Andrew Osantowski: Addendum

Just some tidbits about Andrew Osantowski.

Here is his profile with the Michigan Department of Corrections.

And here is his Yahoo Profile where he still is linked to my site. It looks like he still has net access because that picture has changed. It used to be this picture…

Anybody else recognize the shirt he’s wearing? That’s right it’s a t-shirt from now-defunct white supremacist record label Panzerfaust Records. And if he still does have net access which it appears he does and he still has links to white supremacist sites and the like then it seems like he hasn’t learned his lesson.

5/26/05: From The Mail Sack

Let’s get caught up with my fan mail, shall we?

The first one is from my entry on the now-defunct Panzerfaust Records trying to recruit school kids…

Deutschlund Oberalist Says:

:mrgreen:Let us not forget that more silently the Muslims are penetrating our society.

Monday May 16, 2005 @ 2:08 pm

I love first timers. First of all, the name you used to leave your comment is spelled incorrectly. Secondly, not all Muslims are terrorists you racist prick. And lastly, your IP address traced back to the City of Houston. I hope you’re an employee there because I sent them a nice e-mail regarding your internet practices. Have a nice 3-day weekend. I hope it’s longer than that for you.

This next one is from the 2/24/05 Mail Sack

arf Says:

yea eric and dylan are heroes to me so what!!!!!! they killed 13 people who cares if they were

unarmed. i am sick and tired of undeserving people walking on this fuckin shithole of a planet.

Columbine was a point in time to be rememberd as when two people took a stand for what they belive was there goal in life to take down as many worthless fucks as they culd!

i wish i was there to have seen it. and if the so called “cowards” are burning in hell i will be very happy to se them when i get there!!!!!!!

Saturday May 21, 2005 @ 7:25 am

If you were there to have seen it you’d probably have been killed. You think they would have cared about you? I doubt it. I hope you get to meet them too.

Same mutant, different entry.

arf Says:

yes i want to shake there hands i want to pat them on the back and tell them what a great job they did.

in response to earlier posts yes i am “psyco” and fucking proud to be! worthless motherfuckers will fall when the day is over!

every1 is going to die you,me EVERYBODY!!!!!! so get over it. you talk about “god” you have no idea… there is no “god” all there is is mankind and it has no right to be here on this fucking planet. so enjoy the rest of your time on this earth because when its over your your gonna burn in hell just like i am and maybe then i will get to meet eric and dylan who really are “GODS”

Saturday May 21, 2005 @ 7:41 am

I’m just shaking my head at this one. Remember people, this could be your kid.

And it just wouldn’t be a Mail Sack without one from the Eric Harris journal

christina Says:


if you think so strongly about that then why dont you fucking back up your theory of them being cowards? it takes balls to do something like that (not that you would know what it’s like to have balls or guts of any type). Even if you dont like what they did they are still revolutionaries, infamous ones, but revolutionaries none the less.

Sunday May 22, 2005 @ 3:26 pm

It’s not a theory, it’s a fact that they were cowards. Shooting random and unarmed people then killing yourself to avoid any consequences is cowardly. There’s no debate about it. Revolutionaries? What are they revolting against? The spoiled white suburban lifestyle? Please. Cowardly, delusional, psychopaths. Nothing more.

3/30/05: From The Mail Sack

Let’s catch up on some of my hate mail, shall we…

First up is from my entry on Panzerfaust Records going out of business…

Danko Petrovic Says:

Defeat Never,

Victory Forever!

Sieg Heil, John!

Death to the Traitors!

Thursday Mar 24, 2005 @ 7:00 am

I guess I’ll just keep quoting GWAR when I get these comments and say straight from Hitler’s ass it’s a Nazi.

This next one is from my entry on the Open Letter to Jeff Weise. Now remember kids, I didn’t write the letter, I just provided a link to it. I still agree with it though…

navejo nation Says:

It seems like everybody has an “expert” opinion, on Jeff Weise, now that he is dead. So self righteous of your people. Such bullshit. Instead of concentrating all your hard earned writing abilities onto a dead 16 year old boy, do the decent thing and question the ethical policies of your nations leaders. I do not understand why American citizens are more concerned about the actions of a young misguided Chippewa boy, clearly in need of help, rather than raising objections about how your country is being governed by serial-killing-corrupt Politicians like George Bush. All throughout history your people have been responsible for the Wholescale murder, destruction, and systematic exploitation of “third world” citizens. But I guess that doesn’t take precedence over the Jeff Weise story does it? You wouldn’t know about the tales of rape, pillage and inhumane massacre of the indigenous Native American tribes, whenever you sit down and eat turkeys for Thanksgiving would you? Yet you have the audacity and arrogance to demonise and judge individuals like Jeff Weise, regardless of the fact you never met the boy. Who are the sick fucks now?

Monday Mar 28, 2005 @ 6:01 pm

First of all, I tried to make the fact that Jeff Weise was an American Indian a non-issue. Not once did I bring the matter of race up outside of the fact that he lived on a reservation but since you wanted to bring it up here we go. You talk about the different tribes of the American Indians. And I bet if I were to confuse the Lumbee with the Lenape or worse lump them all together you would consider me a racist. So I guess white people can’t have “tribes” but yet we do in a manner of speaking. You know where my “tribe” was when you say that American Indians were being massacred? They were too busy in Ireland being starved to death by the British. Do I hate the British now because of what they did to my ancestors? Hell no. You know why? Because it’s ancient history. So instead of whining about your ancestors why don’t you set an example and succeed in spite of what happened to your ancestors? And for your information I fucking hate Thanksgiving.

3/10/05: From the Mail Sack

Mail time again. This one is from the entry I did about Panzerfaust Records collapsing under the weight of their own hate

Fuck all of you. One day all of you will be whipped to death by your white brothers because you chose to sell your own race out. Fuck all other races! White fucking Power! Sieg Hiel!

Yours in White,


Comment by john matthews — Sunday Mar 6, 2005 @ 6:57 pm

It’s hard to believe that people like this still exist. Especially if you consider that the heroes of racists are always on the losing side of things. Think about it. The Confederacy, Nazi Germany, Apartheid, all losers. That should really be their slogan. “Racists: Supporting losers for almost 150 years.”

Panzerfaust ist nicht mehr

Supremacists Split After Race Allegation:

Panzerfaust Records is no more. I first told you about the white supremacist record company here. For those of you who don’t remember Panzerfaust tried distributing their racist music free to schoolchildren in something called “Project Schoolyard” in order to recruit new members to the White Trash…I mean White Supremacy movement. Well, in a delicious turn of irony that would make Alannis Morrisette crap her pants, Panzerfaust has closed over a dispute between two of its owners over racial heritage. One of the owners, Byron Calvert, accused the other, Anthony A. Pierpont, of having a Mexican mother and having sex with Thai prostitutes. Calvert wanted the Pierpont to take a DNA test I’m guessing to prove his “racial purity”. Pierpont refused and Calvert closed the company. Maybe this is a sign of things to come and all the racist scumbags will take each other out. We can only hope.

Nazi Recruiters


I really hate to steal ideas from other bloggers but Zombyboy from Resurrection Song presents a really good point.

Panzerfaust Records is a neo-Nazi record label whose bands promote the usual Nazi rhetoric. What really sickens me is what they call Project Schoolyard. I’ll let them use their own words to hang themselves…

In the spring of 2004, German patriots announced their plan to produce 100,000 sampler CDs containing German nationalist rock and roll and distribute them to youth in their country. This effort, Project Schoolyard, was examined by lawyers to make sure that none of the music violated Germany’s oppressive laws against free speech. Although everything was approved, the project received much hysterical media attention, and the CD was outlawed by the German government. Every CD factory in the country was contacted by the government and warned not to produce the now “illegal music.” Every school in Germany was contacted by police and told to be on the alert for anyone distributing the forbidden CDs. It looked like Project Schoolyard had been shut down, but on Friday, September 3, 2004, the increasingly popular far-right political party, NPD, put out a press release that a new CD had been arranged, a factory had agreed to produce it, and that 25,000 of the discs would be handed out all over Germany by volunteers on the weekend of September 4th and 5th. Since the government does not operate on weekends, the soonest that they could outlaw that CD is first thing Monday morning, but of course, they will all have been distributed by then.

As an expression of the increasing level of international solidarity and cooperation between White nationalists, Project Schoolyard has crossed the Atlantic and is being continued here in the U.S. Panzerfaust Records is pressing 100,000 copies of a pro-White sampler CD to be handed out to White youth from coast to coast in every state, including Hawaii. Volunteers from every pro-White group and organization in the U.S. have signed up to assist us in this project, as well as numerous unaffiliated individuals, consisting mostly of our customers/supporters who are high school students themselves. These CDs will be handed out in middle schools, high schools, university campuses, shopping malls, sporting events, mainstream concerts, parties, etc…

They want to recruit kids, your kids. Want to do something about it? Here’s their web host Write them here. The host is based out of Houston TX. The local paper is the Houston Chronicle. Write the Chronicle about it here. Let them know that white supremacists and their sympathizers are not welcome near our schools. Don’t just sit back and do nothing.

(UPDATE: EV1Servers has since dropped that site)