Toddler takes oxycodone in West Virginia

Toddler Swallows Drugs; Mom and Friends Charged:

Mom Who Let Baby Boy Swallow Pain Pills to be in Court Tuesday:

Stringy over there is 25-year-old Tasha Lynn Adkins of Wayne, West Virginia. She was arrested a few weeks back after her 17-month-old son had to be taken to the hospital and placed on a ventilator. It seems the boy got into some oxycodone and took a few. Now where would he get such an idea. Could it be satan? No, it was his female birth organism, allegedly.

According to police Adkins and two possible penises (penii?) were partying it up in an apartment by downing the oxycodone while the toddler was apparently left to his own devices.

We got West Virgina and hillbilly heroin in this story. The only thing that would be missing was if they partied in a trailer and we’d have the white trash trifecta.

Anyway the more scum like this abuse oxycodone the quicker it’s going to get yanked from the market then the people who really need it will suffer.

I was unable to find an update on the child’s condition.

Thanks to Shannon for the tip.

Drunk breastfeeding leads to other charges

Woman Accused Of Breastfeeding Baby While Drunk:

This line from the article sets the tone nicely for the rest of the story…

Police said it started when Renee Vanalsburg punched her half-sister in the face.

You know it can only get better from there and of course it does. ‘Better’ being a relative word here because after police arrived at the scene they noticed that Vanalsburg was breastfeeding her baby while obviously drunk and high. The baby’s father, Marc Rush, was also arrested when police found a bottle of oxycodone and tin filled with an unnamed white powder in the baby’s crib.

Anybody want to take any guess what the mysterious white powder was? Since there was oxycodone I’m going to guess the powder was meth.

Anyway, also on the floor of the baby’s room was broken glass, knives, bug poison and spray paint.

Did I mention this happened in Florida? Florida always takes any crime story and takes it to a whole new level. Stay classy Sunshine State.

Thanks to Jinx for the tip.