Portland woman accused of prostituting 3-year-old daughter on Backpage

Portland woman accused of prostituting 3-year-old daughter on Backpage

Kelsey Wheeler

(Story broke 4/19/2017)

27-year-old Kelsey Wheeler, of Portland, Oregon is accused of allegedly offering her 3-year-old daughter for sex online. Wheeler reportedly placed ads on Backpage advertising ‘mother-daughter experiences’ and ‘taboos’. I guess those keywords are allowed to slip through Backpage’s so-called moderation tools. She was dimed out by a potential john who she is said to have offered sex with her daughter. Wheeler claims that she was not only actually going to turn out her young daughter, but was going to rip off the man instead, because that’s so much better.

Again, this is just more evidence that Backpage has little to no concern for the women and children being peddled on their website and that their self-imposed closure of the adult section is nothing more than a smoke screen.

Woman posts ‘rape me’ revenge ad on craigslist with picture of mother and 5-year-old girl

Woman posts 'rape me' revenge ad on craigslist with picture of mother and 5-year-old girl

In Eagle Point, Oregon, police have charged 28-year-old Sarah King with menacing and recklessly endangering another person after allegedly posting a revenge ad on craigslist against an estranged friend. King is said to have posted an ad entitled ‘Rape Me’ that included a picture of a woman who King had a falling out with and the woman’s 5-year-old daughter along with the victim’s address and phone number.

So what caused King to supposedly get so angry that she allegedly tried to send strangers to her former friend’s house to rape her? Dogs in a truck. No, really.

The victim’s husband said King, who was his wife’s best friend in the past, previously had worked for his wife at the adult care home. He said the relationship with King soured after she borrowed his pickup, and he told her not to allow her dogs in the truck.

But King did bring her dogs in the truck, and after he told her he wasn’t happy about it, she became rude and ignored the couple, he said.

“My wife ended up terminating her,” he said.

Is this how far we’ve fallen as a society that we actively try to arrange the rape of another woman and possibly her 5-year-old daughter? While some may think this is a prank on the level of lighting a bag of dog crap on fire and leaving it on someone’s doorstep, ads like this have resulted in real rapes in the past. That’s not even taking into account how craigslist is crawling with pedophiles who probably would have liked to have gotten their hands on the woman’s daughter.

While King has only been charged with misdemeanors, it’s only by the grace of God that we’re not looking at a much more catastrophic story.

Here are some tips that may help if you find yourself being harassed on craigslist.
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A collective of Kik kreepers

A collective of Kik kreepers

22-year-old Steven Robertson of Camp Lejeune was arrested by police in Jacksonville, North Carolina, for allegedly soliciting sex from a 13-year-old girl on Kik and sending the girl a picture of his junk.

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Kik kreeper used own son in child porn exchange

John Curtis Ehly

John Curtis Ehly

47-year-old John Curtis Ehly, of Medford, Oregon, is accused of allegedly using a picture of his own son in an attempted child porn exchange on Kik. While the picture of his toddler son was not explicit it doesn’t make this story any less disturbing.

Ehly allegedly had engaged with a user who uploaded images and videos of child exploitation using the messenger. The user reportedly asked Ehly, “U got any?”

According to police, Ehly’s response was, “No, but in 2 months there will be lots.”

When the user asked why, Ehly allegedly uploaded an image of a toddler sitting in a stroller with his back facing the camera and commented, “To young to model yet.”

Thankfully the person he was talking to was an investigator for Homeland Security.

Another disturbing fact from the Mail Tribune article says that the Kik entry on Wikipedia has its own section about child exploitation. Sure enough, it does. However if you’re a reader of this site you already know that Kik is a veritable hive of pedophiles and sex offenders.

Woman buys guns off of craigslist for 15-year-old son


Police in Grants Pass, Oregon, have arrested a 15-year-old boy who allegedly made threats against police and local schools and wanted to get into an armed confrontation with police. When police searched the boy’s home they reportedly found…

…three guns, several ballistic vests, a Kevlar helmet, ammunition, miscellaneous law enforcement badges and a tactical baton…

That’s not even the scariest part of this story. Much like in the vein of Nancy Lanza and Oregon’s own Laurel Harper, it was the boy’s own mother who is said to have bought the guns and vests for him off of craigslist.

Before we get to the obvious questions let me address the craigslist aspect. According to craigslist’s own list of prohibited items, guns are not supposed to be sold on their website. Since they don’t actually moderate their site it goes on anyway. I bet you they would have changed that policy if this kid had killed someone. Craigslist are the kings of closing the barn door after the horses have gotten out.

Now on to the question that’s on all of our minds. What kind of person would buy guns, more than likely illegally, and bulletproof vests for their 15-year-old. What in the blue hell did she think he was going to use them for? Most importantly, why has she not been arrested?

Too many people who don’t deserve the title of parent are coddling these special snowflakes who are nothing less than psychopaths and being excused of the actions that they helped initiate.

Your next klass of Kik Kreepers


James Ameer Wofford of Bakersfield, California is accused of allegedly posting child porn on Kik using the alias Jimmy Wolf. At the time of his arrest Wofford was a charter school employee and a daycare was being run from his home.

34-year-old Joshua A. Stevens of Cheyenne, Wyoming is accused of allegedly sexual violating a minor and posting the pics to Kik. While looking for others on Kik that were “into incest and young play” he reportedly sent the images to an undercover investigator.

Lastly, getting back to the school theme, 32-year-old high school teacher Jonathan Robert Maggiano, of Tualatin, Oregon, met a 17-year-old girl on the PC gaming platform Steam then allegedly used Kik to stay in contract with her before they ‘had sex’. Age of consent in Oregon is 18.

Remember folks, as a parent you’re the only real line of defense between online predators and your kids as Kik has been known to be frequently used by pedophiles and sex offenders.

Clackamas craigslist creeper wanted a Daddy’s Girl

Richard Lester Biggs

Back in December of 2014 52-year-old Richard Lester Biggs of Clackamas County, Oregon, allegedly placed a craigslist ad entitled “Older for younger” and that he had a fantasy of being with younger women. The ad gets creepier from there…

“I want to see if I can find a younger woman who maybe has always wanted to be with an older man, maybe a Daddy’s Girl.”

Biggs got a response to his ad from a 13-year-old girl whose house he showed up to with booze, lube, and a sex toy. The girl refused to leave the house and when Biggs pulled away he was stopped and arrested by Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputies. The entire meeting was a police sting targeting possible craigslist predators.

Well, they caught one because recently Biggs pleaded guilty to child corruption charges and was sentenced to 30 days behind bars and 3 years probation. Biggs’ attorney had this to say prior to sentencing…

“My client is not a predator nor is there a substantial risk of recidivism,”

Right, because all sorts of normal people bring dildos and lube to a 13-year-old girl’s house.

Ore. RSO: “You don’t put an ad on Craigslist and expect this not to happen”

Jose Omar Ortiz

Jose Omar Ortiz

28-year-old Jose Omar Ortiz is a registered sex offender and is accused of multiple rapes in Washington County, Oregon. He met one of his victims on craigslist but not the way you might think.

The victim posted an ad looking for a room to rent. Ortiz allegedly picked her up and drove to a rural area where he s said to have raped her. The victim tried fighting back with a knife she brought from home but Ortiz allegedly told her “You don’t put an ad on Craigslist and expect this not to happen.” Like it’s this scumbags God-given right to rape women from craigslist, but this is the attitude that a lot of sexual predators have when it comes to craigslist. Like I’ve said before they think of it as their personal rape take-out menu and it doesn’t matter which section of craigslist you use.

Two more craigslist creepers arrested in Oregon

Hicks and Martinez-Alcauter

Craigslist ads land 2 in jail for luring minors:

It seems that May is the month where craigslist creepers come into bloom in the state of Oregon. On the heels of the arrest of a craigslist creeper in Portland and the conviction of a craigslist rapist in Tigard we have new of two more men being arrested on craigslist related charges.

Back we go to Portland where 26-year-old Edgar Martinez-Alcauter and 38-year-old Jeffrey G. Hicks were arrested in separate incidents for allegedly attempting to lure children for sex through craigslist.

Martinez-Alcauter is said to have replied to an ad posted by police posing as a 16-year-old girl. He allegedly sent explicit photos of himself and when asked if he minded the girl’s age he is said to have replied ” I don’t care unless you do.”

In Hicks case he allegedly posted an ad looking for sex with a ‘young girl’. When police responded posing again as a 16-year-old girl Hicks was said to have replied about her age “I dont care about your age.”

I’m guessing they both care now.

Tigard craigslist rapist convicted once again of craigslist rapes

Tigard man who met victims through Craigslist convicted of rape again:

Ronald Leistiko

Ronald Leistiko

Justice delayed may be justice denied but at least it’s justice served. Ronald Leistiko of Tigard, Oregon, was the very first craigslist rapist I ever posted about way back in 2007. He was accused of raping two people that he met through craigslist. One was a 25-year-old exotic dancer and the other a 15-year-old child prostitute. In 2008 Leistiko was convicted of rape and sentenced to 25 years behind bars. Then in 2012 the craigslist rape convictions were overturned after the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that a witness who claimed that she was raped by Leistiko but not one of the victims in the trial was allowed to testify.

This past week Leistiko was convicted once again of raping these two victims. Once again his lawyers tried arguing that the sex was consensual.

Defense attorney Lawrence Taylor argued that the victims were not believable.

The teenager refused to take the cash Leistiko offered her, Taylor said. Prostitution is all about money, he argued, so it didn’t make sense for her to turn down payment.

And, Taylor said, the girl’s pimp didn’t seek retribution for her even though part of a pimp’s job is to prevent rape.

Wow, who’s lower a child rapist or the man who tries to justify his clients intentions?

He’s scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow so keep your eyes out on this post for the outcome. I pray to God that it’s more than the 25 years he originally received. This scumbag fits the definition of monster to a t.