Provincial governments asking craigslist to shut down erotic services


The governments of Canadian provinces Ottawa and Manitoba have called upon craigslist to shut down the erotic services section much like they have in the U.S.

This is along the same lines of when the different US States Attorneys General battled craigslist to shut down the erotic/adult services section. With the US Attorneys General craigslist pussyfooted around for years implementing ‘guidelines’ for erotic services that were mainly for show. That makes me wonder if craigslist will play the same games with the Canadian MPs or will they just remove erotic services altogether? I get the feeling that craigslist will still play games.

As I’ve mentioned before craigslist’s erotic services section is alive and well in other countries and have undergone no changes like it has in the U.S. Hopefully this is a beginning for other countries to wake up to the fact that people are being trafficked in sexual slavery on craigslist.