Florida man claims he was entrapped in craigslist pedo sting

David Lashley

David Lashley

Man arrested in child-sex sting says he was entrapped:

Recently the Gainesville Police Department and the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office conducted a joint sting for sexual predators on craigslist called Operation Tail Feather. In it the police posted an ad on craigslist pretending to be a 37-year-old woman who was looking for a man to ‘teach’ her 11-year-old daughter about sex. The ad itself was entitled “Looking for a man to help in the family fun area”. For the uninitiated ‘family fun’ is code for having sex with kids. Or child rape as I prefer to call it.

One of the men arrested in this sting was 48-year-old David Lashley of Lake City, Florida. That’s him up there looking like a middle-aged New Jersey housewife in a mu-mu. He claims that he was entrapped by police. Check out his explanation…

Lashley said the woman with whom he believed he was corresponding said that she had a child and mentioned teaching her about sex but that he thought she meant explaining sex to the child.

Yes, because most mothers turn to strange men from craigslist to explain the birds and the bees to their daughter.

Not to mention you can’t really claim entrapment when police allegedly have exchanges between Lashley and the ‘woman’ that contain explicit terms on what he would like to have done to the girl.

I have a bigger concern that these claims of entrapment. As I’ve said before if police are arresting people with these kinds of ads than there are people out there who are actually either peddling their children on craigslist and people who are buying children from their parents for the sake of raping them. Both of which show that craigslist is not even close to cleaning up its act.

Since the ad mentioned ‘w4m’ I would imagine it was the casual encounters section or the personals section, both of which are unmoderated by craigslist. Craigslist may take pride in itself for shutting down the erotic services section but children are still being trafficked on their site and will continue to be until they start moderating the sections that require it.

And for all you armchair legal experts out there this isn’t entrapment.