Fla. craigslist creeper brought candy

Mark Thorpe

Mark Thorpe

School employee accused of trying to meet teen for sex:

48-year-old Mark Thorpe was arrested in Oviedo, Florida for allegedly soliciting sex from a 14-year-old boy on craigslist. According to police he arranged to meet the teen at one local park but when the park appeared to be too crowded he changed the meeting spot to another park. Of course the teen turned out to be the police and Thorpe was arrested. Police say that Thorpe had 2 porn DVDs and candy in his possession. I wonder if he drove a windowless van too.

Thorpe is a food service manager at a local middle school. Does that make him head lunch lady? Because of his position he is being held with no bond.

I remember back in the day when MySpace was all the rage various politicians and media organizations put the pressure on them to keep sexual predators off their site but yet none of these groups give a rat’s ass about craigslist.,