Operation Mindcrime II


Last night I purchased Operation Mindcrime II by Queensryche. The follow-up to my favorite album of all time Operation: Mindcrime.


  • The political rhetoric was kept to a minimum
  • Even more of Pamela Moore, the voice of Mary
  • Great lyrics
  • Geoff Tate’s vocals are still strong
  • The song “The Chase” with Ronnie James Dio is great
  • It’s better than Tribe and Hear


  • The story is not as complex as OM
  • Too many songs sound like Geoff Tate’s solo album
  • No song really kicks you in the head like so many songs off of the original
  • No opus in this one like “Suite Sister Mary” from the original
  • “The Chase” was too short. That should have been the opus since it was the confrontation between Nikki and Dr. X. Not only that but how can you have two of the greatest metal vocalists ever on the same song and have the song be under 4 minutes?
  • Nowhere near as theatrical as the original
  • The ending was unsatisfying

I may change my mind after a few more listens but I doubt it.

2 1/2 out of 5.

When Dio Meets Mindcrime

Ronnie James Dio is Dr. X!:

I honestly can’t believe this. The metal gods are surely smiling on me today. The greatest songwriter and frontman of all time, Ronnie James Dio, will be appearing vocally on the sequel to the greatest album of all time, Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime, as the villain Dr. X. The announcement itself from Queensryche.com…


History is about ready to repeat itself, and in a big way. Today queensryche.com is happy to announce who the mysterious Dr. X is! It’s none other than legendary rock/metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio! These above photos, taken just yesterday, came at the conclusion of Ronnie’s vocals and thus puts the wraps on the recording of Mindcrime II.


But will the sequel live up to the original? That remains to be seen. My fear is that this will be a thinly veiled political attack. While the original did have liberal leanings it focused more on the story than the politics. If Mindcrime II focuses more on the politics then I don’t think even the metal god himself could help this album.


All hail his name \m/