Oikos gunman pleads no contest, gets LWOP x7

Oikos gunman pleads no contest, gets LWOP x7

One Goh

After being declared incompetent, competent, incompetent again, then competent again, then once again incompetent, Oikos University gunman One Goh was recently declared mentally competent to stand trial. This time there was no going back as Goh entered a no contest plea to 7 counts of murder and three counts of attempted to murder. Goh killed seven and injured three when he opened fire on Oikos University in Oakland, California, back in 2012.

I’m surprised that Goh pleaded no contest. No contest means you maintain your innocence while believing the prosecution has enough evidence to convict you. Goh has admitted on several occasions he was sorry for the grief he caused through his violence.

Goh opened fire on the small Christian nursing school after being expelled and not receiving a refund. Goh was never the picture of perfect mental health as he was known to have issues with women, seeing them as inferior, and would often talk about the physical fights he would allegedly get into with people.

While sentencing isn’t scheduled until July 14th, Goh is expected to get seven life sentences without parole according to the terms of the plea deal. If only there was some way those seven life sentences could be served consecutively while somehow magically keeping Goh alive so he can endure the true justice of seven life sentences.

UPDATE 7/17/2017: Not only was Goh officially sentenced to seven life sentences without parole this past Friday, but the judge also sentenced him to an additional 271 years behind bars. Short of the death penalty, this is a just sentence.

Oikos gunman ruled incompetent to stand trial again

One Goh

One Goh

Prior to the holidays Oikos University gunman One Goh was once again ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial. In 2012 Goh killed seven at the small Oakland university.

Goh was originally ruled mentally incompetent back in early 2013 before being declared competent to stand trial in October of this year.

From ABC 7…

One Goh, 47, has admitted to the killings and said he wants to die and will not participate in his defense.

The lawyer described Goh’s existence, saying he locks his door, doesn’t watch movies or read books or go to group therapy. The lawyer said Goh sits on the edge of his bed all day long, staring into the distance, wishing he could die.

For now Goh will remain in a psychological facility. If he is ever ruled competent he could still yet face trial. Since California abolished the death penalty Goh would not be eligible for it unfortunately.

Oikos University gunman declared competent to stand trial

One Goh

One Goh

The last time we heard anything about Oikos University gunman One Goh he had been ordered to a state psychiatric hospital after being declared mentally incompetent to stand trial for gunning down seven people at the small religious Oakland college. Recently the state hospital has declared Goh mentally competent to stand trial. His attorney is appealing and a hearing on Goh’s competence has been scheduled for November.

Goh was previously enrolled at the school and went on his killing spree after being expelled from the school and perceived bad treatment from other students. However Goh himself was said to be an anti-social troll would be verbally abusive to women and would go and pick fights.

Goh would have been eligible for the death penalty if it wasn’t found unconstitutional in California last year.

Oikos gunman ordered to psych facility

One Goh

One Goh

One Goh ordered to seek psychiatric care:

Accused shooter in massacre at a small Oakland university sent to mental hospital:

Last week an Alameda County (California) judge ordered Oikos University gunman One Goh to undergo psychiatric treatment at a state mental hospital. This ruling came after Goh was previously ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Thankfully this does not necessarily mean that Goh will escape justice for gunning down 7 people at the small Oakland school. If Goh is treated and then found to be sane he would then stand trial for the killings and would be eligible for the death penalty. If after three years his is still incompetent than the state would petition to have him committed indefinitely.

Again this raises the question on what can be done about the dangerously mentally ill before they kill without trampling on someone’s basic human rights? Solve that problem and mass murders like Oikos and Newtown would dwindle.

UPDATE 6/16/2013: Goh has once again been ruled unfit to stand trial.

UPDATE 5/31/2015: An Alameda County judge has ordered a September, 2015 trial to determine Goh’s mental competency.

Oikos gunman ruled incompetent to stand trial

One Goh

One Goh

Oikos Univ. shooter declared mentally incompetent, won’t stand trial:

Who remembers the Oikos University shooting from April of last year? Unless you live in the Oakland, California area I doubt you do since it didn’t involve children. However seven people were killed when 43-year-old One Goh stormed the small religious school armed with a .45. Goh was allegedly upset over not only the treatment he received from the other adult students but was refused a refund when he was asked to leave the school. Goh is an anti-social little troll who couldn’t get along with women and would often brag about picking fights for fun.

Today an Alameda County judge ruled that Goh was mentally incompetent to stand trial. Goh was examined by two separate psychologists and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia that causes him to distrust people, this includes his own defense team. We won’t know what will happen to Goh in relation to this ruling until later this month.

One, no pun intended, has to wonder if Goh is in fact crazy or if this was a ploy to get out of being executed as he would have been eligible for the death penalty. If he is legitimately crazy I have no problem with him being kept locked up for life. I just hope it’s none of this bullcrap of when he makes a miraculous recovery then he should be let out. Crazy or not this scumbag should never see the light of day for the rest of his natural life.

Don’t call it a hunger strike: Oikos gunman enters plea

One Goh

One Goh

Lawyer enters not guilty plea for shooting suspect:

This past Monday Oikos University gunman One Goh was in court and his lawyer entered a not guilty plea for his client. So much for taking responsibility for his actions huh?

What am I talking about you ask? At one point during his recent incarceration Goh was starving himself on the grounds he was ashamed of what he did. I almost felt an iota of pity for him. That’s apparently all over and done as Goh has been eating again.

What really got to me about Goh refusing food, except for the fact that he’s still drawing air, is that a lot of media outlets were calling it a hunger strike. What he was on was not a hunger strike. Hunger strikes are usually used to accomplish some greater good. While his death by starvation may have been a greater good that’s not why he was doing it. He was just committing a slow form of suicide like the coward that he is.

Oikos gunman starving himself

One Goh

One Goh

Oakland massacre defendant is refusing food:

Oikos University gunman One Goh has been refusing to eat ever since he was first incarcerated. He’s not on some kind of hunger stroke. He says he feels shame for the attack at the school that left 7 people dead.

Wow, for once one of these toolbags is taking some kind of responsibility for what he’s done. It’s just too bad he wasn’t ashamed of himself before he killed his victims like a coward.

If this is the road he wants to take to hell I say let him. Have the guards throw him some rope or something to speed the process along.

Last week’s shooting at Oikos University left 7 dead

One Goh

One Goh

By now you all should remember the shooting that took place at Oikos University in Oakland, California last week. I do. It’s the reason why I haven’t blogged in over a week. Before I get into that please take a look at this article from the Huffington Post that remembers the victims. They should never be forgotten. Those killed were Katleen Ping, 24, Lydia Sim, 21, Bhutia Tshering, 38, Sonam Choedon, 33, Judith Seymore, 53, Kim Eunhea, 23, and Doris Chibuko, 40. My prayers and condolences go out to their family and friends and to all those who were personally affected by this senseless tragedy.

I didn’t blog about this story until now because I guess I’m getting my humanity back. As I’ve said before when you write about mass killings like this one for 12 years you tend to become a little numb to everything. That numbness went away when I first heard about the Oikos shooting. I thought to myself, not again and not in April again. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tasso da Silveira in Brazil, and now Oikos all happened in the month of April among others that I’m probably forgetting. In just the four that I’ve mentioned a combined total of over 50 died just because of someone’s selfishness, inadequacies and failures. It was too much for me to handle so I shut down for a week but the story could not be ignored. Don’t feel sorry for me though. I’m just some random blogger whose minor despair can’t compare to those who were actually affected by this tragedy perpetrated by another selfish loser who couldn’t handle his failures without resorting to mass murder.

That selfish asshole in question is 43-year-old One Goh of Oakland. Last Monday he entered the small Christian college looking for one of the school’s administrators. Goh was allegedly upset for being expelled and treatment he received from other students. Really? We’re going to use the bullying angle on a 43-year-old grown ass man? That’s pathetic. Considering Goh was expelled for bad behavior I would imagine his treatment was warranted. If you’re a 43-year-old man and you feel like you’re being bullied at a college grow a pair would you. Not to pat myself on the back but ever since I left high school every job I ever had I was the man at. Not only that but if someone tried to intimidate me I gave back better than I got. Basically what I’m saying is grow the fuck up.

Anyway getting back to the story when Goh was told the administrator wasn’t there he shot and killed the secretary. He then lined up some students in a classroom and shot them execution style. He then left the campus after he shit and killed one of his victims and stole his car. He then surrendered in a supermarket parking lot in Alameda.

Police say that Goh has shown no remorse.

One of the professors who had Goh as a student said that Goh used to brag about beating up a mugger and said that when he was bored he would go out to pick fights. You see, Goh, like most other school shooters, is the real bully in this situation.

That same professor said that Goh couldn’t get along with women. Take it from someone who works in the healthcare industry, if you can’t get along with women you shouldn’t have chosen nursing as a field since the healthcare industry is largely made up of women. The teacher also said that Goh was not picked on for his less than perfect speaking abilities but his behavioral problems.

The husband of one of the victims said that his wife and some of the other students lived in fear from Goh who was verbally abusive towards the other students and would kick the walls of the school in frustration. Again, who’s the real bully here?

Goh was also supposedly upset about not receiving a tuition refund. That same article also states that Goh is eligible for the death penalty.

Police have recovered the .45 Goh used in the murder spree.

I’d also be remiss if I did not bring up Virginia Tech beyond the fact that both gunmen were Korean. With Goh’s inclination towards violence I wouldn’t be surprised if Goh identified with Cho Seung Hui. Goh did live in Virginia at one point but I’m not sure if it was during that time. Both Cho and Goh also couldn’t get along with women, Cho to the point where he had this fantasy life with an imaginary girlfriend. Both of them also felt like they were victims when their lots in life were truly from their own inadequacies. Basically what I’m saying is that I wouldn’t be surprised if Goh was a fan of Cho and that Oikos may be a Virginia Tech copycat.

UPDATE 4/16/2012: Last week in an exclusive interview with CBS5 in Oakland Goh has said that he’s sorry but he knows that won’t help. While I admit that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of a shooter like this apologizing it’s way too little and much too late.