Finally, a common sense idea on how to help protect schools from shootings

Teachers carrying ‘panic buttons’ in Ohio school:


In my opinion St. Albert the Great Elementary School in North Royalton, Ohio, is doing the smartest thing in 15 years to help prevent school shootings and it doesn’t involve arming teachers.

Teachers at the school now have panic buttons they can use in case of an emergency like an armed intruder on the school grounds. The device contacts not only the police but also school administrators and school security. It has a two button system to help try to prevent accidental notifications.

Why don’t all schools have something like this? How is this any different from having fire alarms in schools? Granted, there is a risk of abuse with these panic buttons but I really only foresee that as a one time case in any given school considering it will probably draw a SWAT team to the school.

This is a much better idea than arming teachers. The only teacher I would trust with a gun is if they were former military or law enforcement with specialized weapons training and even then I’d have reservations about a gun being that close to students. The panic button idea seems to provide a better sense of security and less of a chance of friendly fire.

Let’s hear it for common sense for once.