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No drama: The craigslist killing of Deanna Ballman

Ali Salim

Ali Salim

Ohio doctor charged in pregnant woman’s death:

US Doctor ‘Raped and Killed’ Pregnant Deanna Ballman Lured with Bogus Craiglist Ad:

Ohio doctor charged with raping, killing expectant mother who answered personal ad:

Ohio Doctor Accused Of Rape, Injecting Pregnant Woman With Heroin:

I’ve been aware of the alleged murder of Deanna Ballman since it first made news. At the time it was suspected that a craigslist ad was involved her death but was never confirmed to my satisfaction until recently. Ms. Ballman’s alleged killer, one Dr. Ali Salim, was recently indicted and details leading up to Deanna Ballman’s murder have been released.

Back on July 31st of 2012 Deanna Ballman went missing in Ohio after telling her family that she was responding to a craigslist ad for housecleaning. Ms. Ballman’s body was found in her car the next day in the backseat of her car on a back road. The autopsy revealed that she had died from a heroin overdose and that there was evidence of a rape. She was also nine months pregnant at the time of her murder. On the day she disappeared Ms. Ballman called her mother to tell her mother that she felt dizzy. Reports say the phone went dead before a man with a foreign accent could be hard asking if there was anything he could do before the call ended.

The man with the foreign accent and Deanna’s accused killer is believed to be 44-year-old Dr. Ali Salim, formerly of Pakistan. That will be the last time I refer to him as a doctor because for what he’s allegedly done he does not deserve the title, he only has the title in same way that Josef Mengele does.

It seems that Salim has a history of predatory behavior when it came to craigslist and women. In one instance Salim placed an ad asking for a model so he could paint the digestive system on her abdomen. The model showed up with a male relative and she turned down the job when he insisted that the man not accompany them. In another instance a woman called 911 from Salim’s house saying that she had been accosted after replying to one of Salim’s ads. Another woman came forward after the death of Deanna Ballman saying that she had been sexually assaulted. In the most telling story, to me at least, Salim had once called police saying that a ‘heroin addict’ that he had been ‘helping’ broke into his home and stole several high price items but then he refused to cooperate with police. All his ads stressed the same thing though, no drama. You know it’s kind of hard not to have drama when you’re bringing victims back to your house to rape and possibly inject them with heroin.

What is known about the ad that Deanna Ballman replied to was not an ad for housecleaning and is believed to be a personal ad of some kind. Before her murder she had recently moved to Ohio to be with her family after separating from her husband. In addition to being pregnant she also had two young children. It’s believed that she kept the true purpose of the ad from her family out of shame.

The reason I bring this up is because of Salim’s defense. His scummy lawyer, as scummy lawyers are wont to do, is claiming that Deanna was a prostitute with a heroin addiction. How convenient. However police and prosecutors say that there is no evidence that Deanna had any kind of drug problem.

Salim was arrested back in February after a six month investigation, is being held on $1M bond and is facing trial in the fall. No word yet if Salim will be facing the death penalty for the murder of Deanna and her unborn daughter who was to be named Mabel Lilly.

Scum like Salim make me sick. They think that due to their money and position that they can indulge in whatever sick little fantasy their diseased minds can conjure up with no regard to their victims. Deanna Ballman was a mother, sister and daughter who had people who loved her and you took that away just so you could get off on whatever sick power trip you were on. I hope that you do receive the death penalty but for once I want it to be years before they execute you. I want you to feel what it’s like to be under someone else’s power whether it be the Ohio department of corrections or other inmates. I want you to know every day what it feels like to have every thing taken from you until the day they take the very last thing from you, your life.

I know this is belated and I apologize but my prayers and condolences go out to the family and friends of Deanna Ballman and Mabel Lilly.

Facebook vigilantes falsely shame one man, cause death of another

On my personal Facebook I’m always going on about how people shouldn’t just re-share everything they see on Facebook. Facebook has become a dumping ground for every misinformed story and urban legend on the internet. I’m about to show you two examples of why you shouldn’t do that.

First we go to Toledo, Ohio where a man by the name of Chad Michael Lesko was falsely accused of child rape in the following post…


You read that right. That post was shared over 25,000 times. Mr. Lesko and his mother received a number of death threats because of this. However the post was allegedly made because Lesko broke up with a friend of the false accuser. Mr. Lesko even admits that he was molested by his father as a boy and says that he would never go down that road. While Mr. Lesko is trying to piece his life back together Steven Rudderham can no longer do that.

Steven Rudderham

Steven Rudderham

Mr. Rudderham of Hull, England had admonished a 14-year-old girl on Facebook for publicly giving her contact information to a 60-year-old man that she didn’t know. Apparently someone didn’t care for that and posted his name and address on Facebook claiming that Mr. Rudderham was a pedophile. Of course that was shared and re-shared by the Facebook hive mind. Much like Mr. Lesko, Mr. Rudderham had also received several death threats. He was so distraught over the posts and threats that he hung himself in a graveyard.

So stop and think before you re-share that post labeling somebody as a pedophile or danger to children, it may not be true and it may lead to dire consequences. All it takes is a simple Google search to see if it’s true or not. Don’t be just another Facebook follower, be a voice of reason and truth.

Ohio couple charged with backpage and craigslist sex trafficking

Mack and Onysko

Mack and Onysko

Human trafficking charges: Jeremy Mack, Ashley Onysk accused of forcing teens to have sex for money:

Teenage girls were “virtual prisoners” in Elyria house; man charged with forcing victims into drugs, prostitution:

The people with the oh so classy tattoos up there are 37-year-old Jeremy Mack of Elyria, Ohio and 23-year-old Ashley Onysko of Avon Lake, Ohio. The pair are facing federal charges of human trafficking after being arrested in April in Elyria. One of the girls they allegedly turned out was a 16-year-old girl. Police say that Mack would get the girls and women hooked on drugs then make them work as prostitutes to pay off their drug debts. A 19-year-old said that she witnessed Mack choking and assaulting some of his victims. None of the victims were allowed to leave the house, had their cell phones taken away and were routinely strip searched when drugs went missing. Like Ohio needs anymore houses where women are being held captive. Onysko was allegedly the one who would recruit their victims. The victims were being advertised on both craigslist (hey, didn’t they clean that up?) and Backpage.

The hobbyists, aka johns, would have you believe that prostitution is a rainbow and unicorn filled word rife with consenting adults. In a harsh reality consent is more the exception than the rule.

Richard Beasley sentenced to death for Ohio craigslist killings

Richard Beasley

Richard Beasley

Craigslist killer Richard Beasley sentenced to death:

Previously an Ohio jury recommended the death penalty for 53-year-old Richard Beasley after he was convicted of killing 51-year-old David Pauley, 47-year-old Timothy Kern and 56-year-old Ralph Geiger. Yesterday Beasley was officially sentenced to death for killing the three victims in the craigslist job scam murders. Beasley was in danger of going to jail for drug and human trafficking charges and was going to steal the identities of his victims to avoid capture.

By my estimation Beasley will more than likely be 73 when his execution date finally rolls around. Since Beasley appears to be in not so good health he’ll probably die of natural causes long before then.

Beasley stated in court that his conviction will be reversed. Don’t hold your breath on that one.

Richard Beasley convicted of Ohio craigslist killings, jury recommends death

Richard Beasley

Richard Beasley

Ohio jury recommends Craigslist killer be sentenced to death:

First I apologize for not being current in this story, real life and all that.

Anyway last week 53-year-old Richard Beasley was convicted in the killings of 51-year-old David Pauley, 47-year-old Timothy Kern and 56-year-old Ralph Geiger. Beasley lured them to Ohio by posting craigslist ads promising employment on a ranch but instead killed the three men in order to steal their identities. Beasley was facing criminal prosecution on charges of drug and human trafficking. Beasley enlisted the aid of a family friend, the then 16-year-old Brogan Rafferty. Rafferty was convicted and sentenced to life without parole. Beasley’s schemes unraveled when a fourth victim got away after being shot in the arm.

Yesterday an Ohio jury recommended the death penalty for Beasley. The judge is expected to issue her sentence next week. Ohio is no slouch in the death penalty department having executed over 50 criminals since 1999. On the downside by my estimations it’s usually an average of a 20 year wait between crime and execution.

Tattooed douche killed baby

Tattooed douche Wayne ‘Wolf’ Walker

Tattooed douche Wayne ‘Wolf’ Walker

Murder Warrant Issued In Infant Death:

Before we get started I’m pretty sure that picture is a mugshot, just not the mugshot. I can’t think of any state that takes drivers’ license pictures from the side. Then again any picture this toolbag was in would probably resemble a mugshot.

Said toolbag is 44-year-old Wayne ‘Wolf’ Walker. On the night of November 28th police in Pickaway County, Ohio received a 911 call for a 10-month-old baby who was non-responsive. Long story short the baby later died from shaken baby syndrome. It was at this point that a murder arrest warrant for Walker was issued.

Walker was the recent boyfriend of the baby’s mother. He was watching the baby while she was at work. Haven’t we heard this story before? Anyway Walker fled but was caught getting off a bus in Sacramento, California. Walker has also waived his extradition back to Ohio.

Now here is the mugshot.


Not so cheery now are you douchebag?

And before you get your inked up sphincter all puckered out not everyone who has neck tattoos is a criminal, just most of them.

Wayne “Wolf” Walker is covered from the neck down in tattoos and has an extensive criminal background.

Thanks to Rochell for the tip.

Brogan Rafferty gets LWOP for craigslist murder scheme

Brogan Rafferty

Brogan Rafferty

Teen gets life in prison for Craigslist killings:

Previously when I’ve posted about Brogan Rafferty and his role in the Ohio craigslist killings I said that I doubt that he would receive a life sentence. I felt that he was more coerced into the crimes he committed by the ringleader of the plot, Richard Beasley. Boy I couldn’t have been any more wrong. Last week Rafferty was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

It seems both the judge and jury felt that Rafferty was more of a willing accomplice than a terrified teen…

Judge Lynne S. Callahan made it clear that she didn’t accept Brogan Rafferty’s claims of being a frightened kid unsure of where to turn for help as he helped Richard Beasley kill three men.

Beasley’s actions were evil. “You embraced the evil. You studied it. You continued it,” Callahan told Rafferty during his sentencing hearing Friday in Summit County Common Pleas Court.

Rafferty dug the graves of the victims, served as Beasley’s wheelman, and had even shared meals with the victims knowing full well what Beasley had planned for them. At any time Rafferty could have gone to police or warned Beasley’s victims. Fear is a great motivator but at what point do you see someone else being killed that you finally do something. We’ll never know at what point that would have been for Rafferty because their fourth victim survived. So maybe it was somewhat naive of me to think that Rafferty wasn’t fully complicit in this scheme.

Beasley is looking at a possible death sentence when he goes to trial in January.

Brogan Rafferty convicted in Ohio craigslist killings

Brogan Rafferty

Brogan Rafferty

Ohio teen faces life in prison after aggravated murder conviction in deadly Craigslist scheme:

17-year-old Brogan Rafferty was convicted last week for his role in the murders of three men in Ohio. Rafferty, along with the mastermind of the plot 52-year-old Richard Beasley, were accused of luring at least four men to Ohio with phony craigslist ads that promised long-term employment and boarding. Three of the men were killed. Beasley allegedly concocted the scheme in order to steal the identities of his victims since he was facing human trafficking and drug trafficking charges. The victims were 51-year-old David Pauley, 47-year-old Timothy Kern and 56-year-old Ralph Geiger.

Rafferty was charged as an adult and faces a life sentence. As I’ve stated before I don’t think that Rafferty will receive a life sentence since there is evidence that indicates that Rafferty was forced to assist Beasley under the threats of violence to himself and his family. I wish they would have tried Beasley first to possibly get a better understanding of Rafferty’s involvement.

Beasley is looking at the death penalty.

More details revealed in Ohio craigslist killings

Brogan Rafferty

Brogan Rafferty

Details of ‘Craigslist Killings’ Revealed:

This past week in court the recorded statements of Brogan Rafferty were played. Rafferty is a suspect in the Ohio killings of three men who were lured there by fake craigslist ads promising long-term employment. The ads were allegedly placed by 52-year-old Richard Beasley who is also believed to be the actual killer. The then 16-year-old Rafferty has been charged as an adult.

Rafferty’s lawyers are trying to get the statements thrown out claiming that the police coerced Rafferty but that’s neither here nor there right now.

In the taped statements Rafferty did not admit to killing any of the victims but admitted to helping Beasley dispose of the bodies and splitting the stolen items. Rafferty said that he knew what he was doing would help Beasley run from the law. Beasley was a friend of Rafferty’s family for 20 years.

Beasley supposedly was trying to steal the identities of his victims so he could escape prosecution for drug and prostitution charges. Beasley allegedly prostituted over a dozen women and a girl as young as 17.

Rafferty is looking at life for his role in the murders however I don’t see him getting a life sentence and I’m not sure he deserves one. Considering how twisted Beasley seems to be I wouldn’t be surprised if Rafferty was being threatened by Beasley into helping him with his dirty work.

Beasley is looking at the death sentence if convicted. That death sentence should be Beasley being tracked down in the woods and being hunted like his victims.

Canton area Craigslist Creeper only gets probation

Frederick Older

Frederick Older

Man gets probation for seeking sex from teen on Craigslist:

Fuckstick up there is 33-year-old Frederick E. Older of West Salem, Ohio. He was recently sentenced for soliciting sex from a 15-year-old Lake Township, Ohio girl through craigslist. More on the sentencing in a little bit.

The girl placed an ad on craigslist looking for a job as a baby sitter or tutor or other odd jobs. Not the smartest idea in the world but it is what it is. She get’s a response from a guy named Fred who says that he’ll pay her $20-$30 to be his personal assistant as long as she’s ‘open minded’. ‘Open minded’ is one of those buzzwords that creepers and pedos use that translates into ‘letting me rape you’. He also said that she couldn’t tell anyone else about his offer. When the girl pressed for details Older said that “open-mindedness” would mean they would be ‘intimate’ at times. Thankfully this girl wasn’t buying what he was selling.

“im 15. thats not OK….and its creepy as (expletive),” the girl texted back. “i wouldnt be your assistant…id be your personal prostitute. so absolutely not. sorry.”

Older continued to press, texting that he was sorry she felt that way and that his offer could have been “fun and very profitable for you.”

It was against the law, “and im not about to sell my body,” the girl texted back.

“Can we get to a point where you would be comfortable with this?” he asked.

The answer was no.

The girl told her family who told police who arrested said fuckstick.

You would think that being such an obvious and persistent predator that he would get at least a few years in prison. Nope. He doesn’t even get to sniff a cell.

Stark County Common Pleas Judge Taryn L. Heath placed Frederick E. Older, 33, of West Salem, on probation for five years, including up to six months of electronically monitored house arrest, no access to the Internet and no contact with minors other than his own children.

Older, who pleaded guilty in July to importuning, faces up to a year in prison if he violates probation and must register as a sex offender for 15 years.

I would bet that this wasn’t his first time creeping only the first time that he’s been caught. Probation and an ankle monitor is a bullshit sentence. I smell small town politics here. I bet somebody in the chain of command owes Older a favor.

This sick fucking creep should be thrown in an industrial meat grinder but instead he gets to spend six months at home. What happens when those six months are up? I’ll tell you what, he’ll be up to his old tricks again just looking for a way to get around the terms of his probation or maybe he’ll escalate to violence in order to stay out of jail.

Just put them away and be done with them. Let the prison population sort them out.