Another classifieds creeper that may have wanted daddy/daughter sex

Another classifieds creeper that may have wanted daddy/daughter sex

Jordan Reece Chavez

(Story broke 6/8/2017)

24-year-old Jordan Reece Chavez of Loveland, Colorado, was arrested back in June for allegedly posting an online classified ad where he was looking for sex with children. I’ll get to which classified site in a moment. Chavez was arrested at a hotel by the Loveland Police Department who say Chavez believed he was there to have sex with two adults and a child under the age of 10.

While this was not mentioned in any article I found on this story, I would guess Loveland Police posed as parents willing to turn out their child on the classifieds site. Which brings us to which site it was. Every article I saw about this story said the ad was on an unnamed site. The tipster who sent me this story claims to have personal insight into the story and told me what site it was. However, since the articles are saying its unnamed, I would imagine police do not want that detail released so I will not release it either.

Some of the articles also state Chavez was being held without bond. The tipster told me Chavez had been bonded out. I can neither confirm nor deny that, however, when I went to the Larimer County Jail’s inmate search, I was unable to find Chavez listed as an inmate so take that information for what you will.

The investigation is currently ongoing…

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Loveland police detective Henry Stucky at 970-962-2249.

According to the tipster, they see ads like this online all the time of people seeking couples with children for the purpose of sex. Through my own experience writing this blog, and one other, I’ve found the practice is more common than you might expect. Yet the classifieds site’s administrators continue to turn a blind eye to the child sex trade that continually happens on their site in order to save the website a few bucks. With the millions they make they could hire moderators to review obviously illegal ads, but they’d rather sleep on a bed of money and try to call themselves philanthropists. Not to mention, we as consumers also turn a blind eye to it so we can get a great deal on that used couch without feeling guilty.
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Two dead in craigslist-type killing in Georgia

Two dead in craigslist-type killing in Georgia

Two men in their 20s were shot and killed on Monday in Walton County, Georgia, after what the local sheriff called a “Craigslist-type situation”. The site or app used has not been made public yet, but this is another online-fueled robbery turned murder that has happened in Georgia in so many weeks.

The victims have yet to be identified, however, a 16-year-old has been apprehended but another suspect is still at large. The local sheriff is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to the apprehension of the suspect.

I’ll post more details as they become available and as time allows.

UPDATE from 5/24/2017: The 16-year-old suspect has been charged with two counts of murder and two counts of aggravated assault.