NC legislation on parental consent passes committee

Bill on parental consent for MySpace advances:

North Carolina is slowly starting to turn into New Jersey as far as over-regulation is concerned.

RALEIGH – Children under 18 would have to get parental consent to join and other social networking Web sites under a bill approved today by a state Senate appropriations committee.

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper has been pushing for the legislation, saying it would protect children from sexual predators who target victims online. Cooper is co-chairman of a group of 50 state attorneys general trying to negotiate with on the issue.

I have yet to hear not only how they plan on implementing this but also how they plan on enforcing it. what do they propose happens to a child that gets on without parental permission? Will the child be prosecuted or the parent? Will it result in jail time or fines? Will there be a special task force that will be in charge of making sure that all NC kids on MySpace have parental permission? Will this law discourage predators and pedophiles from trolling MySpace?

Again I say this is nothing more than feel good legislation preying on the fears of those that are not tech savvy in order to gain re-election. None of it actually keeps our kids any safer.