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Craigslist: request a mover, get a rapist


Woman’s Dogs Save Her From Craigslist Mauler:

Attempted Rapist Masquerades As Mover On Craigslist:

Metro Woman Says Sexually Assaulted by Online Predator:

A 51-year-old woman from Omaha, Nebraska recently advertised on craigslist for a mover. Personally if I was going to request anything on craigslist one of the last things I would ask for is a mover since they would have to come to your house, but I digress.

Anyway instead of a mover what she got was man who tried to rape her…

“He said he was going to help me alright,” said Sue. “But he said, ‘I’m going to do whatever I want to you.’ And all I could think of was dying.”

Instead of assistance in moving large appliances, Sue tells us the middle-aged man who came to help her intended to rape her.

“I knew what he was going to do to me,” she said. “He was going to bend me over the coffee table and do whatever he wanted to me.”

Luckily, if you can even say luckily in this situation, her dogs barking and growling caused the suspect to lave but not before threatening the woman again…

He left with one last message for the victim, however. “Now that I know where you live, I can come back any time.”

As a man I can not possibly imagine the horror that this woman went through and is still going through since the suspect has not yet been apprehended as far as I can tell. However this goes further to show what kind of scum are trolling craigslist for any instance to violate their victims.

Watch your damn kids

A Mother’s Warning:

A mother from Omaha, Neb. was shocked and horrified that an 18-year-old would send such sexual messages to her 11-year-old daughter over MyYearbook.

She shouldn’t be though…

Diving into her computer’s history, she discovers a conversation between her 11-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old man on the social networking website myyearbook.com. When her daughter pretends to be a 15 year old, she says the man makes suggestive requests for a rendezvous.

I wonder where the 11-year-old’s computer is located in the house. And it wasn’t until text messages were discovered that mom even had a clue.

You need to be more vigilant than this. I can’t say it enough times. Kids’ computers need to be kept in common areas and not in their bedrooms. No web cams for kids. And for the love of God please check their online activity on a regular basis.

A predator only needs one instant to start grooming your kids.

MySpace sex offender gets 18 year minimum sentence

Man imprisoned in MySpace sex case:

You know, if he had stuck to an 18 year minimum he wouldn’t be in this kind of trouble.

Anyway I originally posted about Spencer Osler-White here. He’s the scumbag from Bellevue, Nebraska who had sexual contact with over a dozen underage girls some of which he met through MySpace.

He pleaded no contest to the charges against him and was sentenced to 36 to 66 years behind bars. Finally a decent sentence for sex offenders. However under Nebraska state law he can get out after 18 years. Then again 18 years for a child molester on the inside might be enough.

Nebraska man charged with assaulting teen girls he met in MySpace

More Accusers Come Forward In Sex Assault Case:

22-year-old Spencer Osler-White of the Omaha, Neb. area has been charged with six counts of felony sexual assault. It’s alleged that he met dozens of girls over MySpace and sexually assaulting some of them.

Four of his victims have come forward and they are ages 13-16.

Detective Craig Weich said anyone who thinks they know another victim in the case should call him at 402-293-3100.

This isn’t just a case of statutory rape either as the victims claim that Osler-White forced himself on them.

Yet I’m sure we’ll hear about how such a nice boy he really is.