Trench pisses on your BP outrage

For those of you who are boycotting BP because of what was basically a natural disaster I have some news for you.

If you think that your boycott will effect the CEO in any way shape or form you’re dead wrong. CEOs are so well protected in matters like this the worst thing that will happen to him is that he’ll resign with a multi-million dollar severance package.

Meanwhile do you know who the boycott would really effect? The men and women who work at your local BP station who work hard to try and feed their families. Being currently unemployed I know how scary that prospect can be.

Not to mention as I’ve posted on my Facebook this is not the worst oil spill in the history of the known universe let alone the Gulf of Mexico. That would be the 1979 oil spill and the Gulf was not ruined forever. But since so many people today have been brainwashed by the ‘oil is bad’ tree hugging types we’re all up in arms now. And let’s not forget all the cute duckies and fishies. We’re top of the food chain baby. I’m more concerned how I’m going to keep the roof over my families head than a bunch of oily critters.

Do you not know that if drilling for oil is stopped not only would we not  have the most efficient and cheap way to fuel our cars but where do you think plastic comes from? Like that laptop or iPad that you’re using. Yeah, kiss that goodbye if oil production is stopped. And don’t give me any shit about electric cars either. They suck. They’re inefficient. And where the hell do you think electricity comes from, rainbows and unicorn farts? It comes from coal and nuclear. How’s that for your eco-friendly ideas?

So boycott BP if you want. I’ll be supporting the local BP workers so hopefully they can keep their jobs and feed their families.