cruising aspect of the story I’ll say this. Since this didn’t happen in the Northeast and didn’t involve an attractive female victim I doubt that this will make national news and once again craigslist gets a pass.

UPDATE 4/25/2015: In mid-March McAnelly pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in early May. Previously Cornuelle pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 25 years.

UPDATE 5/4/2015: McAnelly was sentenced to life plus 25 years consecutively.

Man posed as teen on MyYearbook to solicit kids (not a repeat)

Robert Michael Stevens

Robert Michael Stevens

Robert Stevens charged with intent to solicit minors:

34-year-old Robert Michael Stevens of O’Fallon, Missouri was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to underage girls on MyYearbook in order to solicit sex from them.

Of course in true creeper fashion Stevens is said to have had five different accounts on MyYearbook where he claimed to be a 14-year-old boy.

While these incidents on MyYearbook aren’t nearly as many as MySpace had they’re still enough to warrant attention. Parents, if your kids use MyYearbook you may want to keep a closer eye on their internet usage. I say that about any social site but especially about MyYearbook.